Hitler's "atheistic regime" - Gabriele Kuby vs. Michael Schmidt-Salomon (English subtitles)

Uploaded by lenoka on 12.05.2011

I find it astounding to try and substantiate the atheistic position
with defamations of the people who believe,
especially given certain people of whom we, as Germans, are proud,
for instance those who took a stand against the Nazi's atheistic regime,
such as Bonnhöfer, the Scholl siblings etc.
we are proud of them; they drew their strength from their faith in Jesus Christ.
That's historical falsification. I'm really sorry, but
both churches have blessed the weapons, called for the support of Hitler,
the Catholic Church, together with the Zentrumspartei [Catholic political party],
enacted laws to put Hitler into power. After WW2, they smuggled the SS villains
to South America via the Vatican; you're completely distorting the facts.
Hitler's regime was not an atheistic one, you were expelled from the SS if you said
you didn't believe in God. On the belt buckle of German soldiers, in WW2
as well as in WW1, was written "Gott mit uns" [God on our side]; and, read
"Mein Kampf", Hitler saw himself as the one who will fulfill the divine
providence, who will complete the work of Jesus, that's from "Mein Kampf";
and he vociferates just as stridently against Atheism as you do;
you can't just simply invert history.