Holland's got Talent 2010 - Kim ( HQ)

Uploaded by muziekhits on 30.07.2010

I'm Kim and I'm 9 years old
I'm together with my Daddy and Mam
Mam sings sometimes with me
Daddy doesn't
Daddy is a driver, he can't sing
Thank you!
If i will win, i'm going to give clothes to poor people
Hello, darling
How old are you?
Nine years old?
What are you going to do?
I will sing
We are very curiously and we will hear it
I had tears in my eyes, because i heard one thing in your voice, that Michael Jackson had too
And ok,ok,ok there were some mistakes
But if you're nine years old and sing Beyoncé like this baby..
Yes, absolutely
You're completely through to the next round