Educating at the Speed of Broadband

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[ powerful whoosh and joyous screams ]
Oh: sorry for the interruption.
this reminds us of an interesting physics concept: velocity.
What's better than a rollercoaster in full roar to help
understand the importance of velocity?
Or kinetic energy. Or Brakes!
We're Cable in the Classroom, the cable
industry's education foundation.
And we help teachers take students on educational
journeys they won't forget. Here's one example.
Coaster Crafter is the name of a
new online learning game developed by Cable
in the Classroom. It's free and, though
made for schools, it's available to anyone
with a computer and a broadband connection
to the Internet. So let's check it out.
Coaster Crafter uses the familiar motif of
an amusement park--this one managed by the
rather inept proprietor, Bruno, with the
welcome help of his very smart daughter, Brunette.
The challenge for students is
to figure out how to design a roller coaster
that, unlike Bruno's, actually works.
But with some patient guidance from
Brunette, and an immersion into physics
concepts like friction and acceleration,
students get the hang of it through a series
of progressively harder design challenges.
The best part is that somewhere in
between connecting loop-di-loops and adding
rocket boosters, something important
happens: Learning. Coaster Crafter is
serious fun. But it also addresses a serious
challenge for our nation's education system:
declining proficiency in science,
technology, engineering and math--the
subjects known collectively as STEM.
We're concerned because so many future jobs--
more than 8 million by 2018--will require
a college degree in STEM subjects. And
students with STEM-related degrees will earn
more than their peers in other areas.
But by fourth grade, nearly a third of our
students have lost interest in science. By
8th grade, almost half no longer believe
science is important to their future.
To help, Cable in the Classroom has developed
this inventive online initiative that takes
advantage of broadband technology--a focal
point of cable's capability.
By combining broadband Internet access with
thoughtfully designed, interactive and fun
learning experiences, we can make a positive
impact on kids' understanding of science
concepts and interest in STEM careers.
Not to mention the thrills a whole new
generation of amusement park-goers are bound
to enjoy.
Cable in the Classroom.
Educating at the speed of broadband.
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