Alejandro & Diego - 018 (English Subs)

Uploaded by AleRP01 on 19.02.2012

Dad! You're crazy! It's too much. It must have cost you a fortune. How much was it?
You see. I told you. Our girl is not going so stop until you tell her the price.
Now she's going to want to pay for it. -Daughter forget about that.
I'm going to pay for it in hundreds of installments. Besides, it wasn't too much because it's pre-owned
The guy that bought it returned it because he wanted a more expensive one.
It's incredible! With this I can start writing on the Cervantes's portal.
I'll open. (Nora): Thanks dad, I love you.
Ale! -Hi Ms. Lupe.
Hi, come in. -Mr. Pedro
Hi son, how are you? -It's a pleasure seeing you two.
Thank you. Love come with me. Let's bring him an horchata. -Sit down, son.
What brings you here, you widow.
I came to tell you you're a pigheaded. That you talk bad about me with everyone and that..
That you always want to be right, that you're an intolerable scorpion and that ....
But I also came because... Because I miss you and because you're my best friend.
And besides, I don't want to continue on fighting with you.