The Ladies Man (6/6) Movie CLIP - Leon Addresses the V.S.A. (2000) HD

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[ man over radio ] along the kennedy expressway,
A truck overturned in the slow lane.
Along the stevenson expressway, the traffic's moving along nicely.
Another shadow traffic update with t.J. Burks in ten minutes.
You are listening to wrix,
Chicago's number one news and financial network.
Now, back to money matters. Welcome back. I'm your host, gil stewart,
And we're almost out of time here on money matters,
But here's a quick wrap-up of the day's biggest stories.
The dow closing out today at minus 55,
While the nasdaq was up seven points.
The s&p is down four.
Gold takes a big hit on the floor as the international monetary fund...
Unloads 10% of its gold holdings,
Causing ripples throughout the banking industry,
Continuing the trend of unloading the bulk of its holdings...
In favor of better-performing securities.
You've been listening to money matters.
I'm gil stewart, looking after your money.
It's now 2:00 a.M. And time for-- ♪ [ soul ]
What's happening ? And welcome to the ladies man,