Valentines Day Crafts for Kids : Making Homemade Valentine's Day Cards for Kids

Uploaded by expertvillage on 14.11.2007

Hi! This is Stacy from In this clip, I’m going to show you a first
step in making a Valentine’s Day card. The materials needed are markers or crayons, scissors,
a hole punch, ribbon, and a Valentine’s Day construction color, like red, pink, or
white. The first step is to fold your paper in half, and then you’re going to make half
of your heart starting from the fold. Make it pretty large, and then you’ll cut it
Making your heart this way makes it even. The next step is to punch your holes around
your heart. You want to make sure that’s an even amount of holes and that it’s on
the edge of the heart, so that when we lace our ribbon through it, it looks good. If you
want to add more holes you can, just make sure it’s an even amount.