Fusetar 'Lucifer' - custom 3 neck Guitar & Setar instrument - Shahab Tolouie

Uploaded by musicatlas on 28.05.2012

You know... to me as a fusionist
it's been an old dearm. an old
personal desire
uh... to have an instrument which could combine
all these three instruments that I
greatly use in my compositions
and also it makes it easier for me and lighter to travel.
sound of guitar is just connected to
right directly to the guitar jack out
and it's going to cubase. basically there's no uh...
equalizer, there's no correction, there's no
just directly and the sound is coming out. so this guitar
sounds like that.
technical aspects of this instrument is been the most difficult part.
the biggest challenge. because... I wanted this guitar to have
this kind of microphone sound of flamenco. very punchy, very percussive.
and also I wanted this deep
sound of a Fretless guitar. kind of a lute sound.and also I wanted this very
mystic, very deep sound of the Setar. There are three independent
pickups installed within the body of this guitar to get the sound of each instrument independently
and to make me able to manipulate each sound
according to the stage. so this instrument is been built for live
situations. so... with its body which is, you know
as you see it's much much slimmer than a normal body
to eliminate the feedback coming from the monitors.
and also it's only four centimeters bigger than a regular guitar. so basically I don't have to
change my hand position, my arm position.
and my right hand & left hand are in the same place where they belong.
and also...
the sound is coming from one capsule... all these three systems are made by LRbaggs.
there's one capsule which has a microphone character and it's inside the body from behind
the bridge.
There's a combination of microphone...
a condenser microphone and piezo
which I can also control from here.
and also there is a classic
piezo under the saddle.
here which it takes the sound of the Fretless guitar.

There's one more thing about guitar neck, is that the guitar neck in the left side...
(because the right side is a regular flamenco guitar size).
The left side is slimmer to make it possible to use thumb in chords.
so... really latest technologies which is called "True Temperament" frets...
uh... this true temperament are as you see there are frets even in Setar, which is for
the first time which a Setar is incorporating this
with metal frets.
metal frets.
and also at the same time with true temperament which gives you more accurate, more correct sound of each tone.
so it gives you a longer uh... sustain. and also the neck is
hollow. to help
you know... the acoustic box to produce the sound better.
and also we have this kind of the
uh... tuning pegs here.
so basically, instead of that wooden pegs
which loose
tuning very easily, there are these mechanical tunings which
holds the tuning much much better.

So there are lot of beautiful artworks. lot of beautiful Iranian elements in this guitar. on the
back, on the side...
and the artworks are coming from different periods of the Iranian dynasties.
This instrument is under category of "FuseTar"s which is
"fusion of strings"
but this particular instrument is called "Lucifer" to show this two sided
face, the dark angel of god and also the lucifer, the bearer of light.
so... this instrument is also a woman, since la Guitarra is a woman. so it has the tenderness of a woman and also
the power of an animal inside.