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five years ago when I went to sell the meat-packing district the travel agents would really
think that there are meat prevailers next to the hotel and now its a true destination
Gansevoort is a Dutch name
in the classic formation of the geese
it means the head goose
this was a parking lot five years ago
it was the vision of our owners to build this hotel which is a hundred eighty seven room property
we're looking on eighteenth ninth avenue
once it had the Hotel Gansevoort as a proper hub the retail started just booming everything
on fifth avenue down in the meat-packing district
this type suite fifteen hundred square feet floor to ceiling windows a working fire place
and you have a dining table that converts into a pool table
you have unobstructed views and some of the most unique buildings in new York
this is our new restaurant the menu is ten pages long
everything from fish and chips to traditional sushi
people want to sit outside the chance you'll see a celebrity
is very high
what the Gansevoort is mostly about is the entertainment factor our roof top is actually the signature of the hotel
here's where parties for up to four hundred fifty people
what's kind of cool is you can come over here and get views of the Empire State building
we're walking into
Gansevoort's roof top pool
we enclose it and heat it guests can come with their families
and it could be snowing and enjoy a few laps in the pool
at night it takes on a completely different vibe with all the lights
you could be six to sixty and enjoy this hotel
and if you're young at heart you're definitely the Gansevoort cliental