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Where the hell do you think you're putting your lips on?!
Yah! Did you just hit my face?
Not even an ordinary person's face, but to a celebrity's face?
Do you even have any idea how much this face is worth? Are you going to be responsible if it swells up?
Responsibility? You don't even remember what you did to me?
Oh, the kiss? What about it?
Things like that can happen during a concert! Everyone seemed to go crazy because of it!
You..Are you a pervert?!
A pervert? Now you see me as a 'pervert'.
Have you ever seen a good-looking pervert like me?!
Do you think I did it because I wanted to?
Do you think I did it because I liked it?
I don't speak to rude jerks that don't know a life savior when they see one.
You son of a...!!
Stop it, stop it.
Aigoo, even the great Tae Ik is scared of reporters.
Hey, Baek Ho Dong,
just open up that door!
So, that the reporters see that I got hit by Tae Ik, take advantage of the situation and pass out,
create drama for Take One so that it gets blown up!
Stop it already, you jerk!
Don't hit my face! Hit somewhere else!
Instead of my face, hit here.
Tae Ik!
Ah seriously, why are you being like this?!
If Tae Ik Hyung decides to leave the team, then you'd be in big trouble too!
Then, tell him to break up the team! Do you think I'm going to blink an eye even if he does?
But, besides that, do you think I'll be fine? Do you think this will get covered up with make-up?
- Hey, Stylist Choi, give me a mirror. - Yes.
Episode 1 - Part 2
Yes, President.
Tae Ik, take the call.
Hurry, answer.
Come on!
Ohh..Tae Ik, good work today. It must be tiring.
I'll take care of Kang Hwi...
No, I won't work with that guy anymore.
Yes, I know you are having a hard time because of Kang Hwi. Today...
I acknowledge the fact that his... performance today was a bit out of line today.
Have you watched the video footage of today's concert?
The video has reached 10,000 views.
Although the media hasn't written about it yet, by tomorrow, it will have spread!
I'll stop the media from writing that article.
The video is all over the place already!
By stopping the media, do you think this will all be buried and forgotten?!
We can bury it!
Don't you trust me?
You don't think that UEnterLJ can find a solution for something like that?
I do trust you.
And because I trust you, I'm working here.
But, I can't do this anymore.
Tae Ik!!!
It was our concert overseas!
Why should I work with someone that decides to leave right before the concert and throws a boutade on stage!
Why do I have to work with such a person!?
So, what is it that you're saying?
Are you saying that you'll break up the team?
You promised me.
That you'll let me go when I wanted to leave.
I did make that promise!
But, you haven't made me enough money yet!
You made more than enough already.
That's why I gave you your share of the money!
Are you just going to settle with getting back the house?
That's all you wanted?
If you want the whole property back, then shut your mouth and stay where you are.
Whether or not you did your worth is something that I'll decide!
Ah, seriously! What am I going to do about my face?
You can totally tell, right?
You can't tell at all. You really are good looking.
Right? You can't tell at all, right?
It doesn't smear either.
Hey! Stylist Choi!
What's going on? Why are you here? If Tae Ik sees you, you'll get fired!
Hurry and go that way!
I'll be quick and just leave this.
Tae Ik left without removing his make-up.
If he doesn't use this, he'll have skin trouble.
No! You can't! Don't you know how Tae Ik will react if he sees you? He'll kill you!
Stylist Choi?
See me for a bit.
If the water, silk or even cotton that touches my skin
is not 100%, do you or don't you know that it affects my sensitive body?
I know. I know it!
If you know this, how dare you put that on me?
Are you trying to kill me!?
Hey, you created all that ruckus because you wanted to wear it!
Stylist Choi was going to have me wear that from the beginning.
Stylist Choi! Hey, don't cry.
There's no need to talk to a man that makes a woman cry. Just leave.
Where the hell do you think you're going?
You know that I faint right on the spot if I get an allergic reaction!
Are you stupid as a bird or a chicken?
How many times do I have to tell you that I can't just wear anything on my body like you guys do?!
My body...I told you it was a luxury, didn't I?
Luxury? Yeah right!
Hey, for such a luxurious guy like you, why the hell do you make your stylist get sample items like this for you?
I didn't want to say anything because I didn't want to be disgraceful. But,
Lee Tae Ik, you really suck!
You've got nothing. Just because you're a star,
you think you're so great.
I hope you'll continue to put on these sample items on your luxurious body and live a long healthy life!
What did you do with all your money?
How can a Hallyu star like you use sample items like this?
You should've just asked me to buy you some.
Get out.
Where do you want me to go? My room is right over there.
Then go to your room!
Then, why the hell did you insist on wearing that scarf when you knew you were allergic!
You could so tell that wasn't silk! That's why you were sneezing and hyperventilating.
Hey, you couldn't take the scarf off because your hands were shaking, right?
If it wasn't for me, you would've died!
Do you know that?
I know I have a good personality and all, but do you think I wanted to kiss you?
Just thinking about it makes me want to puke.
Kang Hwi, don't overdo it now, do you hear?
Don't you know that there are rumors of you going around on the internet that you're gay?
If you keep messing up like this, you won't be able to appear on TV!
Can't they just be cool about it?
Even Superman and other superpower figures kiss each other and all...
Kang Hwi, you're scheduled to shoot a "Give Hope To The Children's Program".
Ehh? "Give Hope To The Children's Program"?
That's a program where you have to wash dishes, do the laundry and pick up after the kids all day! I'm not going to do that!
Why do you always pick on me for this kind of stuff?
I'm always doing the hard stuff on variety show programs and interviews,
while all he does is shoot commercials.
I really hate it. I won't do it.
Even if I don't do those things, I still give children hope and dreams. Unlike someone.
Look at that, look at that acting like you're so great.
Hey, I'm more popular than you with the kids, you know.
I have a lot of kids on Star King who are my fans, you know.
That's why you can go on that program then.
The one who is more popular should go, right?
Hey! That..
Both of you..won't you stop!!!
Kang Hwi, when I tell you to go to a shooting, just go. I got that schedule together to do some damage control on your image.
Go clean up your image and bury the rumors about you being gay.
Do you understand?!
Also Tae Ik, you didn't do anything good either.
How many times has it been already? Why do you keep firing your stylists within three months?
What are you going to do now? People know about your foul personality that no stylist wants to work for you.
If there isn't anyone, then I just won't use one.
I don't need a stylist who doesn't know anything about my body.
Well, you wouldn't need a stylist anyways. You're always the worst dresser.
We can just go without a stylist. I don't mind at all.
I'm always picking out what I wear anyways and get picked as the best dresser, so it saves you money from hiring a stylist.
Wow, if we keep this up, we'll be rich in no time! Don't you think?
What about from the internet? Is there alot coming in?
This is totally ridiculous!
Why would my Kang Hwi oppa like Tae Ik?
Although it'd be a different story if it was Tae Ik liking my Kang Hwi oppa.
Kang Hwi's wife!
Stop messing around and check if any new orders have come in from our site.
Ah, just hold on for a second! Let me figure this out first.
Hey, it seems like you can't really hear what I'm saying here.
Alright!! I will do it, okay.
Heh, this girl!! You're so crazy about money!
Who's the one whos splitting the money with me and walking away?
Madam, someone just posted a picture.
Where? Where?
Oh my, look how good he looks!
This is an art!
It seems like this guy doesn't have a good looking face seeing how he covered it up,
but he does have a nice slim figure like my Kang Hwi oppa.
I want to see my Kang Hwi oppa...
If we had models pose wearing our collection of men's clothes, don't you think it'll be really popular?
Are you thinking of hiring a male model?
If you're going to hire someone, let's invest a lot of money and bring in a really hot one!
Oh right! Do you want me to try calling this guy?
Who knows, maybe he'll be interested in working part time for us.
Shall we do that?
But, how much is it to hire a part-time worker like that?
Hmm...I don't know, maybe $200 per day?
$200 a day?!
Should I try calling? To see if he has time?
Never mind. I'll figure out something.
What the hell do you mean $200 a day?
I'll go find us a really hot male model, so don't worry about it.
How much does it cost?
All of it?
Yes, all.
It only costs that much?
If you give me more, I'll be glad to accept it. Oh my goodness, look how small his face is.
By the way, I'm paying you a little more.
Here. Have a good day.
Oh my! She gave me $80 more!
Where is the mannequin?
Billy, congratulations for being the male model at Manokine's clothing store.
Let's do well in the future.
Wow, they're so great!
You saw that right, Billy?
You'll be a great fashionista like Won Kang Hwi.
He is really good looking.
How can he be that handsome?
Let's go, Billy.
Oh my! I'm sorry!
It's okay.
Oh my! Oh! That's Oppa!
Move aside!
Step aside!
What are you doing? Why don't you run away?
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Where are you, Oppa?
Are you okay?
Yes, kind of.
I'm sorry. This all happened because Billy dropped your hat.
You'll be ok here. People rarely come here.
Take it off. Hurry!
*Only people screaming after him* "over there and stuff"
Here, they all are gone.
Here. Hurry and change.
Wow, I like your idea. You're awesome!
I'm really thankful. If it wasn't for the pre-recording gig, I would've treated you a meal.
No, it's nothing. You should go now.
What if someone recognizes you again and comes chasing after you?
Then, give me your phone number.
I will send you an invitation ticket when we have a concert.
My friend is a really huge fan of yours.
What is your name?
Hers? Han Ga Rim...
She is also your Seoul fan club member.
Not hers . . . yours.
Ahh . . . Yes.
I'm Jang Man Ok.
Jang Man Ok!
I know that person . . . A very charismatic chinese actor.
Only the names are similar.
Type in your number.
Oh. Okay.
Pretty name and style ...
Nice to meet you, Miss Jang Man Ok.
I will call you later.
You're cute! Jang Man Ok.
Wong Kang Hwi, where are you?
Don't you know we have a schedule?
I am on my way right now.
Seriously! If you end up late today as well, then you just wait and see
You just be on time. I will be there right on time
Just wait and see if you come late!
Baek Ho Dong! Step on it! I need to get there before Won Kang Hwi!
Step on it! Step on it! C'mon!
What? Why did you stop?
The signal changed.
Aish, seriously ...
What? What's wrong?
It's acting weird. What's wrong all of a sudden?
Has it broken down? What's wrong?
It ran out ... of gas.
Yes. Yes, come here as fast as you can.
How did It go? When will he arrive?
It will take around 20 mins.
Don't give me that rubbish!
Did you call him?
Ah, over there ...
Here! Right here!
I don't think that's him.
What are you staring at...It wouldn't
happen to be my leg, would it?
So, it is!
This person! Where the hell are you looking?!
You know me, right?
I'm sorry. Since you're a 'T Give &' (fanclub) member, I'm going to ask you a favor.
I'm in kind of a hurry. Please lend me your scooter
Well... yes.
Ah! Grandpa!
I am asking you a favor.
I'm sorry, but I also have an urgent matter.
Seems like you are our fan. I'm asking you for a favor
I have a live broadcast scheduled now.
Oh, seriously ...
I am not your fan. I am really busy.
And, you don't have a live broadcasted show, it's pre-recorded, isn't it?
Why would you lie?
Seeing how you know our schedule, you are a fan.
Whatever it is you want, an autograph or whatever, I owe you one.
Listen...Get off immediately!
And that is a girl's helmet.
Oh, it fits right.
You thief! Hey!
I was wondering if you're alright.
I'm really sorry. We'll fully compensate for...
Forget it, compensation or whatever. I'll die if I don't get there in 20 minutes.
Alright. No matter what it takes, I'll get you there in time.
If you are not able to get me there in time, then
I'll definitely report that Tae ik or whoever as a scooter thief. You'd better keep that in mind.
What are you doing?! Go a little faster.
Jang Mang Ok, how long does it take you to answer?
Class! It's almost time for our class, so we were warming up!
Yes. Yes.
There's a way.
Yes, Grandpa. Yes.
Did you work things out?
How could it work out well? With Billy's arm looking like this?
We'll get you a new mannequin.
Forget it. It's fine if I can stick his arm back in.
Billy! I'm sorry. It hurt a lot, didn't it?
You're not leaving?
Ex... Excuse me...
Please accept my apologies.
What's this?
It's just gas money for your scooter...
I'm really sorry.
I'll bring the scooter back immediately
Oh . . . You . . . To this extent . . .
Things can happen in life.
You dropped me off all the way here. Should I make you some warm coffee?
No. Rather than that...
It's a contract that you'll never talk about what happened today.
Since the kids are in the entertainment industry,
just in case, if something were to happen...
It's just for formality.
Please sign it.
Of course..
I'm sorry! There was so much traffic!
Seriously! I told you clearly, right?
If you are late... I am not late, right?
We already rehearsed last time, so it's fine!
The stage circulation got changed. When I move over to the left...
It's alright. I'll make my moves as I see fit.
Why are you being such an amateur?
TAKE ONE, it's rehearsal time.
Guys, let's go.
Hey, are you okay? Kang Hwi! Kang Hwi!
Are you alright?! You should go to the hospital.
It is okay since a bandage has been put on.
Let's continue doing it with the hat on.
I'm sorry, let's do it again. I'm sorry.
Well. Please stand by
Here it is.
Yes. Thank you.
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Lee Tae Ik, this rude guy, where did he go?
Seeing how I got hurt and we finished our recording session well,
shouldn't he at least come and see if I'm alright and say a few words? He doesn't even have the decency to even worry!
So, as soon as the show ends, he just disappears like that?
Hey Baek Oh Dong, do I have to keep working with this kind of rude dog?
This rude dog?
Where is the scooter?
Aigo, seriously. Do you know how hard it was for me because of that scooter?
If you just ride off with a total stranger's scooter...
Then, should I have not shown up for the recording?
Or should I have been like Won Kang Hwi, who fooled around on stage because he didn't memorize the stage circulation and crack my forehead open?
Why are you being like this? You know that's not what I meant.
Give me the car key.
Yeah, okay.
Let's go together. You said you don't like driving.
Heh forget it! I don't want to see that loser's face!
This guy, seriously.
Yes. This is delivery service.
Are you Mr. Na Nim?
No one seems to be at home.
Wait a second. Someone is here.
Yes..someone is here.
Excuse me.
By any chance, do you live here?
Yeah, someone came.
Please answer the phone.
Ohh..you already went home.
Hey, your hyungnim got hurt but you don't even look in on him and just went home, shamefully.
Is that why you called?!
I'm hanging up now.
What is it?
I am telling you to take the delivery. That is very important so....
so take a good care of it, alright?
That crazy son of a...!!
Hey. Where is it?
I am asking you where the package is.
I threw it away.
I threw it away.
I warned you. If you're late again, I'll make sure you'll regret being late.
What? You really threw it away?
Aish! That was a limited edition!
Where did you throw it away? Where?
Today is the trash collection day.
Go quickly.
trash collection?
Aish, you, seriously!
Stop! Stop!
Oh, my hard life.
You did well.
To Master, greeting.
Thank you.
Bye. You have worked hard.
Yes. It's the Man Ok Residence.
Isn't this Manokine's clothing store?
Yes. It is correct. Here is Manokine's clothing store.
I called about the denim shirt I purchased the other day.
It says that it's out of stock on the internet site...
Ah, yes, that was a limited edition item, so it'll be hard to re-stock it.
Isn't there any other way?
I really need it you know!
I will call you after I look into it.
By any chance, what is your ID?
I am Na Nim.
Please help me out.
Ah, and also, could you please make sure it gets delivered properly?
Please call me when you ship it.
Keep up the good work.
So, this is how you want to play, Lee Tae Ik.
What you did today....
you will regret it very much.
It doesn't make sense
Why should I go there?
Then, should I send him in that condition?
I was really looking forward to this shoot, you know?
I also prepared to play with kids.
This is too bad.
This happened because you went on stage without listening to directions.
Enough already! It's already happened.
Tae Ik, you better get ready for the shooting.
I don't want to.
You know that I don't do variety programs.
It's not variety.
It's a public interest program.
It's a 4 day special program that the broadcast company is shooting!
Do you know how much this will cost us if we don't show up for this program?
And, this will benefit your image.
I told you that I don't want to!
Don't you know that I don't like kids?
I hate kittens, puppies, kids and everything.
Are you going to keep acting like this?
Have I ever made you record variety show programs?
We've all been working around what you want till now!
But, I have to beg you to go on a public interest program?
If that's how bad you don't want to do it, then break the contract and leave then!
It doesn't affect me whatsoever!
Yes. Today, "Take ONE" member Lee Tae Ik is
here at the study room to be Kim Joo Young's parent for the day!
Let's go on the slide!
Tae Ik,
please play together as if it is fun.
That way, we'll have something to show.
Let's take a break.
We're going to take a little break!
Why do you keep staring at me like that?
You don't even play with me.
Hyung (I)
is not staring at you.
Then do you want to play with me?
Then do Paing Paing for me.
Paing Paing?
Follow me.
What is Paing Paing?
It is spinning while holding hands.
Like this!
Like this?
Like this, right? Yes.
Like this? You like it? Yes.
It is fun, right?
Is it fun?
What's wrong? Are you okay?
I dislocated my arm.
Are you okay, Hyung?
Me too. I dislocated my arm.
Hospital ... let's take you to the hospital.
I need to go to the Taekwondo studio in front!
My Master can relocate my arm back.
Why would you go to a Taekwondo studio
when you've dislocated your arm!? You should go to the hospital instead!
I am serious.
I used to go to the Taekwondo studio whenever I needed to relocate my arm.
It's right here. We don't have much time either.
Are you okay?
It is here.
We should go inside.
What's wrong?
Master, I dislocated my arm.
Again? You should be more careful?
Let me see.
Move it.
It is okay now. Thank you, Master.
Yes, leave.
But that Ajusshi's arm is also dislocated.
Ajusshi, who?
Singer Ahjussi.
We meet again like this.
Oh my! It seem like you don't remember me.
Ah, that's so upsetting.
Last time, you stole the scooter from her and she beat me to death...
It is that person.
I think you dislocated your arm.
My friends also had hard time because they dislocated their arms not too long ago.
Go Dong,
Let's go.
Should we do that?
Lee Tae Ik!