Audacity Tutorial How to Add EQ to Vocal Track Singing Lessons

Uploaded by buckydurddle on 14.10.2012

hello musicians thank you for joining us My name is Andrew Mercer and in the short tutorial
I'm going to show you how to add some equalization or EQ to your
vocal track
We're using audacity here
and Audacity is really easy for using EQ
to for this demonstration i just record a little bit of spoken word here but you
can do the same things i'm going to do with this you can do with the singing
part this is just going to be really easy
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now if you want to change the EQ or add EQ to apportion of
This track you could selected with your mouse as I am doing and slide over
certain portion of track
or i you want to select the entire track click the left tab
i clicked the left and i got all of its like that they go to effect
and i go to
now don't let all these buttons
and sliders
uh... mess with your head
and people see all this to go i don't know what's changed ought to do i don't
know i don't know
uh... this is really straightforward
uh... me just give you a little bit of geography lesson here on the left hand
side here is the low stuff the bass
and on the right hand side is the high stuff
the high frequencies or
uh... and in the middle of course be a middle
now is if we turn up uh...
the sliders and the law in boosts the low end
it boosts and see by the graph
If you find you know you can
raise or lower part of the EQ
uh... by sliding of one of the sliders up and down
now it may take you a little while before you get used to
knowing exactly what slider to move to get the exact effect you want but that's
ok don't worry that that this is a little bit of trial and error
but in order to help you out
audacity and has a few presets
we have some presets here to give you sort of those sort of sound that you'd
get on certain types of media over the years
like a Columbia 78 RCA 1938
and when you put those it gives you a graphic it changes the EQ
so will basically make your voice sound
something like what it was on that media at the time
Let's just choose one and
it changes the voice sound you can see that way form has changed push play
and hear it
be sure to share this video on face book and twitter now if i uh... if i go edit
undo it takes it away and you can hear compared to the original
you see it it's really change it so lets do it again

uh... let's go to uh... uh...
Columbia LP
and click ok
be sure to share this video on faced and here's the original again i want to go
on do edit UNDO
see so it a lot of the upper end the
high end stuff the S's and T's
are lowered are dropped you see that it's taken out
and a lot of the bass brought up so it booms a lot more
and you can play with these custom settings that are already in here
in order to get a feel for how different sounds are made how it's going to gonna play back
depending on what the changes are you can see the graphs are quite a bit
different some of these settings
you can play with these setting some of these may give you the setting that you want
you know might give you a sounding like don't be afraid to use that's there
now once you had a chance to play with this and do try singing undo try sitting
then you can start manipulating you may find something but maybe this
acoustic setting might be close to what you want
have a listen

makes some nice it's a nice setting
by itself
that might be close to what you want but you might say that's gone a little bit
more high-end
you can bring up some of the high and a demo
or like that you know make some changes
and then uh...
you know make some tweaks mighty fine sound you want and then click ok and
apply it
before you know you're gonna find exactly the setting that you want
so there you go and you can save the settings to when should find a setting that you like
click save as and file it away so you can go back later and let and uh...
use the settings that work for you previously
so they go that's easy easy easy stuff nothing to it
textile the trial and error
but that's okay that's what's all that this is all supposed to be fun
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so the short subscribers well ok happy recording i'll see you next time