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and welcome to SEC sports round table this is your host Shane Bailey
long time no see true Drew Young, Shane good be here i'm so glad you're back with us
it's been a while
but adjust this real quick keep talking yet so it's a it's a good to be back it
busy time of year uh... alotta school lotta work in
let's uh... fun actually talk about football so excited to do it
glad to kick things off here and get things started on the air
SEC two a days they were going to have over the next seven weeks now
so I'll go on and get some housekeeping out of the way way
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but that's that's really a firmer housekeeping
how we just appreciate you guys listening in
and so we are doing to a days
are really with the next seven weeks is not to be a whole lot of football news
if they're is i will kick things off it and cover some of that if something's
or uh... rear bearing newsworthy otherwise we're gonna stick to basically
two teams one from the east one from the west i'm in pain
what we've looked at is what we believe the natural rob hall's
uh... will be going forward here
for the east and west team and that's how we've tried to mask this up
so if it doesn't end up being that way
you know that's just our best guess and
we think we've got most of it down so this week's uh... two teams is going to
be all burned
uh... in georgia so hobart in the west georgia in the east
when a cover those two and so
what you're probably gonna find is that these podcast are going to be our normal
our podcasts lessons were just gunna devote to those to teaching now
i say that ends on they were talking about to say that then we're gonna have
our tennessee group in here in and you guys will spend an hour and a half just
talking about calibrate i got a couple hours on tolerates out
so we will see what happens there and it might be too just the fact that there
we we don't have people that are actively
uh... better host that are actively
involved or his as uh...
i don't know what the word i'm looking for in that it had a chat with uh...
with us and i think we we've got people that more fans of most the teams and
we're all isi fans would
it is you know i watch a lot of football but i can
there's only so much i can talk about other teams i could literally talk for
twenty-four hours on tennessee
uh... mega talk a lot on things like manner building alabama and things like
that is 'cause they're they're out there more
but i have some legal s_e_c_ teams it's just kinda hard a
to really
be so in depth with every one of a lear it we warriors two individuals as host
can be expert on all of them so thats
if that's what you're expecting his expert opinion out here you're probably
listen at the wrong podcast
and because like you said your you could talk for days on tennessean
and definitely for kentucky in basketball season you know i i can do
the same in football it's a little harder just because it's kentucky
football yet and it's
it's evidence by the fact that you know i assure all's all over uh...
the optical florals and have a really good year i was of all about john
bradley in the mail really one of the case uh...
uh... it's just your best guess on
dom six i did talk about any training or you were huge uproar in the preseason
working i don't know what is really thought that uh... i thought it was
going to be a haven't
uh... weiss there and and and family covered
given identity with the pro stalini john bradley was a
recounted core back he just wasnt
spread core bracken
it just didn't work i mean you're still trying to play with
chest with checker pieces or trekkers with justice everyone say that
and they just
it's just your best guess i was completely wrong and you know it's one
of those things where you think that
it's gonna go one way and and it does the exact opposite so
well we do have a florida guy lined up
around so we were we're gonna cover those guys in august and so
hopefully will get a landslide on that you know the charlie why sarah was short
lived there and absolutely and you were expecting i mean even i was expecting
bigger things real kansas when you went to kansas excel
earlier that was cut short their and so i don't agree with that
conflict of personalities or what but
but you could tell that things didn't go well there in florida and so we're going
to get we've got a forty cal and up we've got alabama
you've got somebody from
uh... miss mississippi as well as mississippi state kentucky
uh... so course tennessee vanderbilt we've got some contingents their line as
we've got a large number of people
uh... possibly in arkansas constant kentucky guys
so you're gonna get most of the team to cover their with with some individuals
are in it
be able to write a lot of insight there
uh... but uh... i'm for sure got the floor kick of things up with these two
teams 'cause we don't have the hosts that are going to do that we can
get it knocked out and move on and and and no offense to the georgia fans out
there the auburn fans out there but ah...
right now
you know you look at all burned and
i was looking at the last five years of their wind totals and will what is going
to start things off and it's like one of these is not like the others yeah it's
kind of a prior there's a is a
national championship so i thought he was like eight bob eight fourteen aid
you know so incorporate their mac
look at my notes here in a second i need to do it
i bet that basically tells you what you need to see users do just that you know
that doesn't belong there soon so i think we all know what to man thats
when you get one of the greatest
cultural players in and liquid liquid canons of the pros
you have that you add that to a to a mixed world
by stronger team i think they were kind of bill not there they had possibly the
best uh... defense a player in the country and uh...
what's his name is the the the guy in detroit now and he talked about uh...
fairly nicolas
we've got him and you've got uh... camden that's just let me uh... tough
dean of the in
you're exactly right a look at the same thing in
because i came back to earth last year
and uh... and and as a kentucky friend you know what what would we be happier
we would die for nato and the baby fay anyway would love in eight point
seasoned veterans
that's not what alban fans expect any american off a national championship is
not working and you got this you know you're in the state of alabama so you
have the crimson tide certain
there and they always wanna ten plus when season yeah i mean that's and so it
may have to albert has to live up to the
well i think what's fun about that season is
you know for for alabama fam and this is this is coming from a tennessee fan from
the late nineties when it really was
as a tennessee fan you lose that setting gamer third in the season to florida
your beer season's over and you think what's the point of maine we are really
that that's what's crazy is now i'd give anything to you know
go back to the days of one in ten games but
one-year when your team that's one of those just national powerhouses
and you lose their first game you think well now but now the
the national champ it ships almost outta reaches computer have to get you can
control your own destiny it's that kind of thing and uh... i think that's what
probably would have made it
exciting if you were an all-round fan because goin you have high expectations
with a kennedy had high expectations that year but you are in the midst of a
a bunch of ten eleven when seasons so so it was more xx i have an ad that you
know you should not expect insist their money more exciting how if you look at
it though coming realistically going into it
they weren't expecting national championship caliber program they were
expecting a good season but
here at the beginning of that season two years ago and all burned i don't think
you asked those guys do you expect to be in the national championship
you know they would have been saying we want it were competing for an s_e_c_
west title
hair it it's not
we're competing to have to go to the national championship game so
so you're right that made it a little more special that it was somewhat of a
surprise that they are they weren't that much better than expected to be yet but
on the flip side you know there's always a good the bad to it
i can guarantee you last year
they were expecting that they probably at alban fans were probly
not going to say hey we're going to actual championship again but they eat
when we went in a games you know that that's not good enough f_ u_ n_ national
championship now you're still have a little bit of a high and they're gonna
say now had a man with no worries i guarantee you with a big in the season
when they were losing those games and those close games
you know it wasn't it wasn't good enough so library ask if they were turned back
to the the status quo that a
type win if they win seven this year
is males on the hot seat next year it was a getting warmer miles are well
jazz xa kids that are now i would suspect he's article yet to his every
thought i waali could really i mean
well no doubt that i think that your before which is best opportunity
well it's weird how many had the opportunity going on
i'm sure that he would have been a
uh... but good choice for arkansas all you know that have an opening in
i don't think there was a lack of opportunities are females on wanted to
go somewhere
where he can really
deal slower
and i don't know that that's a bad idea you know
you've got these guys that are the hot commodities and if you jump up to
let's say you jump up to a
a top twenty top fifteen
job yeah
but like take their daily if you if he doesn't succeeded tennessee which he
hasn't so far let's say he
only when six game that he gets fired perhaps uh...
that sets a career back at it in the newly-arrived so but if you also look at
your knees at louisiana tech in
and uh... maybe he jumps up to
i'm in a missouri or something like that and then and then jumps up here you know
it's just it's different is that i think that the expectations are gonna be so
high in and i don't
i think a lot of people
just say oh he's not comparing is not going to the biggest school they can go
i swore i mean he kinda knows what he wants to do it he wants to
run this program the way he he wants to run it in
arkansas states a good place to do that and
man let me know if you could he be wanting dot arkansas state
i guess he could i mean i if he did that i think it would
the that he's just try and
the right job was and he's got something on his mind
what does that help could be an armored vehicle that he wants to go to talking
to me that's where he wants to be
and it's not open
and so he kind of takes a step back until that does come up and you say no
one has ever said that about him it going to cut yet they would be a ruble
sacred welcome it
bubble yeah i think you take that insight pending
in humming
they were depends on what they do this year that there there might be in
opening up in lexington
they could be as his supporters and then just in that
that coaching posse there
as one of those things i mean we do it too and it's just
that's the father that you hear you he was in a sports talk radio ended it
bothers me because i'm not a professional
sports talk
analyst you know my job you know i'm gonna be a teacher you know
we all have our own careers
and so we don't have to get on every single day and talk about something i
when you're doing that you kinda run-up in stock lets you talk about those hot
you know those hot button topic steroids in baseball and
all these scandals and andrew's on the hot seat in sometimes it just gets
overwhelming on mike let's just play football and
appendices and you'll know product may lie ahead i'd
i don't disagree with that and i think a lot to that
but you always have to look at that against as as
and we've gone way up topic already we haven't talked about all the more
we're talking about a coach it's no longer there and what he'd ireland i
think that's what this is fun about this let's assume i've got a very clear line
with withdrawn anyway we need to hear we gotta we gotta fill up sometimes uh...
you know that you're exactly right and at least another thing and then we can
jump back on auburn is
you know mails on leaves and uh... michael buyer there
there but number one player
uh... especially on offense
he goes with him
you know that's just and as i get to play i mean i don't know if you saw that
the appeal came through and he doesn't get to play this yet and then that's the
thing i think he just didn't want to be there in
and then back to your you know your ritual point about changes that yes
absolutely i think that
uh... and he'll get a little bit of a leeway but
i'm saying these fans might say that was canada's national championship in
nineteen to the x
uh... they are they're more likely to say that's gone smells ons national
championship and not changes exo
give him uh...
a seven win season this year i don't think he's fired but you go three years
in a row eight seven six wins
and yeah i know i mean it's it's what have you done for me lately and it's
just uh... year any ralph i think it makes a than have three that seasons in
a row
that alabama would would be saying hey what's going on do you know
if you just don't buy yourself a lot of time these years of
of having
uh... bjo put arrows and and
body downs infill formers and things like that where you're at the same
school for twenty years and
he really can do no wrong i think the lippo was a good example that a man that
for what he did for tennessee football and to be a lifelong ball and put to
play there and then
for henry fire it just shows you that
the school's awning you gotta win then if you if you have a two or three years
they are not winning then than your animosity anywhere
i think you're right there in
and i don't think that this year's his hot seat year i think it's
you know do lease without any question i think that the states pretty warm there
and and
but i think it by email your national championships going to get your koppel
years it
and they had a twins in a pretty good
season for a team that
that really wanted that you are expected to the way they were playing yeah if you
watched all over and play last year
every time i was watching the scorn
they're going to lose a scary yeah but they didn't
and so
you know they found ways to win
and get through the situation to come out with eight wins in
and i can't remember they went to the what bowl game that they go to
that's a good question ought to look that up and and i think they won that
game as well
for a twin program it's not a
in a stocky into the world thing and it should be inertia of their results from
from last year
aranella cat that you talked for a second i think that
their expectations are going to be
uh... it's just hard to have high expectations when
they're gonna be the fourth team
and uh... in the west and then you've got
gelb ami b_n_l_ issue new debt arkansas they're gonna be ahead of them so
it's happy you have to temper
earth those expectations and even last yr i think you had to do that too
because you knew those rooting for any better means talking over the last year
get three the top five teams in the country are in your division
a twins is good i mean that's uh... that you're not gonna when those games you
pretty much when every other day and that you have all year and then you look
at all burning in the issue of course they have to play all of those stains
they have the date they did win the chick fil a goal
verses as julia yeah yeah they sell the big bold it's a big bowl so i mean it's
not like they had a horrible season last year
and we're not thinking that they're not gonna in a perform well this year but
you're right
if you look at their schedule there in the west so they're going to have
arkansas every year they're gonna have alabama
and i think they have alabama
at alabama this year direct uh... so that means that arkansas was at home for
them is that right correct so they've got arkansas home
welch at home too
so that that's applies now but then they also have a think if you look at their
but they have georgette home they've got georgia home was william enough so i
mean if you look at those the teams in the east george is expected to compete
with south carolina east or talk about them in a minute but
you know they have to tell travel to all berg saba for travel but
you know that's a
two home game for all bring soda
three of the big teams that they have to play at least for home
yeah and that's that's true in bed
you you look at their schedule and
years equi-wright arkansas i mean these are games that they're gonna be
underdogs and
jeremy underdogs even at home or unlikely that arkansas game even with
the even with the new coaching in arkansas this to have the same player i
would think that especially returned you know collar wilson
effeminate or their eww mattered audience ellis unit or being honored all
against alabama
there they are called against clinton in the chick fil a kickoff that second
ah... sane game in atlanta
van the first weekend
and that's gonna be a tough game as well and then your gigs at the right they
don't play george here they get vanderbilt from
the the so i don't think their schedule
is as hard as it could be
here therefore not conference games or or cupcakes against you know uh...
a mini state alabama a and m in louisiana monroe but
anytime your client now nowadays with his top of the s_e_c_ years
i think the days of having that
at a conference schedule where your point to her three opponents that really
can't jump up and each other debts over i think you're gonna schedule three
and the good programs a schedule that one tough day might alabama's got
michigan this year right tennessee's guidance he stay which is not now it's
not the same level of these other guys
but i mean but it's not paid
we had to be c_s_ conference you know it in a little ball game you're you're not
going to get me the other western kentucky or a middle tennessee or one of
those correct one of those lower tier division warren inorg bolt b c est
programs that
the can qualify for a wind twelve games and have everybody
uh... it al hundred and twenty four other teams and uh...
division one lose a game parentheses alleyway those type of teens could could
ever be in the
and it's not going to happen does run realistic thing stood that would occur
so you're not gonna have those type of programs on your schedule
like you said
yeah you're right an asset thing is when you look at a georgia
and will get on them in a minute but i mean what you're gonna see is they play
georgia tech every year it's really got a limited you're not going to see those
big marquee
games i mean i i think it caved in last year amina they've got georgia tech on
their schedule already
and last yr they added a boise state
so that's two of your four games
that are going to be tougher games and and
are just don't think you can see there like this further play in buffalo who in
four atlantic and
and georgia southern iraq and you know i think that's a buffalo
they're not that great of a football team but now florida atlantic soccer
nominates a little bit better but i mean
it's not a boisestate no but they will be who doesn't know any better team the
cake arabicon actually
compete now um... care they want are they gonna be favored
now georgia be favored courage and put head
you know it's not that the lower tier those type of teams but you're right it
is going to come down to i think you're gonna see some of that change in the
scheduling and i don't think that you're going to see
the s_e_c_ gota nine conference games either
uh... inasmuch as i think something i'd like to see those extra west opponents
you're not going to see that you're going to see that six water-borne
uh... type thing stay in place in the s_e_c_ for for a number of years at
least that's meyer my opinion
uh... on the on the scheduling aspect of things but
you know you look at auburn schedule
in the late date if you had to say they are
they have a good schedule with it
you know could be worse it could be worse assuming that's it's going to work
harder schedules in the nation in my opinion
anytime your plan
your plan right now five of the top fifteen
teams the nation
i mean i was just uh...
rudimentary you know ranking system on the ongoing perhaps longer
and want to and file it yet but it was not file into fav eight
in fifteen i believe
well now you have
well based on iphone you've got to ellis you you've got three alabama
you've got eight georgia
and a m the one i will connecticut alabama's war thirteen arkansas and
fifteen clumsy
ideal for work also we are looking at
you look at three of the top fifty more than likely through the top fifteen
teams in the country and that's just that's hard up so that's a
the tough road to hell right there
hello dolly gordon that whenever you have any that's that's a
that's difficult author to so tough task i can't say that they get easier to when
they've got that i don't care if they play
you know school the blind and you know
some pop warner team you're not going to school of typewriter maintenance yet
others at the lab for a few good men
had you you're not going on that so that's a tough that's just that's a
tough task i have a little care what else you've got if you got five games
and stop fifteen the country
you're staring out of seven five season if everything happens like it so much
here but all burns got a few against bright spots uh... you know that the
uh... the running back situation with dire now thing they still got some and
things have a there pretty deep their i think they've got three or four guys
yen they've got the ontario mchale
so there he's kind of their burner and and he looked good at times last year
now can he be your number one running back and in care that ball twenty-five
thirty counts game i think he can i think the harding is gonna be is
they have the past i think it's what i want you to that the passing game too
to spill let me give them smoking's
and i don't think they did i think fellow love that forced often watches
some other games last year the harp or was
that day
if they just didn't have that passing game to be able to open it up for the
and now and not only do you
you're still unproven that area and you've got
in a tech limos and play some wow sharing the powerful frazier kid
who's deaf in war the running quarterback
but no one thing that's going to be different this year it is with you know
miles on gone they've got the new offensive coordinator as a la flor
with them
mean he's going to oppose styles other they're banning
this i worked for uh...
so that way i mean that's what stuff is
i think there are not and they're a little different mean they they
definitely had the
the spread offense because of cam newton be in their bra and last year they
didn't run it
and i'm in a widespread offense in the same way
well i mean it
there and more that that trick a rationing type you know just in his
office predator lasagna charter asian
uh... with george
with a better
with uh...
mails on offense you know they they were in that and they ran it well but
i've just think that they're your your i'm gonna go back to the pro stone it's
it's a tough it's a tough past to adjust
when you you know in year to year you're crew then
for a couple years now calls get this type of player now you got to go to
switch to something else in the system itself
but you've got some stuff in correct me if i'm wrong here but i think there's
some stability in the right receiver cord that heidi and situation there some
guys that i have some
some depth their uh... you know so you're going to have some guys are
pretty good at running routes and that's what's important approached all offenses
that calming
uh... and it's important to spread offense to
uh... me accepted he got the ability to run it though that what or if they're
but you know those pounding patterns
work so well on the pros these days
and so if you've got a good good establish wide receiver core that
that no those marks and can be where they're supposed to be
uh... you know it might be a good transition for auburn it might help
amount will be
yemeni returning quite a bit on
on offense uh... they still got a
they've got the two returning receivers and then dilutes karke in
is there is there tonight and then and i watched him someone she was all as you
say he is a great italian
and they were tired and you know four-fifths of their office of alonso
yet they are returned players today
once in a tough thing is their return them against
the likes of alabama or laszlo nagy a
yet so that's gonna be tough
you know their defense of sod that what's good is a return uh... when they
nine or ten stores are believe i think you're right
you know the catch-twenty two is they they didn't have the best year
defensively last year
but im they are returned those players and they've got other guys in the in the
and i gave right uh... jesus off more i think he'll plays a deep and so on and
and and he'll be a
uh... above
the contributors some point
and they still get the core luminaire kid who is is really goodies over their
best defender
by their best overall player
and uh...
you know it it's just it it's tough to see will see what it
what it shakes altitudes where those things where
you know as a tennessee families like may look a return but you know your
return these players from a six win team her fav went a numbing
but what good is that in a hopefully they they've gotten better you just
gotta i have no idea what
the the off-season program at all burns look like i assume that they're getting
you you hope there's improvement year over year shirt unit as a favorite of
the s_e_c_ even your improvement year over year
to let me ask you this before and we wanted to order
how many wins
uh... will go through their schedule uh...
dark they start with clinton but i think i i i think they lose i gain mississippi
are going to win
but i could be a close-in we're gonna give 'em we'll let you know when one of
those two games so no one in one to start with
louisiana monroe
that there was in monroe illegally l_s_u_
theft that way you ellen rowe and then they go to l_s_u_ okay uh... i've got a
uh... that's right it's it's to be now so much
as a win verses monroe
terrifically win too
cousin they follow up with l_s_u_ yep and they got arkansas linux souls
romance and that's the one hand
that's three and three vandoeuvre album again when there
there's not really happy with their starter texas a and a m
um... that's gonna tough game nights at home though that more than
alright forward for
new mexico state
uh... the new mexico i i got a palm tree right now
oregon was in the clinton the
arkansas analogy again
tetra pak
where the money's mainly state in india one as well
whether we return i want to three four five six and they now know that six and
six and three its new mexico and state not napping mister really here
at least on the schedule thanks
national champs on them
uh... new mexico state november third yeah
that's right
then we'll go to georgia item also georgia
alabama a and a m that's a win
an alabama until also religion is seventy five
once again i
you know that them winning
every game
against those teams that aren't
then in the top fifteen and you gave them losses against the mississippi
cricket you gave him wins against mississippi state who could beat them
uh... any of the creepy crack and who wrote that you say that really
could be band about who invented interment bandicoot jump up by who knows
what that is going to be in a not i would say
a seven win season is kind of what your stay in the face right now and if you
look at that schedule mego six assessing ohio zip and you would probably have to
be happy with seven five
you can't be upset with it
yeah exactly
i think what you're looking at is
if you can get to a twins and you've had a hello season uh... agree if they get
to a and i don't know what they're over under is but i i would say that's a
success jack bauer vegas i would have a mat seven-and-a-half
i take the under for sure
project the owner for a lot of money if that was a about these will build the
lower i think six-and-a-half or seven
we'll look at other power he looked that up and uh...
we'll see what happens there uh...
it we didn't even mention one thing that i have in my notes is that uh...
you know they they lost one of their quarterback harbury
their trotter
who is competing
for the uh... starting position can so that you know there
we've got some issues there and
but they are returning
uh... the quarterback so
yet all of the nose lian frazier all or complete malam agin you'll see that they
they're kind of
and database are something that i guess i kentucky geyer
zeke pike
though he has a bike and he was a a big-name accrued yeah you gotta love
you know that name that's a quarterback name if i caught macquarie
you know she's a good solid quarterback typing zeke apart
now what it is
that's a star trek captain parking
temp record
captive but no the very first and i know this cuz i have a fraternity of course
into the very first uh... captain was captain partic
uh... one of the
starship zyada mam how you got me your beyond mail mt bets that's
fraternity stuff that's not it has nothing to do it not
math tracking askance
metric unisons about that i i don't even packet even say hello and cling on
sunshine year do you have a dead on seven have silver under
soto you're going to vegas and
take in the end of the and said that the so they set this is where people have to
is they said it seven-and-a-half but the the
you have to know if you wanna bet the
if you wanna bet the under
carol beck the under you have to lay
a hundred and seventy dollars stick to win a hundred
you almost lane to war and so they set that line there
once again on the lines all they want to one-half of people bend over half the
people that numbers if you receive
minus beside what you're betting
just disrupt the governor's after that that one hundred dollars was minus one
they're saying
you can bet that
you're not only few behtar dollars are we gonna win
you know sixty or something like that one of them ask i don't know how come
they would make it more like uh... six-and-a-half and get a closer toward
the warm
i'm sure there's mathematics behind it down in
they said it a little bit higher but then
i can tell you this when we go to vegas ma'am i'm bodies will always looking
more like home and look at that you know you've got
you know joe shmoe pitch in for the
twins against the yankees
but he's post two twenty five twenty or twenty five dollars per about our
dollars on this
and what you really you're thinking is
is suckers bet that you know
suckers don't wanna lay odds they want to get on it so if i told you haitian
you know
do ones as you can eat this i mean you're gonna you'd rather be giving
two-to-one in light in the two to one so i think it's a psychological thing and
they know people are in a bit on what is probably not a smart that because i
think they can win more money do it that way
so i'd danger question
i would think it's just so they take the over
seven and i think what i think the over there to win more money for those who
they'll have to lay a hundred and one seventy eight that so yes when that
happens it what it tells me is they've set this line
and they want people to bat
on the over
because they're given those odds coca verses you know you take a and we'll get
to it um...
available wese st francis i suppose dot over under at nine a half wins over is
plus one hundred so over even money that seventy three dollars would seven three
if you get the under its minus one twenty
if you're betting the under
you're gonna
lay a hundred twenty dollars to one hundred so
it's just you know if you had a little juice in there between the two wesley
over on on back to the arbonne so if it's over under seven-and-a-half
the over under over seven have you have to
you would bet
uh... you're a hundred and fifty dollars if you've got a hundred dollars so it's
going to have it was one fifty exactly lenders minus one seventy aka
so they've got those odds built in there
too good to get you know that a certain way and that my friends if you're still
listening this podcast as one of a guess always wins good dominates in or if you
think about it
they want everybody to half the people of that over half the people the better
and by doing that
if they get that they've got that twenty
basis points in there so
so for every you know they have a million dollars bet on it they're gonna
win two hundred thousand guaranteed because of that uses and they're happen
vegas is all about risk management correct coming activity
they are uh... not but not the people that coming and they did they don't
they're not looking at their risk management they're just looking at their
own risk management
and at the end of day you're right they want if there was a million people
betting they want to file hundred thousand the take the over and founder
council to take the i'm sure they don't have any other women that there was no
juice can at the same thing with there's a lot to me if you look ninety seven
percent return
what they're making that three percent
surely hampshire's a lot more that's gotta be more nights i've never wants
lots of the fact that i don't know where that ninety seven percent temperamental
what it is is
you're exactly right
ninety seven people
tweed art in a row
and then that ninety eight percent wins you know
twenty times ninety-seven less that you know small percentage did so with one
person when everybody's ninety-seven peoples
mother but their return this exactly
psychological exam is a lottery you know
we felt the sandwich really think it is
the world's biggest pet owner and forty million someone with a little more month
you know
smart lands found that i would help our guest on this so that number has been so
you can't a magic coming comes out of spat coming our dustbin
looking at the numbers trying to find out ways to beat vegas like
if i bet red
but also bet black
they were you know we've waited a few hours at at a previous employer looking
at that uh... yahoo yet without it we had a little charter member
we actually throughout the relent will and uncharted it one afternoon elicits
richard are you know bobbitt even
but there are also bit black
very few that all three of these rose you're gonna when you're like oh yeah i
think it does resume rose in there for a reason ur
you know all these systems you know
made a deal chahta
you know there's there's a reason why the gambling section bookstores you know
all bookshelf
it would be to be that big of a lot of history again wins the bike that all
about those ought to have a big hit
and it's it's uh...
with that book britain that's not twenty one of the breaking but had a good
lasting value lasting legacy a
and now today another county coroner taken blackjack which is the only
game that if you you know if you play exactly right you have an advantage over
the house which they're still look that goes in in in advance could be over
twelve years but
they took it to a little bit further in and counted towards a new when you know
the high court from the deccan nine
and then they were mathematically much smarter than me indian shade rather than
it wouldn't work i would get plus one okay i'm done but it's it's like i will
get allen from the hangover
the third day there with the spirit week else carjack but but but but but
citizen that arraignment
one of those two
let's go to georgia
we've got some fun stuff the let's honor how can we are a lot of start any other
and say
isaiah kroll
uh... welcomed alabama a and a m because uh... he's no or obtain he's been kicked
off and that's a big big news
you know i i heard some interesting things and
and i know that all that's done he's alabama state but
realistically i think he's there's a good chance he could walk away without
any any criminal
charges being
but with that will hold up
yeah i mean it was one of the
panic gillen
numbers works grow taller school property on mike at at at at
school zone and he had the serial numbers fall off
it's just so hard because i mean
but the sort was made because they thought that there was marijuana
yet then they found enough on anything so if they could be
it's one of those things where
from a legal standpoint if you do a search and that you find that search
and then you can't hold them responsible for what you find exact that being said
prepares and if you're the coach of georgia and this guy said mobile chances
and you find out that he's carrying a gun with an altar serial number
you don't have to baba along the you know how i didn't get a player offer
anything you want
and i think that you know more correct
family just you know that i just said look i mean this kid's and he got
suspended last year and he
as a drug problems
and then he's got suspicion of drugs again
and he's carrying a gun which
you know what i mean
if we get into a you know it does debate on should should a kid be carrying a gun
would need to do that
at me and said a few thousand crore sick area gun i mean what do you have to be a
great train ride
i think so yes
bob dylan
he ought to have all of the serial numbers filed off what he could have
bought in the file
but if you don't want to file the numbers on the world that he didn't fill
out a well now he he bought a gun from fro some random drug dealer that had
follow up with the shot a guy in the morning you know
dietary fat exactly so
it's ridiculous i mean it's just one of those things where
he made a poor choices the exact same thing that you know tyler smith you know
didn't kicked off to the sea and in our party as for all you know in tennessee
fans but that's what i know i'm gonna go back to that
the same thing happened he had a gun
and uh... here the numbers fall off now why do you have a gun he thought
somebody was going to
kill him so he had a gun
that's more shade on the authorities probly if you just registered a gun and
had it on and had it legally
he'd probably you know you and i got kicked off the team again likely
but the fact is
these kids make poor choices in poor decision on the i think you said it
correctly and you can finish his statement kids
yeah exactly you're still eighteen twenty-eight twenty two year old people
and as much as i thought i was an adult at that time
it'll we've had a lot of things i learned unlike after that after i
graduated yeah
and what did you all you know and i'll talk a little bit on the the last one
it isn't this crazy amout
the on thirty two years old almost now
and uh... you've got a couple years on the shank
other site i've been in many situations where there's a guns around you know yes
nowhere around guns when i go over to a buddy's house and
we're gonna go shoot a gun you know
this is not very often i like a clay target not a better way to go she got
the people with our our zaharov does well we'll rob people
now here is that there are two of the
it's just weird assess the culture and and and you have to understand that
you know these kids are grown up in a different situation
you know mean you're
group in a very different situation a very blessed in that city a leta
but it's just ilp still poor choices in
unfortunately and fortunately unfortunately he's lost his chance to
play at georgia unfortunately you know
he still gonna get that second chanson
and he has proven by numerous people he can turn that centers around if i mean
you know look him newton the and look at him i mean he's
he's been a model citizen afterward i'm not applet allot of fun icam-1 newton
but uh...
he's you know
he got a second chance in
my gotten paid to do a second chance who knows but look what he's done he's gonna
you know he played out here at auburn in the ada heisman trophy in
andy's andy's guy he was one of the best if not the best ricky corvette history
the n_f_l_ asher
one thing that you know through all of this they were talking about with with
you know they they pull him over first assess passion a marijuana that's not to
say that they just got they didn't just get through smoke when one up
and allison cops were there it's pretty easy to swallow wrote you know me
f_a_a_ came down to it you could uh... i could probably do that if i had to
so whether it's a little war going down or what you know he truth be told that
they might have gotten rid of the evidence via
and you know what he didn't have any extra step around somewhere the far east
the funny thing is is
you sit there and take a minute or close to campus
i don't know i thought that back in the day i really think that
i don't think we're getting in trouble more i think it was locate your back in
the day
you know use all you know you're a georgia trooper and you see
herschel walker elt
do some wrong
you probably is driving back elements like marcia naive you take care but if
you know how do i need to see you out again it exactly
injured in the second reason you've heard of stores and i'd like you know
steven airman you know the
the lake or back you know the titans
i don't know how you first armored stories uh... you know that he was
driven home by copper cup of that
you know import even referenced you even when we were kids if we were you know
early teenagers
even back then if we did something really stupid
you know there was a good chance that in a small town
that uh... that partner who your parents were uh... and it was a matter of they
didn't need a book you were rest you because
you're going to get more trouble at home than you ever could not spending the
night in jail
yair bear bryant skinner
yet so punish enough of in overtime
and those those days are over good bad or indifferent you know we just live in
a different world than
then when we even when we were growing up in
further back than that you can
you know what you're right the ka probably drove your
your kid home
were called mom or dad to come pick him up at the jail and and
there was never a single piece of paper filed about this
you know now palmer dad never showed up that's another story
but a lot of that stuff was with handle
by the family
and what your recruiter realizing is that we live in a world where some of
those families or not parked there
sherv during allot of players
you find out come from single-family homes and
and none of that would have been there they've been out on that
on the time so
that that point with that though the those kids have just isn't there that
figured that's going to be that authoritative person
at home is not
that person so
you don't have that
that luxury and so
you have to take the law and enforce it and
you know we live in a world where everybody's got a camera can you know
and that copy
can social media is gonna get out there and everybody that copy not do that
people have
he has asked the jogger he has to be the one that bit
arresting them take seaman because they're who knows what's
was cap and you see what happens when you try to cover up certain things as
evidenced by the whole penn state you know
that day and age i think it and for good reason is is is prolly behind us
we'll wind it back onto the on the topic a little bit and talk about here's the
good stuff about
uh... about georgia
their return
the leading cormac can i say one more back than being in a room was a very bad
things well georgia we want to say anything good if you don't want it
because i was going to have had this written down to lead off us to talk
about steve's burger
uh... you know i think he's a profit
because it was
you know that media days are on the s_e_c_
conference just a month or so go he said would babysit when that where he said he
loved to play in georgia early in the season because they always have a few
players suspended yeah inner cities all that is little saying so now crow els
rambo is coming came to see suspended only covers the tennessee games i think
it's four and and you know fell
you know just like story or prophesies that the beginning of the
the flip side that those they played later in season the china did yeah an
impediment they've got him in october yeah
i'm so so that's that's probably why he said that he loves eerie took that spot
nicknamed season but uh... you know that's funny that he says that and sure
enough just just like he's
george's got player suspended and off the team yeah now give us the positives
the positives uh... i think you've got
are basically two-fold one the one-day positiveness
what makes a football team goes the quarterback in
as much as i a m kept on trying to say oh telebrands better than a rumored
however has been armored
i still think arbors better america that's been said ever reserve varied
according to dinner two years
he led the uh...
he led the s_e_c_ and touchdown passes last year with around thirty five i
think he's got fifty nine first career he's on pace to break
anywere falls
uh... record he plays four years which is a pic a hundred fourteen
uh... just just a very his as solid solid core back and runs an offense and
he's on his own
uh... he lost uh... he lost or some charles has died and left early for the
but is returning that malcolm mitchell i'll believe
and a lot of horace king marlon brownstone back
michael bennett was added freshman last year
they've got receivers again
but mitchell let me start of the season might not even be playing receiver yeah
candidate the name of him too
he's been playing quarter in the spray and
because i got issues of their with with all the off the field issue so yeah that
might not mean that later in the season he gets position tobacco over but
there's a good chance he's well that's a good position to be light and i mean
they've got four guys
that played uh... allot lectures or at some point in season they're coming back
i think they're going to have they're running back issue will be ok build
they'll be able though to overcome
what they were
you know what they lose with crowell
i mean they they did okay without him flashier me when he was suspended where
he was out injury as well a mandate
it's gonna be a luxury that they lost but they've got enough skill position
that i had
that they would be okay and that in that
forefront mamaji nation middle east and they've been assigned to
two guys one of them even started school early in january in writing back yeah so
that's going to help the got they've got depth there in that position so you're
and you find that a lot ni s_e_c_ is dead
you know there's but one place that the s_e_c_'s so deepak is a running back
position ended its time
a really i think it's because you don't know what you can expect from everyone
and you don't know the help that you have long term
so you always have a back up in that situation
and i think george is gonna be blessed that there have summed up there they're
not going to be
not too worried about that date they do have some
some losses at party and both of them
uh... went to the n_f_l_ last year
so that they do have you know that short dump off that marie had
available to him and is going to be some question marks i think bill
get those figured out pretty early but you know there's always a learning curve
when you're when you get to you guys they're an app ke position like that on
your office did didn't but that's not seen a lot of snaps prior to to this
year so that's one thing that you go to consider for those guys uh...
you know in him
and i'm back to that the morning things it's not like the other could if you
look at their scheduled for their their last five wins uh... eleven ten
campaign it's the reverse for those guys yeah
you know so vice chair s_e_c_ champs it's that six win thing that did
and they had a
ability there and that's why you had the rumblings that uh... rick scott i would
be on the hot seat last year in any wash those rumors got an extension and
everything's fine in athens celia
well i think that um...
you look at
do you look at uh... at georgia
and their strength is going to be on their defense deepens assignable
specially after they get the players back in the car and was a big
arabicon trigger though miss for the first few games
but i mean they returned ten stores yeah nasa but that's a very they'll they'll
be strong thereof if they can come
in a holzer for the first four teams and you know
once again
i mean we can and then we can complain about it
degree put their look at their schedule again this year
and last year we were talking how they avoid l_s_u_
uh... alabama and arkansas identity in this year's akeli ed issue they play
their western uh... opponents are all doing all this
i think two great at some point man on interest
i mean the east is f_ lee weaker than the wesley you've got
so you look at their uh... you additional and i don't have a aboard the
state so you look at their schedule and
i mean they could let me make it there weren't any name that they're really
going to be underdogs enemy made a south carolina game with that's at south
but even then i still keep a gun in my head i think the when that one
i would i would give south carolina needed spare just because main it's
itself carolina south carolina and they're expected i mean that they're
coming off of it in when season
they've got a lot of returning pieces that are are going to help them stay
incomplete for the site's it's really between those two teams to richard not
going to say you would be surprised women have said they wouldn't be an
upset now so
let's go through to them for a quick look at their win sign
buffalo anta wins missouri uh... now so you know when that happens very
for atlantic
to win
so when tennessee
uh... it's a lost no
at at at at at at at at at at the worker
but not sure yours say that that's a winter but if we keep it was a little
bit of the twelve miles of
you right after lunch
let's go to store buy that one
alright kentucky that so when
but it's at kentucky
florida that so that's a
that should be a whim
yet that's
that's the uh... taxes okay
romance and that's the way a m albert i think that when that one or terms
georgia southern think they want no ones or just haven't they want now
so my opinion
you look at it
and you've got four games where they'll be five games costly five games
you've got
at missouri
okay you've got
uh... tennessee alright
you've got south carolina
you don't florida
and you go over and
for five games five games and it's an hour let's meru five games we talk about
as a fob james give the top fifteen that teams the nation
you have to five games that georgia has their big fav none of ur top that top
twenty-five uh... candid will suffer a lot of time to talk a little
alamat agreed
they're not my book
welded i wouldn't be surprised
i'll get south carolina's arctic and buy a formed
via up and look at this when so yeah you got south carolina's gonna be a top
twenty-five team
forward you know if recording six-pack long all burn flirty missouri thirty one
tennessee thirty seven so
your top five is
you know you have one twenty wanting that's number to the nation and then
you've got
four teams enter you know just a that others receiving votes category uh... i
thought had a period of put a gun to my hand i'm gonna predictor record for
tend to
right now what was the over under how does that not and a half
noted we are a look at that i looked at that
i would say
i would say no i don't have to make a right back and
i can give you a different one
and an
but they're going to need to win kid
tonight and not have here
not and a half
but uh... but they're gonna have to win tender compete for the sticker or a
member of the nevertheless the exactly on the lesson that we just we just
learned yes them
the over so we we both think that's probably taking over for you
gun or henrietta ny over minus one fifty really a hundred fifty dollars to one
hundred so they want to take the undead it's hard to safety and i mean 'cause if
you put it in
you're really
you're almost just limiting yourself to wear
they have to have an unbelievably easy because if they if they went in
then you push
the only way you alluded the only way you can
if they went in the near your that they put it in if they lose wall that was one
game frontrunner site
there was too dangerous still push and so
and they put it that nine-and-a-half
to get the yes yet to get out of that kind of you kind of explained it right
there when you're looking at the
better teams when you're looking at those team eleven
twelve win possibilities for
for those teams and that's why if you look at our vegas records
resurrected a over under a pre-season choices everybody's and a half day
you know there's no four games there is there yellow there there are some almost
everyone almost every
big game for a big team is a half
well you gotta get a look at it because i mean here's where you come into
to plan and all all spoiled this is a little bit of a spoiler
uh... but like alabama
now you think alabama's probably gonna be a better team in jordan they got a
little bit tougher schedule
uh... if you had big picture do you think we'll have more wins nature
alabama rich or gia
i would think alabama because they're better tane but you don't wanna put them
at you know what to put in it and a half that means they can only you know
company they put it in they put it to me they're a little bit that if you have a
happy ending but most the time i think you're going to try to get it on that
half game
too so you can
gerencia wynonna push proper but if it's close if they have
i dot abit vegas looked at it and said i think they're going to win ten games
and they thought they could get better action if they put it not i happen to
know half
and when we did exactly ten apparently don't happen again
no action yeah i do have to get out of action
an alabama recover out whatever georgia allow for mcgeorge about internationally
under to put it in a half year but
an estimate
and that's not what that is what's his is a ton of action on what exactly was
the worst thing for them
so that i think that's a a pretty good a recap of the teams and i believe it or
or adenauer catholic influences or to do you guys it
didn't think we could talk for an hour and onto teams there just
took an hour and it has
by the work of the things that will have exceeded itself uribe we hope you guys
have enjoyed at uh... it's time for open markets
that good for you natalie uh... are you going to have to be talking about
tomorrow right
dennis i got dot had multiple things
i think i'll see what four movie sensor
and spiderman
i have is inspiring
magic mic netanyahu has so good luck that's all for movies and three albums
are tilma follower badin
to have more pretty good
well and the two that were good where we're not great
and pretty tough on the vis-a-vis event
how cold it was i think i could give you move from the eighties early tonight
early nineties
and that's better light
i think that it must tolerances since i was younger like if i saw karate kid now
dot that's ridiculous man you know dennis michael in that
you know the time but but
but now the back in a mighty of course you know i wouldn't know
you know five foot three got it was apparent in pounds when something
um... us all uh... seeking a friend for the into the world reimburse the steve
carell movie yes
as pretty good
tomatoes and robotics to grills good in his movies and i want a back up just a
second cuz i had to sneeze i was listening to a podcast not this one
and i heard some interesting things pat morita was not originally cast it
uh... they were afraid that he was too funny from his days at happy days
uh... so jim agin that
that you know petrie does not
and this riadi charlie sheen turned
round the role of ralph watch heroes daniel that's funny i mean i was going
to be daniel
like xx
daniel johnson or somethin forget what the last thing you know it
now american nbme where with they originally wanted like a lot white anglo
saxon type character
weren't so they could attract much you interested to laurie cell u_s_o_
a couple interesting from receded and new jersey and so i did notepad that
heard this before actually heard ralph talk about this that he actually has the
uh... caller
but he got to take a palm know that yellow and they gave it to india
creole the producer depression household
gave it to him as a gift after the movie
uh... and he still has a to this day
so to some interesting
grand a movie of facts about the karate kid so uh... seeking afraid at the end
of world yellow just fine movie i mean i think right though uh... together
i want to see that's pretty funny
uh... what else
uh... definitely not kid-friendly
and though i A
assaults on
fathom salmon roe v_
it was just uh... guilty pleasure go seals horrible that
that's my boy
i'll let us take anything out of it
only it's about that um...
for governors are out here
and then chain one that
you might have seen that scares me because this is definitely more your
type moretti
narrow uh...
madagascar rock of ages
i don't know how that but i i heard a very good things about it floors to his
own i've ever seen
uh... you mean you're different you know i i had
i can stay in one eight two like musicals when they take the mid-life if
it was like a slut lover can't here the people sing it that's fine but like
if you're in a saying don't stop believing or your journey sing it you
know if you don't have the past eileen exactly like my glee gets on my nerves
because i think they take those songs they make a more papi
edges it's just a pet peeve ameen up and i think they're very talented people but
it just bothers me and and i was the whole
those all thing that the main character like when tom cruise saying house
holiday because on
i think he's probably a good actor in
it was kinda funny
but like
julia huff and
whatever the other guy's name was
how i could tolerate jim inhofe because to business doing how nafta exactly
but i i just don't like it as i didn't out n drug therein
it was her character
to that
sparks my interest are she moved from oklahoma too
california a hair singer
yen comment
it's just ridiculous i mean
but here's the thing is
menu lived and and you were
that when i lived in the nineties and you're definitely grown up in the
girls in where i mean
it was baggy sweaters and like you know nothin provocative earlier though so bad
i mean if you're
get teenager grown up now congratulations you're growing up at the
best on pure teenage boy specific because the girl's distressed at what
they did when we were younger male really was
baggy clothes and stuff like that in and that's not what they intend it'd have
big hair and she'd she can to try to do that somebody g still it just
amazing the entire time out of it was amazing
and syphilis but i'm sure she did ok uh... that i'd i'd heard that it was
better than expected to rock of ages in
and you have to remember mom movie
my movie repertoire is disney picks are peers i think it really works if your
family grieves i think this was i think you'd love this but i'd rather see
greece and
and uh... and now i will say you know you know i like musicals and
i'm not a fan i've not been a fan of of those made for movies yeah dino tougher
line on the and stuff like that mamma mia i was going to do that i was struck
to that cuz i was a man armored road
structural reform how was dragged in drug to go to tara
mamma mia but i was
really really impressed or watch that aren't on stage and so i don't know i
imagine i think i would like rock of ages onsite but turned around and i've
read it because i liked it so much the movie with uh...
the court surname
uh... forgot bungalows meryl streep
dangerous rosalynn and i had to turn it off after ten minutes it was awful
and so you might be that way with us on such a sellout well that's good to know
that uh... almanac is
to an awesome actually said
to a good was the first to you i'm intense funny huh i mean it's just
ridiculous death when i kid friendly i mean just
is it was something about mary funny
well that's a pretty shocked
that's a turning point movie star to think
subramanyam absolutely they kids i think it's a
a landmark movie
that really
changed comedies yes absolutely at from slapstick too
we can make a lot of money on these companies and it be witty and funny and
had a crazy h yes exactly
i thought that was yeah i do your exactly right also let movie i saw it
back to back i want to it and then i had friends are going to the one afterwards
nash turn around and walked back in
uh... i remember seeing that movie was so women's inability to the same illicit
use a movie and just remember to be a on before the theater just laugh-in
let's wrap this up i've gotta say something real quick um...
tomorrow is the is the the the big the big day
you might've heard talking about a little bit we've got to the ryder cup
middle tennessee it's a golf buttermilk event that made my brother do
i was excluded from again
train you know
we gotta see you on the basil enough to announce another big bertha or buffet
bertha drivers asia i don't have to go to the newer gloves in the the great big
bertha that's about you know and eight for the size of every other regular
driver anil
but that's a that's a bigger than we have twenty eight hours ago out there
and we played two teams of fourteen point just like the real ryder cup
uh... except lately five rounds we put forward by monday and tuesday
found to be rounds each day in and just bragging rights in its uh... big trophy
that we have and um...
you know since since team b one member bresnan here too
to say anything i hope it goes down and i hope they all just
you know get disc remained in
amateur cruise redeployed
an and they are you off the trophy last hearing loss a truly one of our steers
and then lost in tremendous fashion lashes kidnap silly
blown out
and what some believe will slash or were you know right now in nashville in an
all throughout the the you know
the whole southeast and for the country
where a huge heatwave right now in last year was hot we have one guy go to the
hospital um...
it was it was dehydration and it was diverted to light is which was
the main domain abused equity idris we've got a diver to play a and we had
another got it couldn't finish found that was laid out that was having like
he stroked type thing so that's pretty serious and uh... we've been
conditioning and we have a team doctor now
and try and it just trying to get better in
and it's in the weather shows a break a little bit as with all the ninety
degrees tomorrow with some chance of rain off and uh...
and like eighty
on tuesday
so big break in the weather coming for everybody and hopefully some ranges
hopefully not overhead or golf courses at the
then you're used to travel for this now we've always done henry hornere just
you know chill with built-in say capital
but in the night there yet we stayed and i did have a little a little enticing to
travel there meet at the destination that sticks
thirty minutes from a also
so you could actually did but it would be it would be longer for you to be
longer there would be like a our and i have in preventing our happier self
alright awesome uh... i'm curious to to follow twitter updates will
loony follow me around adhd rearmed twenty
they have in some updates uh... put my game actions on their stole from
tennessee and has changed a little bit sony by the follows uh... which if you
follow for the pockets which might be one or two people
uh... i hope you like that kinda stuff when we get our personal lives of course
if if with this ever got just
if if the podcast dot the point where we had a lot of followers i would alert do
just specialized stuff for this but you're gonna get a little bit everything
you definitely get some of the trash talking for uh...
for the router cups of pure wonder what that is a for those two followers
and i might have for this e sports roundtable
melham do you have your own hash tag
set up for
i don't think you have to set up one and that way you he let everybody know
that's in the group so they always have hash tag so
we coming that we do that quite often likha
from our team will be hashed eggs recruitment
it's hashed ashtec ryder cup which is which is bad because it's probably the
same is like you know the professional ryder cup maybe do a product at the end
of our government in seattle week is all we cannot at all
pastor there are a group of middle tennessee him sometimes you gotta you
gotta be long long when it sometimes
well that's all i got changed how will definitely be checking twitter updates
to see see how everybody is getting them out in henry morton
golf course uh... you know
busy day for me after just a minute there
this weekend with with jam-packed uh... we
somehow have made it so that we have two kids with burt pastry days apart
and their three years difference between them but uh... i can tell you how that
happens and pet
well one was due august fourth and he decided not to do
obey that rural south those you know that's chile
uh... autumn nights
nor do i i don't know
i think it was a four nights in mexico but didn't get it
uh... that here knows exactly women how we left we won't
to look at that to say but ah...
you know we had our big birthday extravaganza al yesterday sandwiches
we spent the day at the uh... gymnastics uh... facility that's where a birthday
party was and uh...
in a big cookout barbecue here at the uh...
casa last night so
outlet he planned before bowling
basketball and had a good old times so
congratulations to model kit celebrating birthdays so on
big things lined up for tuesday for for the daughter told her that her actual
day so diffuse the little things for her better
party was this whole issue now she will be five private sister that so that's a
milestone right there too and five years uh... you know we are we started school
this year next year start school in about a month homer over my thing to do
with the younger ones
yeah yeah
yes you will be the temper thinks the first day yeah anna for nobody cares but
they've actually change the cutoff date you you know that i guess cuz
market because of last year you can have a thirteen september in can still go
andy father goethe
they've moved it up to some point in none of that's relevant to me but i just
heard that in know that that's out there so
password a and know that we've lost everybody know talked about kindergarten
start date so we're gonna call this podcast done