Ina Budts - International Exchange Student, BA Education

Uploaded by unibirmingham on 06.12.2012

My name is Ina Budts and I’m an international student on the Education programme.
Before I came to Birmingham I studied education in the Netherlands and it’s also an education
programme mixed with social work.
I wanted to do the exchange and come to Birmingham because Birmingham has a great offer when
it comes to the modules. It’s very different to the Netherlands because it’s not only
education but it’s mixed with politics and sociology so it was a great opportunity for
me to study something different than I can study in my home university.
In Birmingham I enjoy most that the lectures are very, very small so there are not so many
students and it has a great atmosphere to study and you have a great relationship to
the lecturers because they actually know your name which is different from the Netherlands
and they help you a lot, so that’s really nice.
I would recommend the programme and the course to other students because it’s a great programme,
there are great modules, they are very different there are not only sociology and politics
there are psychology modules which are forgot about so that’s really great. You have a
great range of modules you can chose from.
Since I’ve been in Birmingham I’ve met many other international students, it’s
very easy to get to know other Erasmus students or general international students because
there are many parties and many club nights for international students so it’s very
easy to make new friends and it’s also easy to make British friends actually because there
are so many student societies around here, you can join and it’s easy to get to know
real English people around there.
After I have finished here, I’m going back to my home university of course to finish
my degree there, I would love to do my Masters in Germany actually, and after I have finished
my studies I would love to work with teenagers and kids in a political context so I would
love to work NGO such as amnesty international or something and work with teenagers in that
I would advise students to really start early with their preparations for their well, study
abroad because it takes a long time and it’s really confusing in the beginning. It’s
actually quite easy once you get into it but just start early so you have the time and
you don’t have to hurry in the end.