STUCK.The Chronicles of David Rea "Prologue" (Episode 1x00)

Uploaded by stuckwebseries on 29.11.2011

People get stuck
people think:
"this is where I stop"
"can't stand it any more"
you know what?
this is so untrue
'cause as long as you're living
you can keep moving forward
people think:
"oh I can't stop loving him"
"I'll never graduate"
"My man won't have children with me... who's gonna take me now?"
"no girl is gonna put her tongue in my mouth"
let me tell you something
people always choose their moment to be weak
for admitting your limits is so relaxing
truth is: we define our limits
so we know when to stop
is that the way that we wanna play it?
do we really wanna be that limited?
the world is full of answers
full of religions
full of cults
full of great ideals
full of drugs
but I wonder:
is this the meaning that we want for our lives?
are we just falling back?
we can control our lives so much more than we think
but most of the times people don't even know how to think about these questions
what do they do then?
people get stuck
people give up and ask for help
now they have someone to call
these are the Chronicles of David Rea,
Emotional Trainer
where did you get stuck?