How to Surf : How to Paddle on the Surf Board: Beginning Surfing Lesson

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.10.2007

Hi, I’m John Hickey with Florida Surf Lesson. You can reach us at
We are located out of Central and South Florida. To continue on the introductory now comes
our time when you are paddling out there. Once you are sitting and waiting for a wave
and you see a wave coming, the first thing you are going to do is paddle. I am going
to get on the board and demonstrate the correct way to paddle. There is a right way to paddle
and a wrong way to paddle. We are laying down right here. Now you see the wave coming you
want to start paddling. The first thing you do not want to go like this. Your hands are
out like this and the board is moving back and forth. That is a big no no. Also like
this. You want to have one hand all the way forward, one hand all the way back. You want
your chest arched, like an arch in your back and chest off of the board so that you are
not moving around creating a rash. You want to follow all the way through because we need
that momentum to catch up in the wave to get our free ride. One thing that you want to
make sure of is that when you are paddling you need to use the rails of the board as
a guide to go straight down because you will get better pull and you won’t be as wild
and free. We will be right back in just a moment.