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MICHELLE KONAR: I went to school for graphic design and
I found myself in advertising.
I love doing interior design, and it's a
great passion of mine.
My name is Michelle Konar, and this is my 330-square-foot
apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

When I moved in to this apartment, of course, there
was the basic white walls that you get in
every New York rental.
I knew that I wanted to paint the space.
That was one of my requirements.
And I knew I wanted an accent wall.
I didn't know exactly what color.
I actually made the paintings on the wall.
It was a pattern that I designed while in college, and
I really loved the shape.
So I ended up grabbing some canvases and
painting the fabric.
It was quite the process, but I'm really
happy with the result.

I do a lot of different things in this space.
Well, I run an ETSY shop out of this space.
So I've got a letter press, and I've got a lot of things
tucked away in the closets such as an guillotine cutter
and paper for book binding.
There's stuff, literally, stuffed everywhere.
But you can't see it, so--

One of my favorite pieces of furniture that I found is
definitely my buffet that I have in my kitchen.
I love inviting people over for cocktails or
having dinner parties.
It's given me extra kitchen space.
It's the perfect counter height, and I leave this
cutting board up here because that's generally where I end
up doing all my prep whenever I cook.
I played around with creating some tiles.
They are actually made out of cork that I painted teal to
kind of make a faux backsplash.

In a small space, you have to think about every little nook
and cranny and come up with a creative solution.
By turning my bookcase actually this way, I've kind
of created my own little like dressing area and entry way
that's a great little space for me to show off my jewelry
and my purses.
I love just being able to walk over here and seeing every
piece of jewelry that I have.
It's easy just to grab something and go.
I've always wanted a hospital bed.
So I was really excited when I found one in a flea market in
North Carolina.
I spent my Christmas break refinishing it with my dad.
I love patterns and textures.
And that's one of those things I will not skimp on.
I love throw pillows.
And I love taking a very big bold graphic pattern and
putting a small little pattern next to it.
I absolutely love my bed.
It's one of those pieces that I hope to keep forever.

It's totally rare to find an apartment, especially a studio
in New York, that has outdoor space.
So I was really lucky when I found this.

I love spending my evenings out here.
We just sit out here, and it's a great
addition to my small space.
It makes everything feel a lot bigger than my apartment
actually is.

Because of the small space, I've had to adapt and try
different solutions.
I definitely feel like my apartment has become my home.
I have a ton of friends who walk in and ask me when I'm
moving out because they want the apartment.
It's definitely a space that I know I can
grow into even more.

I've been here for two and a half years, and I don't see
myself leaving anytime soon.

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