Basic Household Cleaning : Cleaning Plastic Toys

Uploaded by eHow on 03.01.2009

Hi, today I'm going to show you a little bit about cleaning the toys; the plastic toys
of course. My name is Cynthia Deer, and I'm with 3's Company Too. I'm going to start with
this nice little pink rubber ducky. And basically, what you want to do is because of the children
using the toys they, they're not very good about keeping their hands clean, so you want
to make sure that you keep the toys clean so that they do not transfer germs between
each other, whether it's a friend or a sibling. Your basic way to keep your toys clean is
to wash them in a sudsy water, nice warm sudsy water. If you have a lot of toys you can use
your sink. If you've got even a lot more toys, if you run a daycare you could use your bathtub.
Put your water and your soap in there, let them soak for a few minutes, and then you
just want to wipe them down. And after using the sudsy water you definitely want to rinse
them to get all the suds off so that they you know, the kids; a lot of kids will stick
them in their mouth. You don't want them to have to have that sudsy tasting soapy water
in their mouth. And again, you would rinse them, dry them. If you're doing a lot of toys
like I had mentioned earlier you would definitely rinse them after letting them soak, and then
you would rinse them, and then just let them air dry even. They don't have to be dried
with a towel. If you're just doing a couple of individual toys; yeah, I would use the
towel, dry them off. That way they're ready for the children to use right away, which
is always good for them. You know how the children don't like to be without their little
rubber ducky. My name is Cynthia Deer, and you have a great day. And I hope you have
your own rubber ducky.