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Episode 3
Carry her!!
Carry her!
Don't misunderstand.
I don't have anything to do with this.
Oh Ha Ni, I knew you'd do this.
No matter the situation, you're always a pain.
- A pain? - Yes, a pain!
is it okay if I tell them we live together?
Are you crazy?
So what do you want me to do?
What's going on?
You act all foolish, but you end up getting what you want.
I despise characters like you.
This is getting...
Get on!
Forget it!
What do you mean forget about it? If it's what you want, just get on!
I said forget it! Let go of me.
Hey, what do you think you're doing?
Baek Seung Jo, aren't you going to let go of that hand?
I told you to let go!
You again?
Yeah! Why?
Ha Ni, I heard about it and I'm very proud of you!
And, I'm very sorry I didn't believe you when you said you were studying.
Instead, I'll carry you and go around the school as many times as you want! Get on!
Why are you being like this too?
Get on. Here!
Hey, come here.
You jerk!
Quick, quick!
- Bong Joon Gu! - Hey!
Let's go! Are you kidding me?
Hey, let me go!
Ha Ni, where should we go?
- What do you mean where? Let me down! - Let's go to the ends of this Earth!
- Hey, Bong Joon Gu! - I really can't live because of him!
- Hey! Hurry, let me... - Let's...
Hurry and put me down!
Hurry! Aren't you gonna let me down?!
Argh! Really!
Hey, Bong Joon Gu! Why don't you have any sense?
What about me?
How could you give her a piggyback ride right then?!
Was I wrong to do that?
Yeah, of course you were!
Why do you think Ha Ni studied like there's no tomorrow?
You interrupting little...
Ha Ni, do you still like Baek Seung Jo?
Even though he embarrassed you, you still like him?
Maybe you like that annoyingly girly boy kind of style.
No, I don't like him.
Why should I like him? What's there to like about a guy like that?
He has a totally sharp tongue. He's just out to get people.
He's selfish and sneaky.
And he doesn't have a grain of humanity in him.
Anyway, he's over the top.
So, you hate him now?
I hate him!
Well that's that, but Ha Ni, you can use the Special Study Hall now?
That's right.
- You're amazing! - How did you do that?
Truly amazing.
See that girl, Oh Ha Ni.
The one that got into the Special Study Hall?
That's amazing. I'm so jealous!
She's the girl who was humiliated by Baek Seung Jo.
- Her house collapsed.
- That's right, her!
- She always forgets. - What's with her?
- Hey, it's her. She looks pretty cute. - Amazing.
[Special Study Hall]
What, are you studying or dating?
Those punks!
I'm giving you this because I'm so grateful. If I don't, then I'd look ungrateful.
I don't want it.
I apologize.
Sorry, sorry.
[Quiet Please]
Look for her!
Just be quiet!
- I can't see! - She's right there! Over there!
Who are you?!
These punks. What are you doing here?!
Um... You see...
Vice Principal, I need to check on something. It'll be quick.
Oh these punks, really!
There she is!
Ha Ni!
Oh Ha Ni! What are you doing?!
Teacher Song Kang Yi.
Don't you think that student Oh Ha Ni is a little strange?
Yes, she is a little strange.
No, that's not what I meant.
How could she suddenly go from the bottom class to the top fifty students?
What's weird about that?
You can achieve anything when you work hard for it.
But it does sound suspicious!
Why? What's so weird about that?
Could she possibly have cheated?
Whose answers could she copy from in my class?
Good. Let's wait and see.
Then, that's it, but...
...this Friday, the sophomores are going on a picnic and the juniors an MT. Seniors are the problem.
What should we do? For at least one day...
Let's have a physical tournament!
Seniors doing what? They only have a few days until their SATs.
They have to build physical strength in order to study well. Seniors don't even take P.E.
Instead of a day of physical activity, how about a picnic?
Okay, then Teacher Song Ji Ho's class and my class will be the only participants.
What? But why our class...?
Are you saying that Class 1 is better than Class 7 at everything?
We'll just have to wait and see if that's true or not.
If my class wins, I'll call you "Oppa."
B-but... Wh-what?
That's a good idea.
Then, what should we make the event about?
Vice Principal!
Just think of it as a day off, kids. That doesn't make sense!
What do you mean? Seniors in a physical tournament!?
"Let's just blow it!" You can't think that way!
We have to beat Class 1 and show them what we've got!
Stake your life! Got it?
Why don't I hear a response?
Bong Joon Gu!
Then, Teacher, what are you going to stake?
If we're staking our lives, what are you going to stake?
If we win all three events...
...I will treat you all to pizza.
For this tournament, let's take the opportunity to make Class 1 all bleed from their noses!
Got it?!
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Give your strength! Give your strength! Give your strength! Give your strength!
Give your strength! Give your strength! Give your strength! Give your strength!
That's not it.
Gather round! Gather over here!
Listen carefully, okay?
The baton pass is very important for this race.
When you get the baton, your left hand should be stretched out,
and you run, run, run, run all the while.
You are standing by.
If you're like like this, so stiff,
...your start will be late and that won't do!
Do you get it?
Then, should we try it again?
Ha Ni!
Come over here, dear.
When you're passing the baton, with your right...
...hand here. No, no, no, right here.
Okay, okay, you're running, running.
Now. That's right!
Our Ha Ni is doing so well!
Let's try again.
There's no better comedy than this!
What? Baek Seung Jo!
Did you come here to steal our strategy?
You even have a strategy?
Baek Seung Jo! Don't cry when we win!
I'm not going to go easy.
Do whatever you want.
Our class isn't interested in a physical tournament.
Your class will definitely win.
Wh...what'd you say?
So, your class is going to go easy and that's why we'll win, is that what you're saying?
This punk! You're going too far!
- Really! - Stop!
Ah, Joon Gu!
How pitiful.
What's pitiful?
Why is doing your best pitiful?
You're not going to do your best so we're gonna win?
Joon Gu is super fast!
And he's good at sports!
Did you have any idea?
Ha Ni!
Just because you think you'll lose... How cowardly!
Well, I heard that in a fight, the losing cock crows loudest.
Yeah!! Cock!!
Oh my! How fun that's going to be!
You two are both in the race?
That's cool!
But who do I cheer for?
It's worrying me...
You're not really thinking of going...?
Of course I will. I'll be taking pictures.
It's not like an elementary tournament!
But still...
What's so fun about P.E.?
Eun Jo, you have to retake the jump roping test?
When is it?
I don't know. When would I ever use jump roping?
You want me to teach you?
I'm good at jump roping.
That's all right. What can a fool teach?
At first, I wasn't good either,
but after giving it my best, it worked out well.
Well? What can work out well?
They say if you keep sharpening steel, it will eventually become a needle.
Oh my! Where did you learn sayings like that?
From my Grandma.
Aiyoo, how adorable.
You should wear one too!
I don't want to! I'm not going to cosplay!
Just leave it then!
Min Ah, can you zip this up for me?
Hey! You're wearing this even though it's so hot?
Yep, Jang Mi gave this to me.
She said this is the only one that fits me.
That fox-like girl treating you...
Hey, Ha Ni, take a look at me.
How do I look?
Ohhhhh! Lady Gaga!
Oh look at me!
With a square waist...
A pig's shape line?
A pig's shape line? You wanna get hit?
- Hey, come over here! - Ahhh!
Hey, stand right there!
Hey, hey, hey! Go Min Ah!
Seung Jo!
We have to wear this.
Ah, it's Baek Seung Jo.
Hurry and come to the field!
Ah, he doesn't know it's me!
You're dead!
Who are you?
Class 7 Fighting!
Urgh, so tired.
Ah, it's hot!
Are you hot?
I can't wear it any longer!
- Why? You have to! - Awwww...
Ahhhh I don't want to!
You have to wear it!
...face each other.
Greet each other.
Let's do well!
We are one!
Teacher! Teacher!
Give it your all, kids!
Let's go!
I'm sorry.
Class 1 Fighting!
Class 1 Fighting!
Class 7 wins!
What in the world!
Please bring the list of the students who will be running in the relay race.
Oh! It's my Seung Jo!
It's hot.
Oppa! Baek Seung Jo Fighting! Baek Seung Jo! Baek Seung Jo!
Hey! Hey! You!
Shh! Shh! Shh!
Oh my!
Sit down. Sit down.
You came, Mother?
I'm Jang Mi. Hong Jang Mi.
Hong Jang Mi?
My mother and I have been to your house before. We have the eyeglass store at the intersection.
Ah, Jang Mi! The eyeglass store at the intersection!
Long time no see.
But, are you cheering for Seung Jo?
You came at the right time.
I was deciding who to cheer for.
You cheer for Seung Jo, okay?
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
Baek Seung Jo.
What do you think? It's 2 : 0!
It looks like you guys tried really freaking hard. Didn't you say you're doing it half-heartedly?
Hey, punk! If a person is talking, you should reply. Are you deaf? Can't you hear me! Can't you hear me!
Are you the last runner?
Yeah! Why?
Are you the last runner too?
Yah. Normally, the fastest runner is supposed to go last.
Did you guys plan wrong?
Oh, are you warming up right now?
But, you, Baek Seung Jo, you know how to run a race?
I thought you always sit down and read books all the time.
It's an exception of you.
It should be "unexpected" not "an exception."
Unexpected or an exception.
Hey, Baek Seung Jo! Don't mess with me! I'm not going easy!
It's two to zero.
Aren't you losing on purpose just to be called "Oppa?"
Ah, we're the same age. How am I going to call you "Oppa!"
Clearly... said if you win all three rounds.
Yes, if we win all three rounds, I will call you "Oppa."
So, if my class wins the race, this topic is over.
Players line up!
Here, Fighting!
This, okay?
- Kids, fighting! - Fighting!
100 meters in 15 seconds, right?
What? Ah, yes. When I was in middle school?
What did you say?
We are Class 7! Class 7! Class7!
Oh, my!
Song Ji Oh! Song Ji Oh! Song Ji Oh!
What to do?
Teacher! Hurry and get up! Hurry up!
Ha Ni! Trust me! You have me!
Aigoo! What to do?
Hurry up!
This won't do.
Hurry and get up!
Wow! Good! Ha Ni come here! Come to me!
See? Did you see it?!
Omo! What is this?! Fighting, Ha Ni!
Ha Ni!
Everyone, don't worry!
I'll be going first.
That's right! Keep going!
I'm sorry, but this victory is for Class 7.
Joon Gu, I'll believe in you.
Oh? What?
Baek Seung Jo is looking at me.
Baek Seung Jo is looking at me.
Baek Seung Jo is smiling at me and holding out his hand.
This is the first time.
Oh, Ha Ni!
Oh Ha Ni! Baton! Baton!
Don't worry, okay?
- Baek Seung Jo! Baek Seung Jo! - Bong Joon Gu! Bong Joon Gu!
Oh! Joon Gu is really fast!
Oh Ha Ni!
- Hey! - Our pizza!
Baek Seung Jo! Don't think that you've won!
This was because of Teacher's fall!
Normally, you'd be loud when you lose a fight.
Hey! Hey!
There is no...
A promise is a promise. There is no pizza.
- It's because you fell, Teacher! - What are you talking about?
I had the good sense to give it to Ha Ni!
That's right! Where's Oh Ha Ni?
Ha Ni is over here!
Ha Ni is right here!
Teach! Teach! Do something!
That's right! You treat us!
- That's right! That's right! - Yeah, treat us!
Quiet, will you?!
A person can get confused.
We were losing completely, but she managed to turn it around.
Ha Ni...
I'm sorry.
I should have stretched my arm out further,
but my arm was short.
- Ah. - What is this?
Then, you should treat us to pizza!
- Treat us! Treat us! - Buy us pizza! Treat us!
Alright, alright! I'll buy you pizza! How much is it?
Around $150?
Huh? A hundred, a hundred fifty?!
Aish, I don't have that kind of money.
I'll buy you pizza.
Everyone was so great today! You don't know how much fun I had in the stands.
Thanks for letting me have fun in the stands. So, I'll buy you all pizza!
Ah, who... are you? Ah, this person is...
Ha Ni's fan! Oh Ha Ni!
I came to cheer her on today!
Who are you?
Who are you?
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Aigoo! It hurts!
There's not even one part that doesn't hurt.
I should put on some Pahss. (pain reliever patches)
You're not sleeping yet?
So you were over there?
I didn't know.
How long have you been sitting here?
Wow, it's really pretty here!
Did you get sunburned?
Since you were risking your life, you must be hurting.
You really did your best.
The least I can do is do my best.
It must be nice for you...
...being good at everything. You even run well.
I'm good at basketball and swimming as well.
Such a show off.
You seemed upset for a few days.
Why'd you give me the baton?
You got another trump card in your hand again.
That's right.
All right, I'm fine with you mocking me.
You must have suffered a bit from your classmates.
Ah, but you know, your mom came and bought us pizza.
So, it was okay.
My mom?
Typical, my mom is unstoppable.
Other households say that the father or the children are the troublemakers...
But in our family, my mom is the troublemaker.
I like your mom a lot. Very much.
You like her that much?
I like her a lot.
Even today, she came and bought us pizza, took pictures of us.
I was happy.
Are you really happy?
I've never had my mom come to school like that before.
She passed away at a young age.
Of course my dad and my grandma came instead.
But, although I was grateful, I don't think I was really happy.
I wonder if that would make them feel disappointed?
But today, it felt as if my mom really came.
Go down and ask for some pain relieving patches.
I'll help with dinner, too.
You should res...
Well, I suppose if you're going to live here, you would want to help out.
The thing you were wearing this morning. What is it?
Oh. That. Stinky Butt, Bboong-Bboong.
You don't know it?
Oowee boong oowee boong oowee oowee boong boong!
It was cute.
Fine, make fun if you wish.
How can he be so... Making someone feel embarrassed.
But what?
What did he say?
Ear? (the first part of "cute" sounds like "ear")
Did I have no ear?
Ki Dong is always late.
Probably because he sells liquor at night.
What are you looking at?
Ohh, are these the photos you took today?
Today was so much fun.
Wow, the pictures came out really well.
Ha Ni is a lot of fun, right?
Our house feels like a real "home" ever since Ha Ni moved in.
That's right.
Seung Jo too. Look at his expression.
Except for when he was little, it's been a long time since I've seen this kind of expression on him.
That's true.
Before the summer is over,
let's go on a vacation somewhere. Why don't we go on an overnight vacation somewhere?
The kids are busy high school seniors.
That's exactly why we should go!
Once they submit their college applications, we really won't have a chance to go.
You think so?
This congratulatory party is a bit late, eh?
I suppose.
I'm sorry, Ha Ni, we should have done it immediately after your grades came out.
It's okay. I was busy with the sports festival anyway.
Wow, so big.
Wow, it's so refreshing! What did you say this was?
Mo Ri noodles.
What does "mo ri" mean?
We put all kinds of seafood in here,
and we eat it together with other people. So I named it "Mo Di" noodles (all together).
But, the ending of the name kept changing, and it eventually became "Mo Ri" noodles.
Ah, so "mo di" means "all" and "together"?
Anyway, Ha Ni,
Dad feels so good these days!
I'm so proud of my daughter!
Really, we're so impressed!
And, thank you so much, Seung Jo. You really are impressive.
Oh, no!
Getting someone like Seung Jo to tutor her is even more impressive.
I'm so thankful!
What are you doing? I'm supposed to be saying thank you! Thank you!
Oh, no. It's nothing. Thank you!
Stop, your hair will fall (into the food).
Look here.
We can't let a night like this pass by without having a round of drinks, right?
How about it? Our main star, want a drink?
Me too?
Sure. Since an adult is giving it to you, just have one drink.
"Tremble, tremble, tremble."
Seung Jo, too.
Then, lift your glasses!
A toast to our wonderful children!
But, Ha Ni, you worked really hard. I was so surprised.
You know, Ha Ni's nickname... "Noah's Snail".
"Noah's Snail"?
Yes. My grandmother used to call me that.
The Noah from Noah and the Ark?
Exactly! All of the animals got onto that ark, right?
But, this snail, no one took care of it.
So all night long, the snail inched along tirelessly.
And at last, it finally got onto the ark.
I'm pretty good at working towards something for a long time.
I'm not just saying this, but this alcohol doesn't have an ounce of water in it.
When you're drinking it, it might seem okay, but it'll hit you all at once.
Oh, really?
My friend, you like crabs, right? Eat a lot!
Man, even when we were young, you always looked out for me. You're still taking care of me like this.
I heard.
When my husband was younger, you always packed a lunch for him.
Well, we lived it up a bit.
We really stuck together, eh?
We even had a band together.
Oh? I've never heard about that before.
Ah, we never "had" a band. We just said that we should start one.
Should I go get the guitar?
Every day with you,
I receive the morning sun.
Every day with you,
I want to open my eyes.
Every day with you, Every day with you,
just the two of us.
- Every day with you, - Every day with you,
I want to talk with you.
The street with it raining at dawn.
The flaming sun setting in the evening.
Everything around us.
I want to share it with you.
Oh, Seung Jo, you were here.
Every day with you,
All of this is for you, Lord.
In the arms of night.
- Every day with you, - Every day with you,
I want to fall asleep.
The streets being rained on during dawn.
The flaming sun setting in the evening.
Everything around us.
I want to share it with you.
- Every day with you, - Every day with you,
I want to sleep.
Every day with you.
Ah, really.
Every day with you.
Ah, really.
Every day with you.
Shut up!!
Oppa, oppa! Oppa!
You're still as good as ever!
You're really good too!
This is so much fun!
Hey, Seung Jo, why don't you play a song too?
Are you drunk?
Oh my. Hey, don't act cool and just play a song.
It's alright.
Would the great Baek Seung Jo...
...sing in an environment like this?
Are you drunk?
I didn't even finish one glass.
Calling me a public menace.
He sees me as a pain in the ass.
That means we're living off of them.
Is that right?
No. That's not it.
He's said something right.
Baek Eun Jo!
Baek Seung Jo, are you that great?
If you are great,
is it okay to ignore people?
You told me not to say anything about living with you.
Then, how do I explain?
In a place with all those people,
did you really have to talk like that?
Every time...
You bad guy!
Let's go.
Oh, okay.
Look at that, look at that.
Completely ignoring what people say.
Always cynical, laughing at others,
and choosing to say only the things that make people feel bad.
I really, completely don't like him.
Are you drunk again?
Ha Ni, you dislike Seung Jo that much?
At the sports event,
I thought you two looked really good together.
I didn't know you disliked him that much.
Yes, I don't like him.
(Seung Jo's) Mother, father, Eun Jo. I like you all,
but I don't like Baek Seung Jo!
You're contradicting yourself.
"Actually, I don't call you Seung Jo,"
"I call you 'The Spirit of the Forest'."
"After that day, I was hurt for several days."
"I had a rough time."
"At least once, I pass by you in school,"
"But, I still want to see you every day."
"In my dreams, you're so sweet."
Shee, HEY!
Stupid jerk!
What is that? Spirit of the Forest?
Ha Ni, did you write Seung Jo a letter?
Wait. That guy... was Seung Jo?
Did you have to go this far?
Did you memorize it to make fun of me?
What am I supposed to do if I can memorize it after looking at it once?
You're weak if you like someone.
But, now that's over. It's completely over.
The last remaining feelings I had for you, I got rid of them all.
Is that so?
Petty. Since it's dirty and petty, I can't do it anymore.
Baek Seung Jo, you! I really don't like you.
Oh Ha Ni!
Hey, hey, hey.
What is this?
Stupid jerk!
She's stupid to the bone...
Seung Jo, help her.
Then who? Me?
I'm here. I'll take care of her.
Get on my back. Get on, get on.
Oh my, are you okay?
Are you drunk too? It really hit me all at once!
See! Hurry.
Oh, annoying.
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Hey, Ki Dong.
You think we'll be in-laws?
Oh, is that so?
That doesn't make sense. If so, then I'm moving out.
There's nothing you can't say.
Aigoo. What's wrong?
It's so beautiful!
Stupid jerk.
Oh Ha Ni, you're amazing. In the end, you got your piggyback ride.
Huh? What did you say?
I said Oh Ha Ni is great.
Hey, let me down. Why are you giving me a piggyback ride?
You said you got rid of your feelings.
Huh? Yeah, I did. Why?
You did, so why is it beating like that?
Are you okay?
Heart, your heart.
It's more serious than I thought, Oh Ha Ni.
Well, being like that, do you think you'll be able to have a baby and raise it?
- Hey! - Hey!
- Oh!! - Hey!
Oh, I found it!
Ha Ni!
You were hanging them in your room.
Aigoo, I was wondering.
Oh, they're all dry.
So cute.
Oh, my head.
Wake up and come down to eat.
Did you sleep well?
I was going to let you rest.
Since you're awake, eat and then go back to sleep. I made soup.
Come down.
Oh those...
My head hurts.
What? Time went by that fast already?
It's more serious than I thought, Oh Ha Ni. Being like that, will you be able to have a baby and raise it?
The results are this fast?
Oh! Ha Ni, come here.
Since the weather is nice, we're eating out on the terrace.
The soup is very good. I made it especially for you.
Thank you.
Last night, I made a lot of mistakes, didn't I?
What do you mean mistakes? It was so much fun because of you.
I'll eat well.
Eun Jo,
hold on to the jump rope handles tight, jump high, and let your wrists match a rhythm. 1, 2. 1, 2. Got it?
- So yummy. - Really?
- Eat a lot. - Yes.
Instead of rotating your arms, use your wrists.
It's fine. You just eat, alcoholic.
Aish, I'm not going to do it.
Eun Jo, put your elbows in, like this.
If you know it all, you try it.
Oh my oh my oh my! Hey, you're really good!
You're really good!
Oh my, oh my!
First, you put your elbows in like this.
Then, you jump with one end of your feet. Since you're jumping with your whole foot, it doesn't work.
Here, try it.
Come here.
Hold it. Put your elbows in.
Put your elbows in more.
Oh my, it's working!
That's right. I heard you're taking a musical jump rope test. Did you choose a song?
I'm going to do "Sunset Glow".
Sunset Glow?
Instead of that, try "Jump Jump Jump".
That's fun! Eun Jo, do this one.
Seung Jo!
Isn't Ha Ni really good?
Doing well!
Try it.
What is that?
Oh my.
What is it?
It looks like some kind of socks.
Do they really turn on the air conditioning?
It's really cold.
I was wearing long sleeves.
- And everyone gets a computer? - Yeah.
The Internet is super fast. It would be nice to play games on there.
Ha Ni.
Are you rolling your hair?
Did you eat yet? Today they had your favorite.
I ate already.
Doesn't that punk come on to you in the Special Study Hall?
You're the one who comes on to her.
Stop it, you little...
Joon Gu,
will you get me that book over there?
Okay, okay, I got it.
Now you're studying more!
Thank you.
Something fell out.
What is it?
What is it?
Oh Ha Ni,
what is this?
Why are you sleeping with Baek Seung Jo?
No, that, we're not sleeping together...
Oh Ha Ni!
What? Are they living together?
With Baek Seung Jo?!
What's going on? Maybe it's Photoshopped?
No way!
Ha Ni sunbae!
What's up with this?
- Weren't Ha Ni and Joon Gu dating? - Then, what's up with Baek Seung Jo?
- Poor Joon Gu. - What will Joon Gu do?
You're living in the same house as Baek Seung Jo?!
Hey, hey, hey!
How's Baek Seung Jo's house? I heard he's really rich. It's really big, isn't it? It's super nice, isn't it?
Your room? How's your room?
I like it.
I'm completely curious.
You guys are trying to come over, aren't you?
No! Definitely not! Definitely not!
- Why? - Definitely not!
Oh, how embarrassing.
This can't be.
Ugh, Oh Ha Ni.
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Hey, Baek Eun Jo!
He's drowning!
Do you want some water?
You came all the way here because of Oh Ha Ni?
- Of course! - Okay.
You guys look good together, you and Oh Ha Ni.
I can't do this.
I don't know how to solve this problem.
Just this one.
You're going to sleep?
I'm sorry.
Hello, Teacher!
Oh Ha Ni.
If this is it, get together when you guys grow up, don't you think?
What's wrong, Seung Jo?
Seung Jo Ssi. (addressing him with more respect)