Beneath A Steel Sky - Intro [eng/spa subtitles]

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The old man was trying to tell the future
Looking for pictures in the campfire
-Ohhh, I see evil...
evil, born deep beneath the city
far from the light of day
I see it, growing safe below a sky of steel...
scheming in the dark... gathering strength...
and now... ohh...
now the evil spreads!
it sends deadly feelers over the land above...
across the gap... reaching towards this very place!
I'd seem him do this a hundred of times
but I humoured him
after all, he'd been like a father for me
-And what does this evil want here?
-Oh, my son, I fear...
I fear the evil wants you!
That was when Joey piped up
-Sensors detect incoming audio source!
-The evil! the evil is nearly here--
It sounded more like a 'copter than a demon
but next thing all hell let loose, anyway
-Run, Foster! run!
Hide from the evil!
-Foster, help!
Better make my next body move faster, Foster
He was only a robot
oh I loved the little guy
then, as suddenly as started
the shooting stopped
there was a moment of silence as the 'copter cut its rotors
Whoever is in charge here, come forward...
Only a fool would've argued with that firepower
-I am the leader of these people
we are peaceful
-Bring him here!
-At once, commander Reich!
-We're looking for someone
someone who doesn't belong here...
who wasn't born in this garbage dump...
who came from the city as a child
we want to take him home again
My mind racing
I remembered where i'd seen that symbol before...
it was the day the tribe found me
the day of the crash
the day my mother died
-You alright, city boy? -Got a name, son?
-hah! welcome to the gap, Robert!
As he patched me up
the old man had gently explained that there no way back into the city...
and I already knew there was nothing he could do for mother
This tribe was poor
but their treated me like one of their own
I learned how to survive in the wasteland their called the gap
and scavenging the city dumps
as the years passed, I forgot my life in the city
discovered new talents
-hah! -I'm your friend... me Joey
and got a second name
-This is what we'll call you
now you've come of age, son
we found you, fostered you...
so that makes you...
Robert Foster
-Wasted enough time!
give us the runaway or we'll shoot everyone...
starting with you, grandad!
The old man had been right, for once...
it was me they wanted
-No, my son! don't let the evil take you!
-DNA scan confirms it's him sir
Evil had come to the gap, just as he said
-Take him
But had the old man seen why it wanted me?
or what it could do next?
it was too late to ask him now
-Leaving destruction zone, commander Reich
-Good, detonate
Much too late
-Why you murdering--
-Keep him quiet
All I could do was wait
just like on a hunt just like the old man taught me
wait... and be ready
It was dawn when we reached the city
-Land in the central security compound
A dawn my tribe would never see
they were no more than a note in Reich's book now
-Yes sir, locking on automatic landing beacon
But what was I? why did--
-Sir! the guidance system! it's gone crazy!
We're going to hit!
Maybe i'd get some answers now...
if I survived another 'copter crash