Gönülçelen )) Episode 18 - Part 2/6 [English Subtitles]

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we're like the three.. the three..
you know..
the three blind mice?
that’s not the one
no the three muskete
that’s the one. ATOS PORTOS IDIOTOS!
ok ok. Don’t get sulky..
Hasret, I wanna tell you something but don’t get mad
go ahead
well you know Murat Hoca...
Oh please!
what.. he has made great efforts for you
You should have listened to him
why should I?
he got scared his show would be cancelled
so he decided not to tell me that my mom was living
He didn't care about my feelings at all why should I listen to him
Murat hoca?
who is it sister?
Hasret please don’t do this to us
I did not do anything
Will you not come back?
I won't come back
I just want you to know one thing
Never think that I did this for myself
I was only thinking about your future
that concert was a new start for you
If I had told you your mom was living …
I do understand you Murat Hoca
I really do
Music is very important for you
But I just wished you would understand me too
there are much more important things in my life than music
or that stage or being applauded
yes you did make me experience things I couldn't even think of
It was like a dream
People like us who are cast aside, they learn very quickly
Not to trust anyone. Do you know that ?
But I trusted you very much
It was hard in the beginning
but I trusted you completely
It took me a while to trust you but I trusted you a lot
I wish you would understand how important it was to me not to have a mother
I won't ever come back
thank you for everything
is that all?
yes, that’s all
I don't think Murat is well
he came home very late.. never slept
I'm so worried about him
don’t worry. I will go up and have a chat with him
who is it at this early hour?
( Kadriye comes over.. )
(apparently Bekir is having an affair with a younger woman. He has moved to Libya)
(Kadriye says all men are the same and even Cobra might run off with another woman one day)
Can I come up?
Did you speak to Hasret?
I did
what did she say? Is she not coming back?
she's not
look .. I know you're upset my son
But please don’t blame yourself for everything
I could've told her who her mom was before the concert
It's time I turned around and looked at myself in the mirror
Why can I not succeed in relationships?
Why do I keep losing everyone I love?
now is not the time to think such things
It is the perfect time
I'm confused. Just like I was after Selin..
Oh don’t do this
your mom or I can't stand it when you're so upset
I wish none of this ever happened
I wish Hasret was just coming up those stairs..
come on downstairs. Let's have breakfast together
no dad.. you go.. I'm going to stay here
you were like this when you were a kid too
you wouldn't come out of your room before finding your lost toy
Hasret is not my TOY dad!
(Kadir is going to work. He interupts Gulnaz's singing she get pist off and tell him to go to his job)
(Kadriye comes over tells gülnaz she saw Bekir in her dream and he had fell off a building)
Hasret? Do you want some tea?
No I don't want it
it would do the world of good
I don't want it
Aunty Kadriye..
what happened?
Hasret is not well since last night
has she gone cuckoo do you think?
that Saime woman came over and she mixed up everything
I'll go to the store and send some ice cream to Hasret
maybe she'll cheer up
- Can I have one too.. - OK
- but I want vanilla - OK
welcome Mrs. Saime
Mrs. Saime is here
can we have 2 coffees?
of course.. Right away
welcome Saime. I didn't expect to see you back
Nakiye! Can you tell Koray to get the car ready?
of course.. Is something the matter?
I'm in a hurry Nakiye
oh ok..
(Kadir is working..)
(He finds a mobile phone in the toilet)
Hasret:Mrs. Nesrin?
I wanted to talk Hasret
well come on in
Let's talk in the car. We won't be disturbed
then let's just talk here huh. In the middle of the street
Hasret who is it??
I'm listening
I want to cut it short
I wouldn't even have come here if I wasn't so worried about Murat
Is he ok?
do you think he is ok after all that’s happened?
I never thought I would say this but
I want you to come back to the house for Murat’s sake
that’s impossible
this is my home
you came into my son’s life. You upset him
and now you're just gonna go back home as if nothing has happened?
I have no other place to go..