The One True God

Uploaded by TheThinkingAtheist on Mar 15, 2010

I say my prayers. And I know he hears them. I ask for guidance. And I feel his direction.
I read his Word. And I gain wisdom. I spread his message. And I feel him speaking
through me. I get hurt. And he comforts me.
I get confused. And he makes everything right again.
I cannot see him with my eyes. I cannot hear him with my ears. I cannot touch him with
my hands. I cannot prove him to you. But I know heís real. I know he loves me. And I
know he can doÖanything. He isÖand always will beÖmy father. My friend.
My partner. My creator. My God. And I have been touchedÖby his noodly appendage.
He isÖthe Flying Spaghetti Monster.