Max&Iago gay story The end? ENGLISH SUBTITLES El cor de la ciutat ep 1845

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I'm coming, I'm coming
Hello, Gonzalo
Isn't Iago here?
He left
So early?
No, not to prison, no. He has gone out with Max
And do you know where they are?
No, I don't. No idea
They left me a note that they wanted to spend the morning together
Before all that shit
I wanted to say goodbye
Well, I don't think they are away for a long time
I don't know, they will be playing basketball or they are at Peris, I don't know
No, they are not there. And neither at the Fusteria
Look, I already know that he is with Max, but I wanted to see him
Why don't you leave Iago alone?
You know how much I have suffered for him?
I have always been by his side and instead Max...
Watch out what you are saying, alright?!
Max is doing fine
A little late, right?
You have had a history with Iago and now it has ended
He and Max want to start over new and you have to do the same
I know that it is hard that they leave you behind but I think you should search for somebody on your own
Yeah. I just wanted to say goodbye
I will tell him on your behalf
Gonzalo Pons?
Yes, thats me
We want to talk a moment with you
Where is Iago?
Give us to talk with him
Are you Benet Sepulveda?
Yes. What is wrong?
We are searching for Iago Vilches
Ah, he isn't here
And he isn't at home either. He hasn't gone to prison
It's still early
I tell you yes. Yesterday he told me that he wouldn't enter until evening
Because of this he has met with Max to have lunch
I'm sure they are at our place
Where do you think we are coming from?
I was talking to him only 5 minutes ago
and they told me that they have met for having dinner together
Actually they have gone to the supermarket to buy eggs, because there were none there
I don't know if I explain myself
May you accompany us to your house?
Yes, at once
But...But I'm sure that they haven't gone anywhere, I would know it
Pilar, I'm back in 10 minutes
Very well
The key is over there
Come in, come in, come in
No, lets see if they are there. Iago said they would be here
Ah, then, I don't know. They aren't such donkeys either
Ai, the shower. You see it? You hear the shower?
You see how they are here?
Ah, what? No. I want to say that they can have a shower calmly
Mister Sepulveda, please
Yes, lets see; this is not fair
Iago and Max are doing fucking great together
And Iago is a legal guy, worker and frankly speaking
Shit. Whats wrong?
Whats wrong? And Max? Where are they?
I don't know. When I arrived nobody was there
This is impossible
They ran away!
What are you saying now?
Do you know anything?
I don't, no
Have a look
Have you seen Iago Vilches?
No. I arrived half an hour ago
Beni, where are they?
You think that I know it?
They have tricked me
Here isn't anybody
Mister Sepulveda if you know anything call us
Of course, yes. I don't know what the hell happened to them. They are scared
Because, look, I would be
It's a thing that imposes
Call us if you don't want to have problems
Yes, yes, yes
Ah, very well, then
Goodbye, alright? And thank you
Do you have such desire that they lock him up?
Then don't get tangled up more and let him do his own thing, damn it!
Have you told him goodbye on my behalf?
I haven't seen them
Goodbye, Beni
Beni, I hope they are fine
I go because I have arranged to meet with Marta
Very well
Max, are you okay?
Yes, they finished to leave. No I haven't told them anything
Neither them nor Gonzalo
Yes, no. Yes, no
He smells out something but I dont think he will say anything
He understood that he has not to interfere in it
We have passed one check and everything went fucking great
The plane is going to land here in 20 minutes
Everything goes well. Yes, of course, don't worry
Tell him thank you. If it wasn't for him all of this would have gone to hell
Yes, yes, I hear him already, I hear him, yes
Now don't be donkeys and be calm, just this
Take the flight and live in Mozambique
What? No, no, Im fine. Just a little scared, but I'm fine
Shit, this morning we said goodbye to each other and I already miss you
No, when I think that I now have the Xurreria...
No, I know, it will go well
I'm upset missing you. I don't know when we will see each other again
It was so hard for us to find each other
Papa, are you going to come some day?
Of course. And I will come with the motorbike. How do you like that?
Goodbye, Max
And if it doesn't go well, Max?
Hey! If we want to do this, we mustn't be scared
Now we can't be scared
Come on, for once we leave right now