[Engsub] Seulong-Sunny cuts IY 2 ep17

Uploaded by pandarinky2 on 01.04.2012

This time will be a real man
Because I am a man, I should laugh
I was getting ready
Isn't this one too strong?
Oppa Fighting
We have all the ingredients
We have all of them? Yes, we do...
Like cabbage, cucumber, onion...
Oppa, I will be a good wife, right?
Of course, just at the beginning
You wanna start a fight? Wanna die?
So what are we gonna make?
Super delicious clam
Clam and cheese dukbokki
It's kinda long It really is (X2)
So our most important ingredient...
We need clam, clam
So we need clams, seafoods, cheese, and dukbokki
and ramen
But the most important ones are clams oppa
But how can we get rid of the dust?
so we use salt water?
We need to wash the ingredients, right?
Who's gonna wash them?
I'll be back
oppa, you're jjiang (great)
Oppa, bye bye
I'll be back Ok
But I only have one
Just give me half
Ok, I'll give you
I'll tell Sunny half is rotten
[Sunny, I'm sorry]
Ok, you're here
You washed all of them, right
Bye~ See yah
What's wrong with her?
Oppa, why there is only half left?
Who did you give it to?
Did you get lured by girls?
Jiyoung needed some so...
So you just gave it to her?
you're really good at this
really delicious really?
We'll win first place
Suzy, can I have a taste?
Sunny, Do you want some?
Scold her
Scold her, oppa
She's a really good, really perfect wife...It makes men tired
We give it a name
When clams fall in love
Clam dukbokki!