Google I/O Sandbox Case Study: Evite

Uploaded by GoogleDevelopers on 21.06.2011

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Jessica Stanton: We do free online invitation, guest list, party management for everyone.

The reasons that people generally seem to use our system over anything else
is the personalization and the long-standing name.
It's like people will say "Kleenex," not "facial tissue."
They'll say "Evite," not "some invitation online."
And there are certain systems out there that seem to be more of a--
like a push.
Like, "This is what I'm doing" as opposed to a "Hey best friends.
I'd like you to come to my housewarming party."
And a lot of people that use it prefer the designs that we have
or the customization with that or inserting their child's picture in,
so that it makes it especially special for them.
It's a nice medium between just an email and sending out a paper invitation.

The things that made App Engine especially desirable for us
are the auto-scaling and a lot of the monitoring systems.
A lot of the things that are built-in
that would be a little bit more difficult for us to just build on our own
because the team itself is maybe five developers.
So such an all-inclusive package has been very useful.
And it's been very good to us.
So it seems to me that the opportunities that App Engine has afforded to us
is more time to do what we need to do
to just get things done and to get new features out
and not have to worry so much about load
- and things going down because we take on 16 to 18 million unique users a month.
So it's really nice to see like instances spin up and come down
and we never had to touch anything.
It's just such a great product that I'm sure more pieces of it
will be moving on very soon.