The Sting (4/10) Movie CLIP - The Hook (1973) HD

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How does he do it?
He cheats.
Well, in that case, l'll keep my money,
and we'll iust have another game.
You don't have any to keep.
Here's your wallet.
He hired a dame to take it from you.
Shaw's been planning to beat your game for months.
He's been waiting for you to cheat him so he could clip you.
[Johnny grunts]
Who do you think you're talking to, errand boy?
Nobody sets me up!
Take him back to the baggage room!
Put one in his ear!
(Floyd) There were four witnesses at that table!
Then go back, get that other goddamn son of a bitch
and we'll dump them in the first tunnel we hit.
Doyle, we'll be in the station in a few minutes!
lt ain't gonna look too good
you killing a guy you owe money to.
There's better ways of taking him down.
What do you think Shaw would do to me
if he knew l was telling you this?
Why the rat?
l want to take over his operation,
and l need you to help me break him.
Where's my money?
Shaw's got it.
How the hell could l ask him for it back?
[knock on door]
We're pulling in.
l'm giving you a lift home.
l was supposed to go with Shaw.
Explain it to him somehow.
Yeah, but he's expecting me.
l'm giving you a lift home.
You follow?
Yeah, sure. Sure thing.
[traffic humming]