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Sup I'm Stas Davidov!
Wait what? I think I ate something I shouldn't have yesterday...
But I prepared for the April the 1st!
My back is white, my shoes are untied, even my fly is open.
Altho what fly are we talking about? I've no legs.
And because i look like this today, i guess i'll have to talk about horrible things.
About the people who didn't get destroyed by Godzilla, about the Japanese.
About their ad classics to be more exact.
The problem of this episode is that all three videos can be described with one phrase.
WTF Japan?!
Well, we'll see how it goes.
Oh yeah, forgot to mention.
All the videos from this episode will really stick to your brain.
Well, now that you know - enjoy.
Japanese Kinder Surprises are somehow retarded [schizo in every egg!]
Why does this bird have both eyes on one side, like a flatfish!
And what are those guys? Like a special asian species? [asiatus chokoborikus]
Son, why aren't you telling me anything about your job?
Well, umm... it's really classified.
[kill me! :'(]
Two views and you're walking around humming this shit [sticky shit]
You watched it about 1,5 times in total.
Here's another half for ya! [+0.5 x shit]
Good luck ^^
And this is Horosho!
Second vid is a Dichlorvos ad featuring a korean actor [at least it says so in the comments]
While on Dichlorvos.
And now imagine.
8am, saturday, you're home sleeping.
And one floor down a band of those pest controllers are starting to do their job.
[roaches will die of horror 0_0]
That's some %@##%!
[Stanislav! 0_0]
Wait, was that?
Aaah, we changed the settings of our automatic beeper.
The word "ani@#%...
..me", it beeps it out as well.
[strangely it doesn't censor the picture]
Well, looks like this Dichlorvos is mostly for sniffing.
Damn, I just got over my phobia of dark alleys.
You know, it's not all that bad.
He could've worn a roach costume and spray himself as well [japanese ads know no limits]
And this is Horosho!
And the third vid is... ah just watch it [no patience >.<]
[now 12% more chicken]
You might think that it is you usual japanese ad [define usual]
But if you look closely, you might see that the guy is Finnish [Ville Valo?]
Oh, speaking of combos.
It's a Finnish guy who imitates an American Austrian from a Japanese ad [WUT?]
Still don't believe in the End of the World?
I'd think if I were you.
[Let it all die! 0_0]
[bless you!]
How amazing that this guy could understand the subtle and complicated art of japanese commercials.
Maybe coz he's a crazyass Finnish dude?
[Crazyass Finnish dude O_o]
You prolly guessing what he was advertising.
[yea, cant wait]
Who bloody cares?
Nippon Kazauwa!!!!
Sorry, just couldn't join the guy, his laugh is contagious.
And this is Horosho!
Yes-yes, this ep also had a Diablo Beta CD Key. You prolly weren't fast enough to activate it anyway. 4 more to go.
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And where do you think Petrarka lived?
[And where do you think Petrarka lived?]
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So, how do you open the swimming season?
Swimming? Never heard of it. (J. Christ)
How do I open the swimming season? I don't. Have no key and I'm not the one responsible :D
Like you're walking down the street, slip. fall in a puddle and there you go, season is opened
I don't, i only have one river in my city and it's radioactive(((
I use a bottleopener.
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April fools :P