Maximize Forehand Power - Table Tennis (HD)

Uploaded by TableTennisMaster on 26.07.2012

Okay transfer your body
this is
in table tennis, it's very important.
Right now
if you are
just practice just start
you're going to transfer
from this leg
to this leg.
So do it a little bit slower
you, no rush to
bam bam bam bam hit the ball every single time
no rush.
Just slower.
You need to feel
your body
can add more power
on the ball.
So from back side
move to forehand, move to this side.
Back side
front side.
So just slower, I'm going to show
a few balls.
Slow down, slow down not that fast.
Move from back, move forward.
Back, move forward.
It's the same thing loop, it's the same thing.
So move back
then move forward.
Okay this is
body transfer from back
to forward.
When you practice more and more and you get higher
you can feel your control (power)
came from
your body
It's going to come from your
body, the power, I mean the power.
Your arm
just control
and follow through.
If you do forehand loop
from back
to forward
so earlier it was a little bit slow
right now I'm going to do a little bit faster okay.
So take a look at the power
comes from my body.
You see that?
So then
if you can feel the power come from your body
next level
just use your balance
to hit the ball
because body
too much movement
it's too slow you want faster so you're going to use your balance.
Okay let's go, like this
So quick back.
So just use your balance.
Okay this is
body transfer, balance transfer
this is very important for your power.
I think after you practice for awhile it should be okay.