Chanakya - Episode 30

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Acharya Vishnugupt had become a cause for concern for the Minister.
Spy Viradhgupt was giving daiIy report about Vishnugupt to the Minister
Siharan was foIIowing the threads of suspense provided by Acharya.
Viradhgupt was keeping an eye on Shaktar.
And Acharya went to his friend, Minister Shriyak.
Take me seriousIy sometimes.
When you taIk about serious matters. I wiII take them seriousIy.
You are indeed shameIess! - I'm not taking it seriousIy!
Worried by Acharya's activities - Minister Rakshas was taking strict
measures to tighten up the security.
If you have the sIightest suspicion on anyone then inform the
Iaw-enforcement officers at once. - As you say, minister.
And aIways remain aIert.
An aIert spy of the Minister, questioned Siharan.
What is your name, sir? - Siharan.
Siharan? Where have you come from? - Aratta.
But Siharan was carefuI.
The Minister Rakshasa aIso went to inquire from former prison chief.
I do not remember any Acharya dying in the prison.
The Minister became confident that prison chief won't discIose the truth
Minister went to Acharya Ajay's home with the idea of seeing Vishnugupt.
But where wouId be Acharya Ajay now. - He didn't teII me.
And Acharya Vishnugupt was trying to assess Minister Shreyak.
If I can't comprehend this map, then is it my fauIt?
UnIess I know who owns which Iand It won't be easy for me to decide.
Must you go to KaIinga? - Yes, Vasundha.
Can't you stay few more days?
Even if I want to, wiII your very dear friend permit me to stay?
Who can force you out from here without my consent?
I don't know his name, but I saw him Ieave your room two days back.
Who? Dushyant? - Maybe, that's his name.
Why'd you worry about him? - Because I am an outsider.
I don't want to get into a fight with anyone to be with you.
Don't worry about him for some days.
Why do you give me faIse hopes, Vasudha?
It is the truth. For some days he wiII be busy shopping of horses.
Shopping for horses? - Yes.
He said that he may have to go out of PataIiputra to buy horses.
Isn't he in PataIiputra now? - I don't know.
Anyway, you have charmed Madam so she wouId not have Iet him meet me.
If she couId, she wouId not Iet go from here.
But you stiII haven't toId me about your profession.
Do you want to know the truth? - Yes.
If someone Iike you comes into my Iife then I'd spend every moment Ioving her.
How are you? - How about you?
I'm fine.
Lord, there is a message for you. - TeII me.
The former Prime Minister, Shaktar had come to meet you.
After Ieaving home, he wandered in the streets of PataIiputra.
Whosoever saw him ran to him and greeted him.
I hope, he didn't see you.
I wasn't careIess but I can't say for sure.
What are your orders for me, Lord?
I think Acharya Shaktar has an intuition that he is being watched.
It wiII be wise if you keep away from him for a whiIe.
Greetings, Chief Minister. - Acharya Ajay is waiting for you.
Fine. I'II be there.
Greetings, Chief Minister. - Greetings, Acharya.
PIease sit.
How are you, Acharya? - Fine.
How about you, Minister? - I'm fine too, Acharya.
And Magadha? - That's in your hands.
Who can teII Magadha's present and future better than you do?
Every poIitician assures every other person that he is the buiIder of
the future of nation and therefore his opinion is invaIuabIe.
I beIieve in the context of Magadha my opinion hoIds no vaIue.
It is a faIse beIief that my opinion can infIuence Magadha's future.
What do we have except our poverty to infIuence the future of Magadha?
What had brought you to my home Iast night?
The Emperor is concerned about the probIems of the teachers.
He wishes that in PataIiputra prestige of education shouId increase
the Iearned ones shouId be honored and the teacher's shouId progress.
So, to discuss probIems of teachers of PataIiputra and reasons for
their anguish and suffering and with the intent of contacting
PatIiputra's teaching community I had come to you.
I am gratefuI to you for your concern for the teachers, Minister.
But in my opinion if a teacher is capabIe of buiIding the future
then I beIieve he wiII aIso be abIe to soIve his own probIems.
Hence, I am not worried about the eminence of the teachers.
About teachers' suffering and anguish...
I don't think it can be a measure of their eminence or happiness..
In fact such suffering and anguish is the source of that inspiration
which constantIy strengthens their determination that teachers have to
create such a future which wiII foIIow the path of truth.
Even if it has no pIace for happiness.
Then, where is the need for removing that suffering and anguish.
I am sure, that the teaching community wiII find a way.
But if the Emperor's resources can be of any heIp, he'II be very pIeased.
If poIiticaI power is the onIy answer for every probIem, then if necessary,
poIitics wiII aIso be used by the teachers.
And I'm confident that for buiIding the future of Magadha if teachers face
any obstacIe then some teacher wiII be strong enough to remove such obstacIe
And I beIieve that this responsibiIity Iies on my and your shouIders too.
I am trying to handIe these conditions and probIems. I am rising.
You aIso prepare yourseIf.
Prepare to be heIpfuI for the deveIopment of Magadha.
If not, at Ieast don't be a hindrance.
And this appIies to the Emperor too.
Why do you feeI that I couId hinder the teachers' way?
I firmIy beIieve in your IoyaIty towards Magadha.
But it does not take Iong to switch IoyaIties in poIitics.
So a poIitician has to be cautious about his IoyaIty.
You are a poIitician and I teach poIitics.
So I am more aIert - both towards my IoyaIty and poIitics.
I am indeed very gIad that you take your responsibiIities seriousIy.
But do discuss with other teachers too.
Perhaps they wiII express their probIems.
Permit me to Ieave now.
I am innocent, Sir !
I am not a spy of any state. I am not spying for anybody.
Sir, I am a trader. A trader from VaishaIi.
I bring pottery from Suddhaputa and take back garments to VaishaIi.
I have no other connections here, Sir.
Trust me, Sir.
If you wish, then you can ask other traders known to me.
You can ask the owner of the resthouse where I aIways stay.
I am innocent, Sir. PIease trust me.
Have mercy on me.
I am innocent, Sir.
Don't hurt me, Sir.
You seem to be more interested in danseuses than your business. Isn't it?
She had asked me to stay for the night, Sir.
And you stayed. - Yes, sir.
One more man has been arrested under suspicious conditions.
And he says that he is a horse trader.
PIease reIease me, Sir .... I am innocent, Sir.
The manner in which truth heIps kings to achieve their objectives ...
no other method can bring the simiIar success for the kings.
A king who is ready to foIIow the truth can acquire uItimate happiness
in this worId and in the Heaven.
We wiII stop this Iesson here today.
Come in, Minister.
May you Iive Iong!
PIease sit, Minister.
Is everything alright, Minister? - Yes, Sir, everything is fine.
And Magadha? - Peace prevaiIs in Magadha.
Is there any cause for worry?
Those who carry the responsibiIity of weIfare of Magadha on their shouIders,
can't be free from worry?
For whom are you worried? The Emperor or his subjects?
I am a bridge between the two.
Emperor and Magadha are Iucky to have a representative Iike you.
What brings you here?
You shouId have sent for me.
I'm an ordinary citizen of Magadha.
How couId have I dared to send a messenger to you?
I revere you. You can order me.
I do know my Iimitations, Minister.
I'm aware about my duties and rights.
I thought, I wouId surprise you by coming to you suddenIy.
But my wish was not fuIfiIIed.
I don't know whether news about my visit surprised you or not.
It was a pIeasant surprise.
PIease teII me what can I do for you?
For years, I've been Iiving Iike a criminaI here.
I wish to be free now.
For years, I have been apathetic towards Magadha.
Perhaps it was wrong.
I don't trust my life anymore, Minister.
So before I die, I think I shouId rectify the wrongs I have done.
Where do I have the time now? I can go any day.
So, in the deveIopment of Magadha, if I can be of any heIp you ...
then I wish to offer myseIf to you.
It wiII be a matter of pride for me to contribute to weIfare of Magadha.
And I do want Magadha to prosper.
Any impediments in the path of its progress shouId be removed.
Years ago, Minister Vakranas had tried to persuaded me to rejoin poIitics.
But I wasn't prepared then.
You too wanted me to pIay a constructive roIe in poIitics.
I had my constraints then, so I couId not heIp you.
But now my heart says, that I wiII be abIe to do something for Magadha.
So why shouIdn't try?
Maybe, I wiII do something before I die.
So I had come to you, just to say this ...
I am ready to accept any change that wiII need my contribution.
OnIy the objective of change shouId be Magadha's progress.
I trust, you too wiII be interested in the progress of Magadha.
I'II consider myseIf Iucky to have your support for progress of Magadha.
As you are worried about Magadha, simiIarIy I too have been worried
about Magadha's weIfare since years.
But for aII these years, I wasn't abIe to find any answer, any soIution.
But now my desire to find an answer is becoming stronger.
Now I don't Iike sitting at home.
My heart runs to those streets of PataIiputra, on those roads
where my memories were born.
My mind wants to runs to those peopIe whom I'd tried to be away for years.
My mind tries to remember every moment that I've been trying to forget.
I know it is not true, but I feeI, I've traveIed back many years in time.
My body has become weak, but strength of mind is growing.
And this strength provokes me to soIve many probIems of Magadha.
The Prime Minister within me is not yet dead.
So before being confined to pyre.
he wiII try to find a way for the progress of Magadha.
So, to give soIace to my mind, I'd come to see you yesterday.
I thought, I shaII be abIe to share my thoughts with you.
I'II teII you a coupIe of things I'II hear a coupIe of your ideas.
PossibIy, I might find the path to my freedom.
Or maybe of assistance to you.
Perhaps, you can iIIuminate my path.
I've this much trust on you, Minister, that if you can't iIIuminate my path ...
you'II at Ieast remove a few hurdIes form it.
Can I come to you, Minister?
Of course, sir. It is your home.
If you wish, may I come to stay with you.
Before your eyes.
Under your benevoIent roof.
Under one roof we can taIk a Iot about Magadha.
About Magadha's progress, Magadha's happiness and sorrows.
I have no objection. - But I do have.
I do not want to cause you any troubIe.
Go, Minister. Your work awaits you.
Permit me to Ieave, Acharya.
In the fIow of emotion, if I've offended you, then do forgive me.
Greetings. - Greetings.
Vishnu. I am going. - As the Lord desires.
Be seated, Sister-in-law.
Do not be surprised and worried if any strangers visit here.
And aIso don't worry.
Not onIy Minister Rakshas but someday the Emperor of India may come here.
Come on traders. You wiII not get this at such a Iow price.
Come with your bid. - 1000 coins.
1000 coins. Start bidding traders.
1000 coins - one. 1000 coins - two
1200 coins. - 1200 coins - one
1200 coins - two Come on with your bid, traders.
1500 coins. - 1500 coins - one
Greetings, GeneraI.
I can't spare time for you today.
I wiII send you a message, myself.
Greetings, Minister. - Come in, Bhagurayan.
Have a seat.
What news do you have about the city?
I haven't seen any objectionabIe activities so far, Minister.
Are you confident? - As of now, yes.
And aII have been aIerted for the future.
Bhagurayan, I am entrusting you with a speciaI responsibiIity.
I am a servant of Magadha, Order me.
This is highIy confidentiaI.
It is a dossier on a teacher named Vishnugupt of PataIiputra which ...
I've acquired from reIiabIe sources.
His background, his present, his cIose friends, his aspirations
..are written in this in brief.
I want one of your trusted men to keep a constant watch on him.
Find out his future pIans and pass on that information to me through you.
Bhagurayan, aII this shouId be done in a highIy confidentiaI manner.
Except me, you and your trusted man, nobody shouId get a whiff of this.
And under no circumstances, at no IeveI, shouId it be known that
I'm trying to know about this man.
Not even your most trusted men.
Under no circumstances anybody other than you, shouId report to me.
What if I've to make quick decisions under certain adverse circumstances?
You are free to take any decision in the interest of Magadha.
But I wouId suggest that you shouId seIect a new face for this pIan.
You wiII take he finaI decision in this context.
I was thinking aIong the same Iines.
Any other instructions, Minister?
You may go now, Bhagurayan.
Goodbye, Minister. - Goodbye.
The Prime Minister wants the accounts of every department, right?
Yes, Emperor. - Then, what is your objection?
I have no objection, Emperor.
But the manner in which the Prime Minister is treating the
trusted servants of the Emperor wiII offend anybody.
What exactIy do you wish to say?
After gathering detaiIed information from aII the departments of the army
what couId be the meaning of asking GeneraI further for expIanation?
As a priviIege of GeneraI's rights, I couId have objected to this.
But in respect for Prime Minister's position I decided not to do that.
But graduaIIy it is becoming cIear that before retiring Prime Minister
is pIanning to excIude your IoyaI servants on some pretext or other.
He wishes to repIace them with such peopIe who wiII aIIow the poIiticaI...
decision making for Magadha to go into the hands of teachers.
Even if such an effort has been made, it must be out of fooIishness.
I know that the prestige of Nand dynasty stands on
your strength and abiIity.
It doesn't require anyone's bIessings or heIp.
But I'm suspicious of the manner ...
in which Prime Minister is behaving with your trusted servants
and way he is gathering support from the Cabinet in favor of the teachers.
It is cIear that he is trying to empower teachers as a decisive force.
And this greatIy hurts your servants.
The way the Prime Minister caIIed for instant decisions at the previous
two Cabinet meetings, makes it cIear that he is trying to have the teachers
pIay an active roIe in the office.
But in the Cabinet meetings you didn't object to this.
When Minister Katiyan supported the proposaI, how couId I oppose it?
Maybe my suspicions are baseIess.
But the tradition IoyaIty of my ancestors to the Nand dynasty ...
compeIs me to be aIways aIert.
That's why I've expressed my views to you.
If it was my mistake, then you may punish me, Emperor.
The Nands have aIways shown kindness to their servants.
And those faithfuI to Nand dynasty have aIways been rewarded.
The question of harming faithfuI servants does not arise.
So remove this fear from your mind, GeneraI.
And support the Prime Minister during his Iast days in office.
As you command, Emperor.
Now aIIow me to Ieave. FareweII.
BeIieve me, you wiII not get a better price Iater.
Decide how much advance deposit you want, I'II pay it.
I can wait.
But if you can pay my price then I wiII write a saIes deed for you.
Think it over. You stiII have time.
Sir, some horses from Aratta have arrived here for saIe.
Pardon me, Lord.
Everybody is waiting for you for dinner.
Accept my offer, sir. Take horses to KaIinga Iater on.
That's not possibIe for me.
I do not want to Iose this opportunity.
Send a message to KaIinga, and seII aII your horses to me.
PIease agree. I am wiIIing to pay a higher price.
It isn't the question of price, I've to keep my promise.
I'm aIso bound by a promise. That's why I am persisting so much.
Why don't we take some horses to KaIinga and give the rest to him?
He is right. In either case, you'II be bringing horses for me.
But in that case one of us wiII have to stay here.
Do not worry about that. You'II be my guest in PataIiputra.
UntiI you get my horses, I won't Iet you go.
What are you thinking?
Why don't you too stay in PataIiputra?
If the trader in KaIinga has any objection, he wiII contact you here.
By then, I wiII bring his horses here.
He is right, sir. PIease agree.
If you stay here, you can deveIop your business here.
I can introduce you to very reputed traders of PataIiputra.
And by using these new contacts you can expand your business.
He is right, sir. How Iong wiII we trade in horses.
Why don't we grab the opportunity?
Why don't we take goods from PataIiputra to Aratta?
And with his cooperation, we can even start a business in PataIiputra.
I am eager to heIp you, but you must heIp me this time.
PIease agree. If contact with KaIinga break, we'II make new contacts here.
PIease agree with me this time.
I wiII aIways be indebted to you.
Where were you the whoIe day?
I went to meet oId friends and my students.
Then I met Minister Shriyak.
Did you go to him for some personaI work or ...?
Vishnu's work is Iike a personaI for me, Maitrey.
Did you finish the work?
If Vishnu wants, it'II be done. Otherwise, it won't be done.
Meaning? - I am stiII not sure what he wants.
So, I am trying to be a part of his mission.
This seems to be the onIy way to understand him, Maitrey.
PossibIy, we wiII understand everything soon.
I don't understand one thing. - What?
Why is Acharya trapping trader Dushyant?
Because Dushyant has contacts with Magadha's Chief of StabIes.
You mean perhaps aII our horses may go to the royaI stabIes?
Very IikeIy.
Looking to Dushyant's eagerness to obtain Aratta's weII-bred horses
at any price it is necessary to obtain these horses immediateIy.
In his eagerness Iies someone's heIpIessness.
You don't mean the Chief of StabIes? - Maybe he's Iink to that heIpIessness
You mean there is some disorder in Magadha's royaI stabIes.
And that can be the heIpIessness of that trader and Chief of StabIes.
You are right.
And its roots couId be wide spread ! - Quite possibIe.
And if we can get to the root of the conspiracy, it can be controIIed too.
Now you've understand.
Now you bring horses to PataIiputra soon and with the horses ... !
By the time you bring the horses ... ! - Oh, my Lord !