The Magic Belly Fat Loss Formula

Uploaded by OneMinuteSixPack on 02.07.2012

Hi I'm Nick and welcome to One Minute Six Pack. Today's video is all about the magic
belly fat loss formula. Before I get to that, first I’d like to mention the fact that
there’s absolutely no quick fix solution to a flat stomach. Despite millions of dollars
of marketing, pills and supplements won’t help you to lose your belly fat faster. Also,
none of the gimmicky ab belts, ab rollers, or ab rockers help to get rid of stomach fat
either. The key is to combine (1) a sound nutritious diet, (2) high intensity forms
of exercise, and (3) the right mindset. In mathematical terms, the magic formula is 40%
Nutrition, 10% Exercise, and 50% Mindset.
Nutritionally, you must do the following: (1) greatly reduce your intake of sugar and
refined starches, (2) increase protein and fiber intake, and (3) eat more healthy fats.
With regards to exercising, stay away from your typical cardio routines. They don't effectively
stimulate the loss of stubborn belly fat. On the other hand, full body weight training
and all out sprints are very effective at increasing your fat burning hormones.
As for the right mindset, you need to (1) visualize your results, (2) believe you can
attain them, and (3) commit yourself to achieving the flat stomach or ripped abs you desire.
If you follow these rules, you’ll definitely lose your stomach fat that’s been plaguing
you for years. That's all for today's video. To learn more about how to lose belly fat
and get six pack abs, visit Take Care, and thanks for watching.