Human and Tech Networks Improve Education, Healthcare, and Job Prospects in China

Uploaded by Cisco on 14.12.2011

NARRATOR: Wenchuan was struck by a catastrophic magnitude, 8.0 earthquake on May 12, 2008.
In addition to significant loss of life, countless homes were destroyed, and many schools and hospitals were seriously damaged.
AMY CHRISTEN: When the earthquake happened, we felt the need to respond immediately.
Cisco and the Chinese government formed a three-year corporate social responsibility program named Connecting Sichuan -- to rebuild better, together.
NARRATOR: Connecting Sichuan was designed to transform healthcare, education, and the workforce, through the use of information and communications technology.
Since 2008, we have connected urban and rural communities for improved access to quality healthcare, with services delivered through over 30 smart hospitals, regional healthcare clouds, and mobile clinics equipped with networking and collaboration technologies, such as Cisco TelePresence.
TAN GANG: Specialists from Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital in Chengdu provided real-time instructions during surgery, helping us to improve our medical expertise.
LAI SHIPENG: Now primary care doctors can obtain guidance from expert radiologists without leaving our hospital.
NARRATOR: Leveraging technology, Connecting Sichuan helped transform local schools into models for 21st century education, with networked, digitally-enabled classrooms.
TANG JIANCHENG: Cisco has helped narrow the education gap between urban and rural schools in Sichuan.
JAMES GUO: The Education Curriculum Resource Center is based on cloud computing.
ZHU JING: We now have access to resources that we didn't have in the past.
This allows us to easily and frequently update our teaching curriculum.
NARRATOR: We also committed to building ICT workforce capacity in Sichuan, to help disaster-hit areas to prepare workers for 21st century technology careers.
NING DUOBIAO: Cisco Networking Academy trained thousands of students, helping to build a stronger workforce across the province.
Thanks to the Cisco Networking Academy, I've become a Certified Networking Professional.
ZHU HONG: Connecting Sichuan showcases the power of public/private partnerships.
This model is a springboard for innovation and future collaboration.
JEFF MOON: Cisco will continue to provide these replicable, scalable, and sustainable technologies to other communities.
This improves access, services, and, naturally, cost-efficiencies.
NARRATOR: The work that began in Sichuan does not end in Sichuan.
Together, we can help ensure that the 21st century education, healthcare, and ICT capacity solutions developed through this program continue to expand, evolve, and benefit people around the world.