White Coat Ceremony Temple University School of Medicine

Uploaded by TempleUniversity on 11.08.2011

in the eighteenth century a philosopher said a physician sits in the front row of the theatre of life.
women and men of the class of two thousand fifteen welcome to this great profession
I'm absolutely excited and it's more anticipation more than anything
It's a long journey, I'm not going to keep my eye at the end, I'm going to enjoy it for what it is now. I think that is the way to get through it.
The arts and science of medicine is lifelong learning not a continuing education, it's a continuous education.
Kaiser: is really a great way to sort of a start things off. the hard work now begins, but this is a great occasion for them.
they have worked very hard to get here and uh... this sort of marks the
beginning of the rest of their life really
from the moment put on that coat, you will become a part of a great profession and all that comes with it.
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I'm excited, it fits really nicely
I want to go into Pediatrics, work with kids. I want them to happy and healthy.
Welcome and congratulations, class of Two Thousand Fifteen.