LUMINA Webisode 2: Wake Up Call (HD, Closed Captions, Web Series)

Uploaded by luminaseries on 02.09.2009

Great job on that report, Lumina.
my strategy paper isn't good enough for Eliza.
Big surprise there, don't you get it?
Eliza doesn't like anybody's work other than Lumina's.
And I don't have a rich daddy like you to buy us clients.
To buy us clients.
Daddy didn't get me this.
What's this for?
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Lumina 1x02 Wake Up Call
They're here.
I forgot that this meeting was today.
Is Lumina here?
No. She called in sick.
I think James should join us, don't you?
Get James then.
Hi. I hope you're feeling better.
I brought your favorite - thousand year egg congee.
Do you want me to get you anything else?
No. Thanks.
Have you been drinking?
No, I'm just not feeling well.
You know, I'm always here for you
if you want to talk...
Thanks, Teddy.
This was just my first sick day in five years. Can you believe that?
I know. Missing work, it's not like you.
Anyway, thanks for the congee, Teddy.
I promise I'll be myself again tomorrow morning.
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