The Worlds Largest Whisky Collection - The Scotch Whisky Experience In Edinburgh

Uploaded by chrismaguire on 12.06.2009

The Scotch Whisky Experience
The Barrel Run
The Collection
Chris: Right, let's drink
Chris: On the nose, subtle hints of a fragrance.
Peat, barley, Fruit...
Are we going clockwise or anti-clockwise?
Jack: The masterblender proves his fine vicework,
Jack: drinks all the whisky.
Jack: Swirls, swallows, crawls home.
Chris: I like that one, better than the one before.
Dave: bit more of a kick?
Jack: It's like wild canterberries down the rearend of a zebra...
... of the South African plains, of Zimbabwe.
Chris: That one is really dark. Look how dark that one is.
Jack: That means it's a light bodied whisky.
Jack: It's not a shot!
Dave: Have you still to have some of this?
Jack: Yeah, Chris still has...
Chris: There's a lot in it, take a good sip because we have put water in it.
Jack: Take a good gulp!
Chris: Mmmmmm...
Jack: Slainte Mhath!
Chris: Note a full glass, note an empty glass! Jack: Go, go, go, go!