Weight Loss Challenge Week 5: Carbohydrates

Uploaded by GoodNutritionForYou on 28.11.2012

Do you consume primarily whole grains rather than regular pasta, white rice, and white
bread? Hi, I’m Luigi Gratton, Vice President of Nutrition Education at Herbalife. If your
answer to this week’s question is anything but yes, you need today’s lesson. Our focus
is on carbohydrates which as we all know is a confusing and debated topic. Some experts
says that they are good for you while others maintain that their bad for you. The truth
is that there are good carbohydrates and there are bad carbohydrates. Good carbs will fuel
the body for staying active and will promote healthy organ while bad carbs or the empty
carbs can interfere with weight loss and can lead to heart disease or even diabetes. In
order to better understand which carbs are good for us, we can divide them into 3 groups,
starches or complex carbohydrates, sugars or simple carbohydrates, and fiber. Now starches
or complex carbohydrates are mainly found in fruits and vegetables and whole grain foods.
These are the kind of carbs you’ll want to eat and they’re gonna sustain you for
a longer periods of time. Brown rice and whole wheat bread contain the carbs that we need
while white rice and white bread contain simple carbs also known as sugars, these bad carbs
can also be found in candy, sodas, and other refined processed foods. You see the simple
carbs can cause an immediate surge in blood sugar levels which releases a hormone called
insulin. The insulin then removes sugar from the blood and puts it into storage primarily
in fat tissue. The result is a decreased level of blood sugar and a thirst for more carbs.
Finally fibers can contribute to total carbohydrate count, these however are another example of
good carbohydrates. Try to consume foods that contain 3 grams of fiber or more. It can be
good idea for some people to eat smaller protein balanced meals every 2-3 hours ensured that
you don’t crave simple carbohydrates. Now finding protein balanced snacks and meal replacements
can be an effort which is why we at Herbalife have made it our mission to find them for
you. Herbalife’s protein bar deluxe available in Chocolate Peanut, Vanilla Almond, and Citrus
Lemon can help you stay fueled and on track and most importantly enjoying a Formula 1
Nutritional Shake for breakfast supplies your body with all vital nutrients and energy for
your day. For more information about how Herbalife products can support you carbohydrate consumption,
you can speak to your wellness coach. This concludes this week’s topic of discussion.
I’m Luigi Gratton reminding you to make good choices when planning your meals.