How To Add A Subscribe Button To Your Video On YouTube

Uploaded by colligan on 28.02.2012

  This is Paul Colligan and in this video we are going to quickly add a subscribe button
to your YouTube video. A: Most people don’t realize that you can actually subscribe to
YouTube channels. When you get subscribers to your YouTube channel that means every time
you create a new video people who are subscribed will be updated and they will come back. This
subscription process, or as they call it “Inside of YouTube”, the subscription event is actually
the backbone of what YouTube is and where it makes its money and how it generates users.
You want to be part of this, guys, and you would be surprised how easy this is to do.
So we’re going to add a button to this: “Best iPad Case – Case for a Cause – Win
2 of Them” video. Nice, simple, easy. Click “Edit annotations”. It takes you to the
edit annotations page. What you want to do; you’ll notice you have a timeline here for
the video; I like to add about thirty seconds or so into the video. Let’s get a more attractive
picture of Daniella here. There we go. Let’s go to “Add annotation” and we’re going
to add a note. The note is simply going to say, “Click Here,” and of course I can’t
type, “To Subscribe To This Channel For More Videos Like This.” I like to; I don’t
think the font needs to be that big; I usually go to about thirteen, takes up a little bit
less real estate. I like to go about like that. Two lines, nice and easy. I also really
don’t like the black background so I tend to go red. But obviously, this is up to you.
Find a place where it goes. I tend to put them right over here. Then what you do is
you take where you want the video to go. You can either start and end here or just drag
it out, if you would like, here. I drag it pretty much to the end of the video. Then
what you do is you simply link it. You click “Link” and you can link to Videos, Playlist,
Channels, whatever you want. In this particular case we’re going to link to the Subscribe
because we’re going to get this, Subscribe. The name for the Channel is “caseforacause”
and once we do that we basically click Save and we click Publish and the bad boy is live.
So now we can go. You can see here that it starts out with just the normal video and
then, when we go a little bit deeper into it, it pops open. Let’s see, let me put
it about there, right. There we go. So there it is and now they can subscribe at any point
and here’s how it works. They click here to subscribe. It takes them to this nice,
easy page that says, “Do you want to subscribe?” Now I’m logged on as caseforacause so in
this case you won’t see it, but that’s it, it’s that easy. We have seen in our
studies, in our testing that videos with a subscription link just get more subscribers
and more subscribers is a good thing. YouTube is about so much more than free video hosting.
It’s about building a community, about building a social network. So for goodness sake, add
plenty of subscribe buttons to all of your videos and go from there. Thank you very much.
Have a great one. If you’ve got any questions go ahead and put them in the comments below.
If you’re not watching this on YouTube then you will need to find the YouTube video and
put your comments there. I’ll do what I can to answer them. Thanks again, have a great
day. Bye. �