Cheerleading for the Army Ten-Miler

Uploaded by soldiersmediacenter on 20.10.2009

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Welcome back.
Nearly 30,000 runners hit the road for the 25th Annual Army Ten-Miler
to jog, run, and even walk.
But there was one runner in it for another reason.
She's been running for two years,
but for the Army Ten-Miler, Nadia Hargrove is trying something new.
I've never done this before. [laughs]
She's cheerleading. [Hargrove cheering] Good job, guys! Two more, yep.
[Hargrove] I feel like they need so much motivation,
and I'm just here to give that to them.
It's all in your head, so you really need it.
With high spirits, [Hargrove] I'm really proud of them.
clapping hands, and watchful eyes, [Hargrove] Finish strong!
Nadia scans the crowd for her running coach.
A blue shirt and I think black pants. Yeah.
Good job!
Nadia made the trip to D.C. from Philadelphia.
It's her first time watching the Army's premiere event.
It's really, really, really, really shocking.
This is amazing.
And the Army spirit caught up with her.
Yeah, it makes me want to join. [laughs]
They should put these in their videos.
Good job, guys!
That's not all that's jogging her mind.
I was looking at schools down here.
Eventually, I would like to become a doctor,
but I would probably major in chemistry.
Like her running coach. She's the one in the blue and black.
All right! Good job!
As for the cheerleading, [Hargrove cheers] well, [Hargrove cheers] she's running out of voice.
Two more laps, guys! Keep going!