General Tour

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Hi, I'm Nick.
And welcome to UNC Pembroke, and welcome to campus,
and welcome to this video interactive tour.
Here on campus we're always growing,
we always have construction going.
Also, we're always up-to-date.
Right here, we have our pole right here
that shows we're a fully Wi-Fi campus.
All of our academic and residence halls
are completely wireless.
Coming up to our next side, we have Sampson Hall.
Sampson Hall is one of our newest classroom buildings,
it houses the Criminal Justice,
Psychology, and Sociology departments,
as well as some other classrooms in there.
It's one of our newer buildings.
We're continually updating the campus.
And a little later on in our tour,
one of our other ambassadors will take us inside.

Here we are at Dial Humanities Building.
The Dial Humanities Building houses our English,
Foreign Language, as well, as our History departments.
Also, you have a lot of your gen ed classes in here,
and one of the coolest things about the Dial Building,
we have our UNCP Writing Center.
The UNCP Writing Center is totally free-of-charge--
take any paper for any class, any subject in there,
we'll edit it, we'll help you with it,
and we'll make you get the better grade on that test.
And now, we'll switch over
and we'll go check out Lumbee Hall.
Lumbee Hall is our main administrative building,
and we'll go check that out.
Here we are in the main part of campus.
This is our University Center Quad Area.
There is a lot of stuff going on here,
we'll come touch on everything else,
in depth, later on,
but first get a little bit of an overview.
Right here, we have our
Givens Performing Arts Center, GPAC,
houses a variety of events.
Anything from student plays, to lectures, to speakers,
to national and traveling plays.
A little bit of everything going on there,
and a lot of times, almost all of our events
in there are free for students--another plus.
As we keep on going down, we have the UC Annex.
The UC Annex will have a lot of different stuff in there,
as far as dinners and dances and stuff of that nature.
And we also have, further down,
we have the University Center.
The James B. Chavis University Center
is the main spot on campus.
It has all of our student lounges,
where a lot of people like to hang out,
and watch TV, play games.
You also have your cafeteria in there,
which is obviously the biggest part of campus
is eating food.
You also have a couple of other food eatery places in there,
which are always good spots to check out,
as well as some other gaming and other types of facilities
in there.
Now we find ourselves on the other side of the UC Lawn,
and now we've made our way all the way through,
and we still got a bunch of stuff to show you guys.
First off, we have the inside corner
of the English T. Jones Center,
which has our main workout area.
It's fully glassed in,
all the newest equipment,
to get your workout on in.
Also, we have our Auxiliary Services Building,
which houses the Bookstore and our mailroom area.
The Bookstore gets everything you need
from your campus books, to your t-shirts,
your other apparel, all of that stuff
to show your UNCP Pride.
And also, your mailroom, so you can receive
any type of goodies from home
or anything you need to order
or anything you need to get delivered to you.
Down the street and across the street,
we have the Grace P. Johnson Stadium.
Grace P. Johnson Stadium is home
to our men's and women's track teams
as well as our football team.
On weekends in the fall, it is the place to be
to see the UNCP football team.
We have a big party out here,
inflatables, food, fun, everything to tailgate
and have a good time doing that
before we go inside and take on our opponents.
UNCP football team has had a great record at home
over the years, since its existence.

Another thing that always is important
to college students is, "Can we drive as a freshman?"
At UNCP, yes you can.
We don't have any specific lots,
so even if you can have your car at some places,
you have to park five miles away.
Here, first come, first served.
If this parking space right here is open, it's all yours.
We break down our parking lots
into residential students, commuter students,
faculty and staff lots, and visitor lots.
And also, there is an abundance of parking
all across campus, close to your dorm,
so you're never gonna find yourself
walking five miles away
on one of those rainy or cold nights.
Now we are on the most beautiful part of campus--
our Quad Area, which houses everything
from academic buildings to our library
to our Water Feature, and all the way back
to some more residential buildings.
First off, over here,
we have the D.F. Lowery Building.
D.F. Lowery Building has our Social Work,
our teaching and other social studies
in that nature.
We also have the Locklear Hall Building.
Locklear Hall houses all of our Art departments.
Where else can go and find an actual art gallery
in your university, staffed by anything
from your art professors to traveling national artists
to UNCP graduates?
The arts are still alive straight ahead of us
as we look into Moore Hall.
Moore Hall is our Music Department.
The Music Department furnishes a lot
of different musical ensembles every year,
as the Music Department students have to have
so many performances to graduate,
so there's always an event every other week or so,
you can always pop in and check it out.
And all throughout here, we have our UC Lawn area,
which has a bunch of different people.
People lay out out here,
people throw Frisbees, footballs.
Pretty much anything you can do in the UC Lawn,
we do it out here, as well.
Also, it's just a beautiful place to be.
And right out here, with your library.
The Mary Livermore Library houses
all your books and anything else,
any other resources you need
to make the grade on that paper
and get the perfect grade in that class.
Also, we have DVDs in here.
You can check out laptops, iPads,
anything you can imagine,
the library has it to help you with,
so it's always a great place to be.
Also on this side of campus,
we have our Student Health Services area,
so anytime you get sick-- it happens--
check out the nurse or doctor that's always here,
get your medicine right here and get feeling better.
Another great thing about UNCP,
we're right in the heart of the community.
The community and the University are one.
There's a lot of community involvement around here,
and we're right in the heart of everything.
Right across campus we have the downtown area.
Food, shopping, anything you need to know.
Once you're on campus, ask somebody.
They'll tell where the great spots to shop
and eat are.
And there are a ton of them, right around campus.