Holiday Message

Uploaded by TheVillagesFlorida on 07.12.2012


(Community Tours) Trolleys ding,
are you listenin'
In the lane, sun is glistenin'
A beautiful site,
We're happy tonight
Touring our Villages' wonderland!
(Lifestyle - Golf Cart Store)
Gone away is the old car
Here to stay is the golf car
You'll know you belong
As you ride along,
Riding through our Villages' wonderland!
(Design - Brownwood Construction Team)
In the field we can build a town square
Then pretend it's been their all along
We'll have lots of fun as cracker cowboys,
After the sun has set upon our town.
(Sales Department)
Later on you'll conspire
As you sit by Brownwood's fire
To face unafraid
The best decision you've made
Livin' in The Village's wonderland!
(Recreation Department)
There is more to do than you'll imagine
Anything you desire can be found
You'll have lots of fun with friends and neighbors
In Florida's friendliest hometown!

(Golf Division)
Grab your clubs and a golf cap,
Play a round avoid the sand traps
We'll stay happy that way,
Forever young we will stay
Golfing in The Villages wonderland!

It's both fun and it's thrillin'
Free golf and evening' grillin'

You'll frolic and play, The Villages' way,

Golfin' in The Villages' wonderland!
Playin' in The Villages' wonderland!
Livin' in The Villages' wonderland!