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Hi, I'm Alex and this is my father. He's deaf and I'm not. Join us as we share a father-son
conversation over a bite to eat and I start to learn that he's got a unique little way
of saying things to me. This is Dine and Sign.
February, what else in February?
Presidents day.
What for President's day?
No Presidents, no Social Security.
It's true, it supports some people.
Thank the lord I have a president.
You think so?
Freedom! No president, we'd be under Russia, I dunno.
A King.
From England, owned almost. We prevented them- Long time ago History.
What else is in February?
Your birthday!
Finally! 25 years!
Wow. Really wow. I can't believe 25 years.
You think it's fast?
Yes. First fifteen. 15-25 time fast. Wow.
Because I was in school for 4 years. Come back home, it's nice to be back home, plus
your life has changed since. Trying to create create something. It's fun.
Plus technology quickly progresses. Makes us feel fast. I remember it was slow until
2000. Then it's start to fast after 2000. Remarkable.
Plus I research Internet, I'm fascinated with Internet Culture, YouTube, makes me want to…
play in, with business, I see businesses all over. I thought, what I offer? It's fun to
relate. But 25- I feel, I'm just stupid and young. Inept.
You're not stupid. No. My time, at 25, I think I was more stupider, stupider more than you.
Because long time ago, they don't have the technology.
I have more exposure to ideas and options because the Internet. Can sit, quickly come
to me. But you, 1974 or whatever, one location.
One, yes.
That's why I think the world changes because I feel the world becomes smaller, because
I can reach reach reach.
If 1974 have the Internet maybe it would be different.
Right because you can have more options like job applications.
That's true.
So then I think- what's the next 25 years?
So far these past 25 years, one bother me- captioning on TV- nothing changes.
1974 and today I feel it's the same, lousy, set-up. Captioning. Still lousy, still.
Soon it's changing.
I hope so, come on before I die. I want to know everything like you.
Communication- one thing I recognize, communication of information limits your ability to learn.
I notice when football, we watched the Super Bowl with captioning, you muted it. It was
hard to relate what's going on.
I'm used to it, better than nothing.
I know, I know.
Long time ago-
-you had nothing.
I'd read your lips. Imagining some, I understand some. really, I understand 100%? I dunno.
Really, phew.
Awful. Really should- still now captioning, but slow still. I'm a little angry… but
What if they have the ability to plug and download movies to your brain without captioning.
Will you plug?
No, now- implant.
Worth it?
For small young, growing up, I think it's nice and good. For older? Can't. Because your
brain is not used to it. Don't know how the connection.
Right, right.
Stone deaf implant? No, no.
Hard of hearing.
Hard of hearing helps, okay. Deaf implants. It's successful? I have no idea.
I'm born hearing. If I- 6-7-8-9-10 became deaf…
Go! okay.
What would you say if I became deaf?
I'd go and get an implant, I'd suggest it.
You would?
Because you have hearing, you know how. The implant will help hearing okay. Born- me deaf.
Stone. an Implant? No. It's bad. Can damage your brain. You don't know how. Why implant?
What for?
Give you an opportunity.
Long time ago they gave me hearing aids. I had headaches!
Headaches. I went home, took them off, threw away. One year later "how's the aid?" "Fine,
good!" No argument, leave me alone.
I can't. Noises, no words, nothing. Noises, I headache. Phew.
Brain develop- understanding what it gathers.
I heard nothing. I can't understand, I can't. My nerve is broke. I'm sick, try try try,
I'm sick. I feel- vibrations, that's all.
It's funny, my work today, one man threw a box. Bang! I was scared! I thought it was
a bomb. I thought.
Felt a bang! I'm sensitive.
Pressure, boom!
Hearing around, didn't notice, they knew. I- One man looked at me, I was shocked. He
looked "oooooh." He thought I was hearing. No, no…
Maybe he thought you were faking it. "Fake…" Boss, "he's not really deaf"
You think so?
Maybe, he looked over at my reaction. "I thought you couldn't hear?" but really, you don't
understand. Deaf, bang, I feel sensitive. If I know- bang - I know. If blank, it scares
me. Scared.
Do you feel the floor? or you feel… the air
Sensitive! No- bump. Body bump! I can feel it. It scared me. Wow. Different for hearing,
you know the bang, because you've heard it before, I've never heard it. So the feeling
startled me. It rocked me. The boss looked at me- he thought I could hear. I looked back.
He thought I could hear. I- it's hard to explain, I walked away..
It's hard to explain!
He looked! Thought I could hear! Shuddup.
If you turned hearing… sound turned on!
Speaking to me! I- same.
If one day on.
I wish. Impossible.
Why? why?
I will still- High voice. That's it. Impossible. It's wonderful, a baby speaks… says what?
Right. Grow up and develop. Me open? Impossible. Must start with baby, must.
I'm curious if one day- On!
I wish. Unbelievable.
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