RAGE CARTOON #13 - TrollwutTV (German + Engl. subtitles) Rage Comic Compilation

Uploaded by TrollwutTV on 27.04.2012

Hey, before the movie starts.. does anybody want some ice cream?
Look mum.. one hand!
Look mum.. no hands!
Look mum.. no teeth!
Hey.. have you ever considered fucking your girlfriend in the "other" hole?
Eww, thats disgusting!... then she could get pregnant..
I am a freak..
Me too..
Wanna be friends?
Hey you. May I borrow your electric shaver?
Sure. No problem.
Thanks man!
Look.. she's talking to him again! I wish she'd go out with me..
Why don't you go over there and tell her what you feel?
What does he have what you don't?!
You know what? You're right! What does he have what I don't! ..
awww.. a knife!
Hey you. Why are there so many used tissues on your table? Are you sick or something?
Yeah... sick...
Hey.. why are you dressed as a pirate?
They say everrrry good carrrrtoon needs a pirrrrate!
Oh,.. aand does it work? (Now you have to write "yarrr" or "narrr")