[eng sub] SHINee interview in Satzone Thailand [2009]

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SHINee plays detective during their waiting for the interview
There's something on the glass.
Look at this
Onew kept blowing
What is it???
Let's go! It's time for our interview! Stop paying attention to the watch!
Hello, we're SHINee!
Hello, I'm the leader khun..khun...
Hello, I'm the leader "Onew".
Hello, I'm the youngest "Taemin".
Hello, My name is "Jonghyun".
Hello, My name is "Minho".
Hello, My name is "Key".
What is your best experience in Thailand?
My best experience is when we had the SMTown Concert.
Because we worked with our sunbae in the company and they took really good care of us.
And I felt really moved when the Thai fans sang our song in Korean.
When we listened to it, we felt really happy.
I remember that when we sang "Replay" and saw the green light in front of us
, we were really surprised.
We were really moved, especially when we were singing
and the fans moved their green (pen)lights with us.
We felt really touched and we would like to thank all the fans who support us.
Since you guys are so close, we would like you guys to talk about the personality of each person in the group.
Minho really likes to tidy up things. If someone's room is messy, he likes to organize them for him
And we think that this is very nice.
Since the others don't like to keep their things in order. [Taemin: HAHAHA]
Talk about Jonghyun, he really likes to sing when he's sleeptalking.
It's the song that we always practice on.
[Minho: That's true.]
About Onew's personality...
It's better to have Taemin, the youngest one, to talk about this.
About Onew-hyung's personality...[um..what is it...?]
Oh, I got it! When he sleeps, he likes to put the blanket over his head.
It's like he's afraid of something.
No, that's not it. I like to cover my head with the blanket because you guys have the lights on
and I can't sleep like that. [Jonghyun: Oh, I see..]
So I need to use blanket to cover my head so I can't see the lights.
Talk about Key, he likes to take care of everyone in the group.
If someone hasn't eaten breakfast yet, he'll prepare the food for him.
And most importantly, if someone loses his stuff, he'll help him find it.
He's like a butler in our dorm.
We know that you guys dress really cool and fashionable.
But what's your actual sense of style?
Each of us has a different sense of style.
But Jonghyun and I like Japanese and European style.
And we like to have accessories.
As for Minho, he likes plain and polite kind of clothes.
Taemin likes the easy and comfortable kind of clothes.
Onew has his own style of dressing up.
Which style is it? Let him answer for himself.
The style that I like? Even I can't answer that.
As long as I like it, I am okay with it.
How do you guys feel now that your fashion styles are a hit among the Thai people,
especially with your mushroom haircut or the "SHINee" haircut?
About our mushroom haircut,
First, We would like to thank our Thai fans,
Because if the Thai fans follows our fashion, or like our haircut,
That means you guys follow our works.
We would like to thank to fans that likes SHINee.
They would like to award the Thai fans (for their supports)by speaking Thai.
[singing "Replay" in Thai: Noona you're so pretty]
See you next time.
I love you.
I miss you.
I love you. Thank you. Hello. [T/N: Key, you're so random]
Would you like to send a message to the Thai fans?
Eventhough we have been to Thailand many, many times,
But the Thai fans still give us such warm reception.
We felt really welcomed,
And soon we're going to have another new album,
We would like the Thai fans to follow our work.
Thank you.