Council of Representatives Session I: NAD Conference 2012!

Uploaded by NADvlogs on 03.07.2012

Girard: Different kinds of people participate and learn about opportunities. For example, I invited this person, who is involved in CAD as a reporter,
interviewing a variety of people, and now she is here. I got her involved and she's here learning more. So that's one example.
Draganac-Hawk: This person had no children and loved being single. She was a business woman, traveling frequently. She always loved her family but didn't want a family of her own.
Why am I bringing this up? Because society makes assumptions on what people want.
Sometimes people are biased or not completely informed on issues.
McCowin: It's a double whammy - I'm black, and I'm deaf.
Think positive - it's easier to focus on the negative with a vocabulary that has a more negative than positive focus.
It's still not addressed. How do we discuss and understand why people are angry, and have a really, really in-depth dialogue.
Wagner: We have different people who can respond to these questions. Now, for leadership opportunities in your organization's program, who wants to give the first answer? Go ahead.
McCowin: I feel that the most important issue is diversity.
Because diversity is not only the color of the skin, but feelings and other cultural ties that establish different groups within our community.
It's hard to move forward with these separate groups. Diversity reflects many differences in individuals and communities.
We need to understand and accept this, and then we can move forward as a unified group.
Benedict: The meeting was productive. I look forward more in-depth discussion on issues. Today was a nice introduction.
Unity. Today was great, especially the diversity training. People with different perspectives shared their views as members of a unified community.
Benedict: I think for today, the most important topic discussed was the parliamentary process.
In the beginning, there were some ineffective discussions. After training, many people had a better understanding of what to do, and meetings will go by more smoothly now.
The meeting ended with Howard's presentation. It was important to review what NAD staff members have been working on the past two years.
Understanding what progress has been made will help us with our discussions tomorrow, on progress for the next two years.