English Speaking Practice #3: Travel (Global Voices)

Uploaded by tomkennyjapan on 14.08.2010

My favorite city in America, uh, San Francisco. It’s a city where something is always happening.
The first time I went to San Francisco it was the weekend where it was Chinese New Year
and also they were having a peace protest. Like, at the Bay Area’s Fisherman’s Wharf
there was angry protesters, and we saw all these celebrities. And that night was Chinese
New Year and the streets were filled with dragons. It was fun!
I’m from Germany and I want to tell you about this cool place where all the Germans
go on holiday: it’s called Majorca. They have awesome, all-inclusive hotels, where
you get everything, as much as you want. It’s like Hawaii. And the girls are hot there!
I love London. It’s just busy and noisy and exciting and, really, I love the diversity
of London. Some people come to London are totally overwhelmed and say it’s too expensive
and it’s too busy. I love it! But it depends on where you go, and you have to have a lot
of money, really. (laughs)
Um, great city to go to in Australia is probably the Gold Coast. That place is amazing. It’s
warm up there, there’s a big party scene, it’s close to the water, the beaches are
beautiful, um, and everyone’s just out in the streets, and there’s a great vibe up
Well, there’s lots of beautiful cities in Africa. I recommend everybody to travel to
Ghana, to Acra. Acra is a big city and really beautiful. It has lots of sightseeing spots.
Food is great – yeah, lots of chicken, fish, meat, vegetables, you can get everything you
want in Acra. The people are outgoing, so they’re really nice to tourists. They can
show you around. It’s a great city to visit. Africa – everybody should go at least once
in their lifetime!
My favorite city would be Bangkok. It’s hot, but it’s good. The people are very
friendly, and you can have a good time. The food is great, the shopping is good. You can’t
ask for anything better.
Tahiti. There’s lots of islands in Tahiti. There’s just an incredible cultural mix.
They have like, uh, the native Polynesian, the French, and the food is great. But what
I loved the most was the scenery, the most incredible scenery. I remember sitting in
a lagoon, with the white sands and the crystal blue ocean, sitting in the sea, and, just
sitting there, doing nothing! I wasn’t swimming or anything. And I thought at that moment
that this was heaven on Earth.