HetaOni 3 - Part 2/3 [ENG / FRA / GER / ITA / NLD / POL / POR / SPA subs]

Uploaded by SotetAG on 04.06.2010

Aaargh!! Japan! The Thing!! It's the Thing!!
Tsk... You came too soon! Japan, take Italy with you and run!!
Italy! You're all right!
G-Germany~ Ve... Your face looks weird...
Me and West will take care of this! Just go, quickly!
Dear me... I must be losing my hearing in my old age. I can't hear you at all.
Huh?! Hey, Italy!!
Oh, um... I suddenly got deaf, too!
Italy!! You—!!
Isn't this nostalgic? Once again, I draw my sword in the name of the Axis.
Now that you mention it~ We've been in peace for a while now, so I'd completely forgotten about it~
Italy... Japan...
It is my honourable duty to fight along with you. Let's go, Italy.
Bear the Cross
Torture Lv. 1
Bear the Cross
Rice Ball
Rice Ball
Rice Ball
It disappeared...
Ve~ It really is a ghost...
Are you hurt?
The hell?! You totally ignored what I said!
I thought the two of us alone could do something about it... I'm sorry. You really helped. Are you okay, too?
Yep. But I'm so relieved now! You two ran away /really/ fast, so I'd been wondering what had happened to you.
I am really glad that everyone is all right. Now, what are we going to do from here?
Yeah. The Thing could show up here again, so we should move to a room that is as safe as possible.
Besides, if the four of us stick together, it won't be so scary.
Good idea, Prussia!! Now, let's search for a room that looks as safe as possible. And let's not split up, of course.
Roger, Captain!!
All joined the party.
Found "Wooden Box"
[Wooden Box] Light-weighted box made of wood.
Move the lever? - To the top - To the middle - To the bottom
Obtained "Second Floor Key".
[Second Floor Key] Solid key. It opens the rooms on the second floor.
Used "Second Floor Key".
Lock the door? - Lock it firmly. - Go out for a moment.
I feel as if I'm forgetting something. Let's walk around a little more.
Lock the door? - Lock it firmly. - Go out for a moment.
There is something under the table.
Found "Matchbox"
Opened the drawer.
Found "First-Aid Kit"; party fully recovered.
There is nothing.
There is nothing.
There is nothing.
Piece of Paper B
[Matchbox] Contains 12 matches.
Lock the door? - Lock it firmly. - Go out for a moment.