【Touhou Anime】幻想万華鏡~Memories of Phantasm【東方】JP Fandub + Eng subs

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Yuyuko-sama, everything's going as planned.
Let us start, in this dark, forsaken land,
the Banquet of Ghosts...
Hey Reimu, I caught an ice fairy ~daze
Oh, hello Marisa. Yeah, those Fairies get too excited if you let your guard down
It's freezing, can you shut the door already?
Look! It's snowing in the spring! Now there are full of ice fairies and youkai!
Take a look! The weather is weird!
Let me go!
Well, I did hear Spring coming late this year...
NO WAY! There's gotta be some youkai culprit's doing!
Isn't that a Hakurei Shrine maiden's job to resolve incident and getting rid of youkai?
Well fine! In that case, I'll get rid of the youkai myself.
You better prepared your "I'm so sorry Marisa, it was something after all" speech after this is settled.
Idiot Idiot Idiot Idiot Idiot Idiot Idiot...
It's nice to be out flying, but where to begin?
I've gotta find some information...
Ooh, here's my first information provider!
Wait, that's...
Well Well, she's ready for this.
Ah, a papergirl.
Well well daze~
This is the Netherworld. A place where ghosts sleep.
Human who still retains life, return to your own world at haste.
Give it up, half human half ghost!
I know what you guys are up to!
So give us back our Spring!
Oh, if you want to resist, go ahead. I love challanges.
*pfft* Hahaha, to imagine a human could say such thing.
You can't be the Hakurei Shrine maiden? Who might you be?
I'm Kirisame Marisa, an ordinary magician!
Ugh...an ordinary human possesses this much power...? Forgive me, Yuyuko-sama...
All right then, lead me to your boss...
Never mind, you can sleep there.
My my...You're not the Hakurei Shrine maiden, are you?
I'm tired of hearing that line, daze~!
Excuse me!
Hello...my my, you are still here.
Why is everyone's coming from the back door?
Well, if it isn't the vampire's maid. Are you alone today?
Milady does not wish to come out today due to cold weather, I'm here to convey a message to you.
"How long are you going to let this youkai problem continue?" That is all.
It's none of your business.
Surely, you must even know this already, but...
Preserving the balance of Gensokyo is a shrine maiden's duty.
Oh, yeah it is.
That balance may not be present for much longer.
It's my job to decide if that happens...
You're absolutely right.
Well, I have delivered the message.
The black-white magician is already heading for the Netherworld.
I wonder, if someone dies in the Netherworld, rest in peace?
Hey Ghost! Get rid of the snow, I can't even go flower viewing!
Give us our Spring back, or I'll just take it by force. So take your pi...
Would you prefer to die and become one of us or become one of us then die...
The choice is yours.
I wouldn't call that a choice!
Take a good look at this cherry blossom tree, the Saigyou Ayakashi.
See how the tree has no petals? It still need more spring.
Who cares!
Sorry to say, your time ends here.
Damn, it's way too bright...!
Reimu! What are you...!
We'll talk later.
My my my.
No way!
A barrier?!
Guess I was a little bit careless.
All's well that ends well, right?
Still, that was a pretty tough job.
This is why I didn't want to deal with this.
After we resolved the incident, all the youkai gather here for a party.
So what? It's fun after all.
Even the youkai culprit is here...
My My, consider it as a symbol of my apologies.
Have some appetizers?
*sigh* This'll scare away all the worshippers.
And even worse, I have to clean up all this. That's why I hate dealing with problems.
Wait a minute!
You're telling me that's your insinificant reason?
Oh, and Reimu, do you have something to talk to me?
It was something just like you said. "I was SOOO wrong! I'm SOOO sorry!"
Oh, get real!
What's the big deal?
And you call yourself a shrine maiden? That's why your shrine's always empty!
I dealed with the problem properly, thank you!
Are you serious? You just stole the spotlight during the best part!
So Reimu resolved the incident after all.
It seems that way.
I never doubted her.
Even if you did not pay her a visit while you snuck out of the mansion to go shopping...
...nothing would have changed.
...I suppose you are right.
Hmm, now what should your punishment be for that?
...Whatever you decide.
So what! If I didn't show up to save you, you would've been in trouble anyway!
Shouldn't you be saying something to me too?
Good job!
Or how about "Thanks For Your Trouble"?
What's with that ego?
H-Hey! That's my drink!
Wasn't there someone here?
Hehe, you came at a right time.
Things will get very interesting.
What do you mean? The cherry blossom tree failed to bloom.
Cherry Blossom tree?
Yes, the Saigyou Ayakashi.
Oh, I'm not concerned about that anymore.
Though how I longed to see it bloom...
My apologies...I had no idea that human could...
It's all right. It was quite exciting.
On the bright side, the Hakurei Shrine maiden didn't take notice of certain other things...
That's good for us.
I wanted to try this on...
...D-Does it suit me?