Miljoni Võte

Uploaded by MiinusMiljon on 08.04.2011

Hi guys, Spring came yeah.
In this video usual Reporter viewer
is happy, because now he got previewed.
Don't need much,
police everything
Some reporter
His luckmeter is so huge, he even does not know what to do.
"I am so happy, that I would like to
hit a metal post with full power!
"Some reporter"
Definately reporter wanted to ask something serious.
Mr. Member of Parliament, how would you comment false election?
Don't need much, Police everything PFF...
Some reporter!!
More interesting is that 4 men:
2 police officers, 1 reporter and cameramen
are standing and waiting when guy starts to hit the post.
"Choose Your Destiny"
Some reporter Yeah!
There is only one dude in the world, who can do trick like that
Blunt to fakie pack to case
How can it be real?
He had billion different ways to fall...
But NO! Straight to hole!
He found NARNIA there
Aslan I am coming, Narnia needs me!
I have nothing to tell about next video,
that guy tells everything.
Million! Million! Take!
Hell yeah!
It will not happen twice
The Million take has beed done!
The biggest basketball star there!
From the roof to the basket!
Can't be better!
OMG! from the roof to the basket!
Supperted by every bank, everything
OMG, this speech makes the shot EPIC
He could be soccer commentator
It will not happen twice!
But maybe he would be the director of that show?
Million! TAKE!
Already is running?!?
What do I have to say?
Hell Yeah!
That was MiinusMiljon, stay tuned!