Japanese Sonic X Episode 58 Part 1 (English subtitles)

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The Metarex have been devastating the galaxy by stealing the Planet Eggs
The Chaos Emeralds are currently spread throughout the galaxy
We need the Chaos Emeralds to defeat this new foe and to restore peace to the galaxy.
Unfortunately, our young heroes will encounter a lot of difficulties.
Above all, they must not fail.
Trapped in the Jungle
Red alert
Enemies detected.
Over there.
And they have a Planet Egg with them
We have to get it back!
Let's take the Planet Egg from those Metarex!
Laser Canon Fire!
It had no effect
The ship's wings are being crushed
It looks like they want to put our ship in pieces
Our main weapon still works
Guys, are you ready?
Of course we're ready!
Activating Sonic Driver, energy at maximum.
Sonic Drive, fire!
The Metarex was successfully destroyed
We can turn the engine's energy down by 80%.
They did it!
Great, they beat the Metarex!
Great job Sonic!
Hold on a second...
How is Sonic supposed to get back to the ship?
What's wrong?
After the Sonic Drive fired, he couldn't get back to the ship.
The program that is supposed to bring Sonic back to the ship isn't finished yet
I haven't even started yet.
Ah, so in other words, we can't do anything for him.
Come back!
Gosh, I'm sorry, I didn't do it on purp-
Wow, a Chaos Emerald
You snooze you lose, Eggman.
How lucky!
Wake up, wake up!
These opponents are incredibly strong
I'm here all alone in the middle of the jungle and there's no way I can get out of here
If only someone could help me
This place gives me goosebumps... What have I done to deserve this?
They're coming, they're gonna get me, I'm gonna die!
Wait a minute... If I can't beat them, then I'll just have to use tricks.
Wait, I want to come with you.
No, it's too dangerous outside
There might be other Metarex.
So what?
Listen, I promise to find Sonic and bring him back
You should stay and help Chris
There's still a lot of work to be done on the cannon.
A kid like you can only cause problems.
What did you just say?
Tails, get going already!
You're gonna pay!
Get back here!
Wow, the trees here are really huge.
The forest is terrified
Surely because their Planet Egg has been abducted
If we don't do anything, the trees will die.
I hope we can find the Planet Egg and save the forest.
Where are you going?
Think a little! I'm going to find Sonic!
But I thought Tails-san and Knuckles-san were already looking for him.
I'm not gonna wait around for them to do something that I should've done with my bare hands.
You can tell Chris whatever you want!
To finish the task... with your own bare hands.
Hey guys, wait for me!