Mahabharat - Episode 59

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There is talk of war all over India
Even those who do not desire war ...
... know that they cannot avoid it
The situation is such that ...
... each one is compelled to fight under some flag
Two such person are Bhishma and Shakuni
But there is a difference between the two
Bhishma knows about this helplessness ...
... and so does not think about victory or defeat
He is unhappy
Shakuni is an expert Dice player
He wants to avoid defeat at all costs
Before leaving on a victory tour...
... he wants to avoid all possibilities of defeat
What defeat?
Don't forget Arjun has divine weapons
Weapons don't fight wars -- not even divine weapons
Warriors fight wars and they either win or lose
There is no harm in being alert
What do you wish for?
The King of Trikat is your friend
lf he attacks a day before we do ...
... our task will become easier
He has been eyeing Matsya for long time
There have been many wars between the two nations ...
... and he has lost every war
So, he will get Matsya and we will get the Pandavas
That's good news
Then let's go
Be victorious!
Pandavas! Huh!
The cow from Mathura ...
What happened?
A snake bit her
l will go and see
Here's your pawn
When you are such an expert player ...
... and had played with King Yuddhistir ...
... how did he lose to Shakuni?
Like war, Dice can end in victory or defeat
Even the best player sometimes loses
l heard Shakuni resorted to treachery
Even if he did, King Yuddhistir lost the game
Even if it was treachery ...
... Grandsire Bhishma did not object
Sages Drona and Kripa remained silent
Even King Yuddhistir did not object
Let the Pandavas deal with what happened
Let's play, my lord
Throw the dice
Long live the king
King Susarma ...
...has attacked Matsya
How dare Susarma do that?
Does he think there are no warriors apart from Keechak?
Prepare my chariot
Yes sir
May l say something?
l, too, have learned weaponry from a Sage
May l come along?
Of course
Your cook Ballav is also an expert fighter ...
... and so are Arshanemi and Granthak
lf they, too, come along victory is certain
What are you saying?
How can a cook, a stable boy and cowherd ...
... fight a war?
It is the truth
Even King Yuddhistir took them with him
All right! Prepare chariots for them
Ballav! Arrest the King of Trikat
Drop your weapons
Or else l will behead your king
Victory to the king
Here's your enemy
l suggest that he be forgiven
Forgiveness is the best Religion
Would Emperor Yuddhistir have forgiven him?
Do not ask about him, my lord
He forgives everyone but himself
You are unworthy of forgiveness but ...
... l forgive you because of Kank's suggestion
Return to Trikat
Now, return to Virat
Inform the people of our victory
I’ll rest here with the army
Stop! You cannot enter
Tell the Prince l have brought good news
Have you brought news of victory?
l know you are tired but return to father ...
... and ask him to rest for some time
The people desire that ...
... when he returns from his victorious war ...
... he should be welcomed with rejoicing
As you wish
Had l also gone, we would not have lost so many men ...
... and father, too, would not be injured
My respects, mother
Any news about the war, son?
Yes, mother. Father was injured but ...
... there's no need to worry. We were bound to win
l was just telling the maids that ...
... had father taken me with him ...
... he would have won without any injury
But he took cooks, cowherds and stable boys ...
... with him to wage war
So, the injury was inevitable
What's the news?
What else but victory?
Prepare to welcome father
Brihanalla did say that ...
... the army which had Ballav could not lose
You and your Brihanalla
Hail Crown Prince
What good news have you brought?
l have brought bad news
Bad news!
Yes, Prince. The bad news is that ...
... Grandsire Bhishma ...
... Sages Drona and Kripa, Prince Duryodhan ...
... Dushasan, Vikarna, Karna ...
... and Ashwathama are leading an army ...
... which has attacked Matsya
But the Kurus have always been friendly with us
In Politics, friends can become enemies
You are right
You have not brought bad news
It's good news
Is this good news?
Yes, mother
A warrior should not be afraid of big names
Grandsire Bhishma, Sages Drona and Kripa are old
As for Dhritirashtra's sons and Karna ...
... how long can they face me?
Yes! Had it been Bhim or Arjun it would be ...
... a worthwhile fight
Hasn't father often said that his son ...
... is a warrior among warriors?
This is the moment to prove that
How can l let this opportunity pass?
Prepare to welcome father
I’ll go and defeat them and return
Think carefully my son
Grandsire Bhishma, Sages Drona and Kripa ...
... Duryodhan, Karna, Dushasan, Ashwathama ...
... are not ordinary warriors
It would be an insult to fight ordinary warriors
The Prince is right, my queen
Whether he wins or loses ...
... it will be a credit to him
Grandsire Bhishma, Sages Drona and Kripa ...
... are warriors who have never tasted defeat
There's no question of defeat, Brihanalla
I’ll defeat them and ...
... avenge the Pandavas and Queen Draupadi
lf the Prince makes Brihanalla his charioteer ...
... victory will be assured
l am not going to a dance hall ...
... but to the battlefield
That is why l suggested her name
Even Arjun took her along as a charioteer
Arjun took her along as a charioteer?
l don't believe you know anything about Arjun
Forgive me! l told you what l know
Sairandhri never tells lies
She was right about Keechak
All right! Brihanalla be my charioteer
Very good, Prince
Yes, Princess
My heart says that my brother will win
l have heard that the Kurus wear beautiful clothes
Will you get some for my dolls?
As you wish, Princess
How long will it take to strip the corpses?
But Grandsire and Sage Drona wear white clothes
All right ! Don't bring those
As you wish, Princess
l will cut through the Kurus ...
... like a farmer mowing grass
We will return to Virat before father does
When father finds out ...
... that l have defeated the Kuru army ...
... he will be so happy
That is Grandsire Bhishma's flag
That is Sage Drona's flag
The blue flag is Sage Kripa's...
... and the one behind belongs to Duryodhan
That is Dushasan...that is Karna
That is Sage Drona's son Ashwathama
Is this an army or the sea itself?
Even the Gods cannot defeat this army
l cannot even see the other end of the army
My bow slips away from my shoulders
My arrows want to hide in my quiver
Grandsire Bhishma, Sage Drona ...
... Sage Kripa, Duryodhan ...
... Karna, Vikarna, Dushasan, Ashwathama!
Even Lord Indra dare not fight them
l am only a child
Father has taken the entire army to fight Susarma
How can l face these great warriors ...
... all alone?
l don't even have any experience of war
No, Brihanalla! Let's return
The people of Virat will say you ran away
You are a warrior. You cannot accept defeat before the war
What if the Princess ask for clothes for her dolls?
l am worried about my life...
... and you are thinking of doll's clothes
You had sworn to defeat the Kuru army
l had sworn to bring clothes for her dolls
You were boasting before the women
Whether you fight or not, l will!
l will not be teased by the women of Virat
Let them tease me ...
... but l cannot fight these warriors
Let me go, Brihanalla
I’ll give you gold coins ...
... a gold chariot ...
... eight to ten slaves ...
... but let me go, Brihanalla
lf you are afraid to fight, sit in my place
l cannot run away. So, there will be war
I’ll fight in your place
A warrior must learn to harness his fear
Fear is not shameful ...
... but running away is!
Go towards that tree
Stop, Prince
Now climb this tree
Climb this tree? But why?
Because your bow is a toy
You will find a bundle hidden in this tree
Bring it down
Whose weapons are these, Brihanalla?
l am afraid to even look
This is Arjun's bow, the Gandiva
This is Bhim's bow and mace
This is Yuddhistir's spear
These swords belong to Nakul and Sahadev
Nakul and Sahadev!
But why are their weapons in a cemetery?
Where are they?
l am Arjun, disciple of Sage Drona
Are you really Arjun?
Yes! l am Arjun
Kank is really Emperor Yuddhistir
The cowherd is Sahadev and the stable boy is Nakul
Ballav, your cook, is Bhim ...
... and Sairandhri is Queen Draupadi
lf you are Arjun, tell me his ten names
Dhananjay, Vijay,Shwetarohan...
... Phalguni, Kiriti, Vibhutse ...
... Sabyasachi, Arjun, Vishnu and Krishna
O disciple of Drona! O son of Kunti!
O Arjun! Forgive me
l will willingly be your slave
No Prince! Never talk of slavery
l know this is your humility ...
... but never say such a thing
l know what it is like to be a slave
Humility does not mean slavery
Do not surprised
This is my chariot. We will use it
Keep these weapons in your chariot
That is Arjun's Conch Devdutt!
l have pierced their veil of anonymity
Congratulations, my friend!
Take the chariot towards Grandsire
O Grandsire! O Sage Drona!
O Family Sage Kripa!
You have all heard the twang of the Gandiva ...
... as also the blowing of the Conch Devdutt
l wish to repeat what l have always said :
The stake was that ...
... if they were recognized ...
... they would go back in exile for 12 more years
Yes, my child. l remember that sad day
Then you are my witnesses that they were recognized
Grandsire! You are the eldest
Go forward and order Arjun ...
... to go into exile with his brothers
Are we here to fight or to pierce their anonymity?
Did l tell Arjun ...
... to reveal himself during the exile ...
... to protect the land of Matsya?
Maybe they like being in exile...
... which is why they want to lose the stake
This is a family problem, Karna
Neither you nor l should talk in between
l am their teacher ...
... but you are an outsider
So, this ridicule is inappropriate
You are unique in the history of teachers
Openly siding with one disciple ...
... and opposing the other
Charioteer! Take the chariot back
This is a family squabble
Learn to respect your elders, Karna
Others do not even accept you as a warrior ...
... but l think you are a brave warrior
However, you are incapable of stringing the bow ...
... of the man you have just insulted
None but Sage Parshuram can compare with him
So, recognize your worth and stand back
Grandsire! Had anyone else insulted my friend ...
... his chariot would have been empty by now
l would have killed him
Forgive me, my friend. l request you ...
... to stand by my side
Karna, the day you learn to bear the truth ...
... you'll be a great warrior
Sage Drona is right. This is a family problem ...
... and you do not belong here
The Crown Prince can make you King of Anga ...
... but he cannot make you a Kuru
A brave warrior must control his anger
So, Duryodhan beg for Grandsire's forgiveness
For how many misdemeanours will he ask forgiveness?
l fear the day when ...
... l can no longer forgive him
Forgive me Grandsire but l am helpless
l cannot control my anger
Be careful, otherwise when you learn to control it ...
... you will be too old for anything
l do not wish to see that day
So, listen to me and return to Hastinapur
Treachery should not be a part of war or Dice
l was there when the last game of Dice was played
It was not decided that ...
... you would use spies to break their anonymity
Let us debate this after our victory
The truth now is that they have been recognized
So, they will have to go into exile once again
Talk of war against the Matsya army
Don't talk of exile
According to mathematics, their exile is over
Forgive me but it seems you have forgotten mathematics
Ask India’s top mathematicians...
... if l have forgotten mathematics ...
... or your jealousy knows no mathematics
I’ll do that to satisfy you ...
... but now you must fight
Fight if you must taste defeat
This army cannot defeat Arjun...
... who has defeated Fire
Strange are the ways of Hastinapur's Sages
Instead of encouraging their students ...
... they extol the virtues of the enemy
So what if Arjun stands before us
l promise to vanquish Arjun
lf you are afraid to face Arjun then let me ...
... attack him
Learn to control your ego, Karna
Why do you wish to willingly jump into ...
... a well of fire?
Arjun is fire while you are a bundle of wood
You won't even realize when you are burned
A river fish may be an expert swimmer ...
... but it still cannot cross the ocean
Besides, Arjun must still remember the insult ...
... he suffered thirteen years ago
Your arrows cannot injure him
Is he a greater archer than ...
... Grandsire, Sage Drona and yourself?
Don't judge the son ...
... according to the measure of the father
Don't make that mistake
Which means you will not fight
Why not? l have come here to fight
The King has ordered me ...
... to fight on your behalf
Even if dear Arjun stands before me ...
... I’ll stay and fight with you
There is Arjun's flag
l have recognized these arrows
Arjun paid obeisance with the first two arrows ...
... and challenged you with the next two arrows ...
... which touched your arms
l had never thought that we would meet Arjun ...
... after 13 years in the battlefield
Look how handsome he looks in the chariot
Like a divine weapon
Take the chariot ...
... to the center of the Kuru army ...
... nearest to Duryodhan
l cannot see Prince Duryodhan
Maybe he has gone South with our cows
Follow him!
As you wish!
Arjun seems to be following Duryodhan
Then stop him
He cannot be stopped so easily
After aiming the arrow ...
... Bhishma is lost in thought
How can l attack ...
... the one person l love the most