Jambers - interviews lottery winners part 2 Lottowinnaars

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The family Hemmers in Hamont-Archel leads a wealthy life.
In 1987 they still lived in a small apartment, but now in a villa.
They owe that to a fortunate coincidence.
6 correct crosses on the lotto form were worth 24 million.
They fortunate hand which filled the form was from Roza.
You lifestyle changed a bit? You have a very nice home.
...a beautiful car and things like that? - yes, we do.
Did your dream came true?
Were you able to do things from which you always dreamed of?
He always dreamed to have a pond.
That's what he always told me. And then in Peer there was one for sale.
And he was able to buy that one. - So he bought a pond?
But why a pond? - My hobby is fishing.
To fish? - I bought a holiday home next to the pond too.
Yes, a holiday home. And do you go fishing now regularly in your pond?
In the past I always went to the canal, but now I go to my pond.
Yes? - But well...
But there is also a lot of work to be done. - Yes, there is more work now.
Maintenance and stuff.
Is this your private property or...?
Yes...yes. - How big is it?
Everything together? About 4 hectares.
But there is still a lot that need to be done here.
So this is your vacation home? - Yes, it is. But also that house still needs a lot of work.
I like to look at it - It's very beautiful indeed.
I like to sit here quietly. - Very quietly.
You must be a happy man I assume, if you are sitting here?
Yes. Here other people don't bother you.
I like to be on my own.
So money does bring happiness, because without money you would not have been able to buy this.
No, if I would not have had money I would not have been able to buy this.
Did you put the fishes inside the pond here yourself? - Yes, we put them in ourselves.
My wife don't care much about this place.
And he will appreciate it when he gets older. - So you always come here alone?
What do you say? - You are often alone here?
Most of the time, yes. - You are mostly alone here?
Is it nature you feel attracted to, or what is it why you love it so much here?
Yes, I love nature.
And now you have your own piece of nature. - yes.