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I saw your image in the flower that is blossoming sorrowfully
I love rain, yet it felt frosty today
The season changed, the forest was colored,
The wind played a tune, memories gushed out
Gather the pieces of the moon, decorate the dream, and sleep
Even if I sprinkle the sand of time, I cannot return to the past
Those searching for the meaning of life are all travellers
I set my course on this endless journey
for the place beyond the thorny path....
The artist of life who produces miracles through his godlike scalpel skills.
The genius surgeon whom the era has yearned for.
Black Jack.
Luna Luna...
White Lion
Originally by Tezuka Osamu - White Lion
Two tickets, please.
You know, like a married couple!
We'll take one adult and one kid.
Let's see...
There he is!
Over there!
We've got to see him right now!
Found him!
Luna Luna is not feeling well, so he will be away for a while.
What's going on?
We came a long way to see him.
I'm terribly sorry.
Luna Luna!
Give it up.
Hey, is Luna Luna sick?
Sorry, Miss.
Then my doctor can heal him.
Is your father a veterinarian?
Not my father!
Don't you know Dr. Black Jack?!
Pinoko, let's go.
Are you really Dr. Black Jack?
Yes, and you are?
I take care of Luna Luna here.
Would you please look at him?
I'm sorry, but my specialty is people.
A lion is outside my field of expertise.
You've even saved cats and dogs.
Please wait!
I have heard about you.
I've tried every doctor in the country in order to save him.
Even you.
Then you should know that I ask for an outrageous fee.
Can you or the zoo pay for it?
Excuse me.
Wait up, Doc!
See you tomorrow.
Take care.
He's being scolded again.
Yeah, on top of the all-night work.
I paid a high price!
And what we got is defective!
Sir, he got sick after he came to Japan.
I doubt that!
Man, at this rate...
So I'd like to ask
Dr. Black Jack to treat him.
Black Jack?!
That underground doctor who charges some crazy amount?!
Since he's known for his unbelieavable skill...
Don't kid me!
I can't spend anymore on him!
Give up already.
All white!
I'm busy right now.
Hey, wha...
Oh, the Luna Luna man.
Doc, the Luna Luna man is here.
The Luna Luna man?
Please go.
I declined the other day.
I finally found you.
At this rate, Luna Luna will be...
No matter what happens to the animals at your place, it's none of my business.
Don't push yourself.
You had temporary anemia from stress.
I don't care about myself.
Please save Luna Luna, not me!
I'll take 30,000,000 yen as the fee.
30,000,000 yen?
Oh, wai...
I'll discuss it with the zoo curator.
And if that doesn't work, I will pay somehow!
Please rest for today.
Fine, I'll visit the zoo with you tomorrow.
I love you, Doc!
Hey, Pinoko!
Luna Luna is really such a poor thing.
He has no parents or friends.
Just because he's a rare white lion, he's constantly being sold from one place to another.
When he came here, he was very scared.
But for some reason, he befriended me.
Then I started loving him like my own child.
But after a while, his appetite started waning,
and he didn't sleep much,
and he continues to weaken each day.
Over here.
Luna Luna!
Be quiet.
Poor Luna Luna.
Can I see his past medical records?
I don't know how much longer he'll last.
Doctor, please find a way to save him.
He has cirrhosis, pancreatitis, and a weak heart.
We can treat him medically,
but unless we find the root of these problems,
the symptoms will only return.
I will look after him at my place.
But wait!
The zoo curator is out of town today, so...
No way!
We should at least contact the curator, and...
It's fine!
I'll take full responsability.
Together with Luna Luna!
What in the world is this?!
We can't spend any more money on a lion we can't show to visitors!
This is all your fault!
I will have nothing to do with this!
Doc, what do you think Luna Luna will want to eat?
I don't know...
He's a lion, so I'm sure he eats meat.
Then curry sounds good.
Or hamburger.
Or pasta, or fried rice...
I get it, so get out of this room.
You're interrupting my work.
It's time for lunch.
It's all for you, Luna Luna.
You should eat all of it.
What the heck is this?
It's Luna Luna's lunch.
Curry, pasta, hot cake, hot juice, hot apples.
Pinoko, let's play.
It's Luna Luna!
So cute!
He's eating lunch.
Don't disturb him.
He can have the leftovers from my lunch.
He won't eat that!
My cooking would be better.
He'll get sick.
What did you just say?!
Enough already!
Come here.
It's cold tonight, so I'll give Luna Luna a shirt.
How about this?
It's Luna Luna's turn right now.
You got something to say?
First fight!
He's gone!
What's wrong?!
Luna Luna is...
One, two!
One, two!
One, two!
One, two!
I give up.
That's why Kong bullies you all the time.
Luna Luna is gone?!
Luna Luna?! Where are you?!
Luna Luna!
Hey! Luna Luna!
Luna Luna?
Luna Luna!
That's funny as heck!
What are you doing up there?
Training for something?
Darn you!
You think I'd let that go?!
We're home.
Luna Luna!
Thank goodness!
But why isn't Luna Luna getting better?
A digestive malfunction will be cured with an operation.
But the problem is after that.
But Luna Luna is really white.
Yeah, white is really cute.
Wait, Largo!
Pinoko, that's enough.
We painted Largo white too.
We did it with flour.
We wanted to know if she'd be cute in white.
You guys...
Luna Luna was white ever since he was born...
He was white?!
No, that's a big misunderstanding!
You have saved us many times, so we'll make this exception.
Jeez, checking a lion with an MRI?
The picture is coming up.
Zoom in on the bottom right image.
As I thought.
That looks like a tumor.
I see!
Not your problem?
So you don't care what happens to that lion?
We can't spend 30,000,000 yen on a dying lion.
Mr. Curator!
I've already given up on that lion.
You can have him.
I heard you right, Mr. Curator.
Doc, will Luna Luna get better?
So, you're really operating on him?
But an operation isn't enough to cure him completely.
Luna Luna was not a white lion by birth.
The tumor by the pituitary gland weakened the activity of the melanin cells,
causing his fur to become white.
So he's white because of the illness?
That's right.
But the weakened internal organs are a different issue.
Because he's a rare white lion, he has always been a showpiece.
The stress from that is the cause of the illness.
So we must eliminate the tumor, and turn his color back to normal.
What will happen then?
Will Luna Luna become a normal lion?
And we'll release him in his homeland.
He'll be free from humans forever.
Pinoko! Sharaku!
I can't let go of Luna Luna, even for you, Doc!
I don't want to return Luna Luna to his home!
What if you were Luna Luna?
You will live alone forever.
Are you fine with that?
Wouldn't you want to get better and go home?
Wouldn't you want to run through the savannah all you could?
Well, sure.
I'm sure Luna Luna feels that way too.
We're commencing the operation to remove the tumor next to the pituitary gland.
It's for Luna Luna's good.
Dear God, please save Luna Luna.
I apologize about the other day.
If he's cured completely, I will pay the appropriate fee.
How is Luna Luna recovering?
Wait, Luna Luna!
Luna Luna?!
What is going on?!
Luna Luna!
His fur turned gold after the treatment.
How absurd!
That's just a regular lion, the same as all the others!
Black Jack!
You told me I could do whatever I wanted.
You're fired, effective immediately!
You can have him as your retirement fund!
It was my mistake to let him take care of it.
Come here, Luna Luna!
I'm so glad you've gotten better.
Thank you very much, doctor.
So, about the fee...
I'm sorry, but I only have this much right now.
Someone needs to take Luna Luna to his home, Africa, to cure him completely.
Besides, he must be trained to be with Mother Nature again.
Oh yes, what if you take care of him?
No, I won't ask you to do it for free.
30,000,000 yen, including general expenses.
How is that?
Dr. Black Jack...
It's a deal.
Take care.
Take care, Luna Luna.
We'll come see you some day.
What? He went back?
We can't see him anymore?
Oh, man, that's disappointing.
There's no point coming here anymore.
Who operated on him, huh?
Must have been some quack.
Wow, there's so many!
Hey, are they all requests for work?
Or are they fan letters to me?
Just kidding!
The letters of complaints were delivered to the zoo, all from Luna Luna fans.
Addressed to me.
Doc saved Luna Luna!
Hey, Doc,
I found a letter from a kid in that pile.
Pinoko, you drew this, didn't you?
No, I didn't.
I love you, darling; If I can be united with you,
I couldn't be happier...
I wanted to see you forever
I'm laying on the grill,
being heated up by you,
so much that I change color
I dress up with sparkly grains of decorations
I love you, darling; Please love me more and more
I love you, darling; If I can be united with you,
I couldn't be happier
How does it taste?
Please become my hands.
Your hands?
I won't come home until I become a professional!
The victim was a highly skilled sushi chef.
I don't know how we can apologize.
Give them back!
It's a very complicated operation.
It will be expensive.
Next Karte - The Miracle Arms.
Pinoko's diary...
And we'll release him in his homeland.
He'll be free from humans forever.