111221 Christmas Message from JYJ (w/ ENG SUBS)

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YC: One, two, three.
JYJ: Hello, weíre JYJ. Merry Christmas~
JS: and..
YC: and.. you were trying to say and a happy new year, right?
JS: and happy new year.
JJ: Why donít we try again?
JYJ: Merry Christmas~
JS: and~ Happy new year~
JS: Say it too~
JJ: Itís Christmas!
YC: Yeah. JJ: Itís here again.
JS: Yes.. uh, Christmas is here every year.
JJ: Right. WhatÖdo you want to do? At this Christmas.
JS: Everyone, a ëmust-doí I recommend for Christmas.
YC: A ëmust-doí?
JS: Yeah, a ëmust-doí... I want to water-ski at Han River.
JJ: At the frozen solid river? YC: You have to give a demonstration first then.
JS: Uh.. on the Christmas day at noon.. Iíll meet you at the Han River dock.
YC: Han river is really big, you know.
JS: What?
JJ: Exactly where..? give us the accurate address.
YC: Yeah, exactly where?
JS: I donít want to say the precise location. (Yoochun laughing) Somewhere.
JJ: Somewhere~
JYJ: To someone~
JJ: What will you be doing?
YC: If something happens~ (Itís a song lyrics)
YC: Umm.. at the end of the year, usually there are a lot of drinking parties, and..
YC: at the end of the year, a lot of relationships are made (Literal: relationships are spread during at the end of the year)
JJ: Right.
YC: When you go to drink parties you might feel sick, and there are a lot of people who get tired because of so much drinking.
YC: So, at least on the Christmas day, I hope you donít drink..
(Junsu clapping) JJ: Ah.. being with friends and families.
JS: Not drinking ëbecauseí itís a special day. Actually..
YC: Because there are a lot of other drinking parties..
JS: I heard actually bad things happen frequently at Christmas. A lot of fights..
JS: Something like that happens a lot.. so spending the day meaningfully instead of drinking. Oh, that was really good, Yoochun.
JJ: So is Yoochun-ssi going to drink or not?
YC: Iím drinking.
(All three laughing)
YC: Drinking is my joy..
JJ: By any chance, underage fans might.. (be watching) JS: Obviously.
YC: Underage fans shouldnít drink and.. (JJ: Of course)
JS: Youíre teasing them. "Iím going to drink because Iím an adult, but you shouldnít." Is it something like that?
YC: No, I wasnít intending something like that. Underage fans..
JJ: Oh, they can recommend (not drinking) to their parents or family. That was your intention, right?
YC: Yeah, thatís right.
(Jaejoong laughs)
YC: Thanks. I wonít talk further.
JS: Yoochun is saying that underage fans..
YC: Wait, are there any underage fans among our fans?
JJ: Of course YC: Didnít they get older and are almost all adults?
JS: They are almost all adults, right.
YC: There are some fans that arenít adults but look like ones..
JJ&JS: Ah~
JJ: Donít do that~
JS: Do you judge fans by appearance?
YC: No, matured, matured. I mean because JYJ has matured, even though theyíre young, some JYJ fans also look mature..
JJ: Ah, so you can feel their loving hearts.. JS: Ah~
JJ: Junsu-ssi.. show us how much you love our fans.
JS: Uh, really..
JS: my eyes are tearing up.
(Yoochun laughing)
JS: Really. Hey, it sounds like Iím joking if you laugh like that. Iím sincere.
JS: I just concentrated on my emotions, and suddenly you..
YC: Ok, then weíll react well this time. Weíll react seriously.
JS: Start it now please.
JJ: Since itís Christmas, express your sincere love for our fans.
JS: Can I have a tissue please?
YC: Why, why..
JJ: Are you okay?
JS: Yes, Iím okay, ah..
YC: Donít cry..
(Junsu laughs)
JJ: You laughed yourself. Whatís the matter with you?
YC: "Do you want some Penzal? Are you sick? Donít be~"
JS: It feels like a joke if I do it this way.
JS: Really, sincerely, Iím so thankful to them. Always.. fansí hearts thinking of us night and day.. we can always feel it.
JS: Although we always say we should make good music and performances to repay, I think our effort is always not enough compared to fansí love.
JS: So I think we should work harder next year, and.. letís work hard.
(Yoochun and Jaejoong clapS)
JJ: Oh, I think you were very serious after a long time.
JS: Iím always serious.
JJ: ..really?
JS: Yes. I always.. should be serious about fans.
JJ: Who do you love the most in the world?
(Yoochun laughing)
JS: What? Where did that question come from?
JJ: I just wanted to ask.
JS: Fans.
JJ: What about your parents?
JS: I love my parents of course.
JJ: Who do you love more between those two?
(Junsu is thinking..)
YC: Okay.. JS: Iím not doing this!
YC: Okay, okay..
YC: That much. JJ: You love them that much, you have to think about that question.
JS: Ugh..please.
YC: Thatís a good answer enough already. (ëThatí being Junsu's pause to think whether he loves the fans or his parents more)
YC: Why is Jaejoongie-hyung is always asking? There are times you should answer.
JJ: Thatís because you donít ask me.
JS: Do you love fans or your parents more?
JJ: Me?
JJ: I..
JS: You have to choose. I already said both are precious to me. You have to choose only one.
JJ: I canít choose because fans arenít one person.
JS: I mean, say fans are counted as one, and..
JJ: Oh, you mean is it fans or parents?
JS: Yeah, thatís right. Fans or parents.
JJ: I love fans as much as my family. Because weíre all a family.
(Yoochun clapping)
JJ: ??
JS: No, itís not a time for clapping. I told you to choose.
JS: Who do you like better between those two, please choose.
JJ: I love my family.
JS: Why?
JJ: Huh? Because fans are my family too.
YC: Yah~~
JS: Okay, Iíll move on now. Iíll accept that as an answer.
(Jaejoong laughing)
YC: Theyíre almost the same class.
JJ: I canít compare them. How can I do that?
YC: Then, donít you have anything to recommend for the fans to do during Christmas, Jaejoongie-hyung?
JJ: Ah, during Christmas? I donít know.. First, I think I always had drinking parties at Christmas till now.
YC: When Christmas comes..
JJ: The weird thing is, among entertainers, for me three years in a row..
JJ: I had a drink party with our dancers, and Hyunjoong-ssi, ..for three years in a row.
YC: Oh that did happened once.
YC: I donít know if itís ok to say something like this, but when I was drinking with Jaejoongie-hyung..
YC: Was it Christmas Eve? JJ: It must have been.
YC: We were drinking with men, and because there were only men the atmostphere was getting down,
YC: so we tried to call more people to have more fun. And we ended up with 15 men.
(All three laughing)
YC: I remember we had a drinking party with 15 men.
JS: This is so frustrating.. JJ: It is frustrating..
JJ: I hope fans keep warm.
JJ: Itís good to be with your family, or if you have a lover, itís good to spend time with your lover. Because itís cold.
JJ: Weíre not sure what weíll be doing Christmas but I think weíll be with members (each other) or with our friends,
JJ: but donít spend a special day, outside, waiting for us.
YC: Ah, runny nose.. JS: Arenít you counting your chickens before theyíre hatched?
YC: I have a runny nose.
JJ: Iím saying this 'cause Iíve seen it before.
YC: There are some fans doing that. JS: Yes.
YC: There are some fans wasting their special day meaninglessly..
JS: This is not for us, but for them.
JS: Wouldnít their parents be happy if they spend at least that one day with their parents?
YC: Thatís what I mean. JS: Of course.
YC: And they really should do that. Donít think it weirdly 'cause thatís the right thing to do.. what am I saying?
JJ: Obviously.
YC: Oh, a phone call..
JJ: Iíll answer the phone call later.
Everyone, have a warm, happy Christmas with the same mind as JYJ.
JJ: Ah! and the 'Mango Tree' we talked about a while ago. Itís used for good things, so think about it, and..
YC: Ah, so itís ok just to think about the 'Mango Tree'?
JJ: Oh, just thinking about it will be a bit..
JJ: Well.. and I think it would be better if you put it into action and spend Christmas being considerate of others.
JJ: Everyone, have a nice Christmas.
JYJ: Merry Christmas~
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